Wednesday, November 30, 2011

phone dump.

i know it's not friday but i have some random pics on my phone 
and since i didn't do this last week i am just gonna do it now!

*sean sewing the hole in my sweat pants....they already re-ripped..oops.*
*delicious yummy browned butter chocolate chip cookies*
*admiring the view of the tree from the couch*
*moses watching tangled with me*

*another one of moses watching tangled. his crossed legs kill me. i love it.*
*my little mo-mo*
*a picture of sean, his dad, brother devin and brother in law jason from disneyland.
we found it while going through christmas stuff*
*babysitting my cousin jenessa's little boy madden! he is so cute!*
*i bought burlap to make a tree skirt. moses had to be laying on it at all times while chewing on the old skirt. 
it made it difficult to get anything done. it was so cute though. he thought it was his new bed*
*the finished tree skirt!*
*i love our tree*
*sean and i have this thing... we love to see the odometer hit milestones. like probably more than most people. it silly, but we discovered we both liked this after we got married. the other day our toyota was about to hit 20,000 miles. i selflessly told sean he could take the car that day so he could be there for it. he selflessly insisted no. so i broke the law and was stupid  (don't worry mom, nothing bad happened and no one was injured and i won't do it again) but took a picture of it while driving at 19,999 and 20,000. texted it to him and said, "see, it's like you were right here with me!" he responded back and said "that right there is why i married you!" (don't worry. i already know we are weird)*

this one is not from my phone but this beautiful antique desk belongs to sean's sister amanda! she is letting us store this in our house until they move into a new place. i wanted her to see how it looked in our entry way! i love this desk... i hope i can find something just like it when she takes it back!


{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Great pics. That desk thing is amazing!

Kaylynn Zoe said...


samnhal said...

That tree skirt that you made turned out SO cute. I'm missing not having a tree to put up! and kudos to sean for knowing how to sew.

Maddie said...

Cute Chloe! Mo is adorable, and the phone pics look great!! Love the tree skirt!

Mari Kjar said...

hi! i'm a friend of shawnee's that looks at your blog sometimes. i love it... and wish i could express my words like you through bloggin. i know, i seem like a creepy stalker.

i had to comment because i love your tree/ornaments/decorating, but esp the STOCKINGS!!! i've been searching far and wide for the right stockings for our little family. i want ones with pictures on them, but not too cheesy. exactly like yours. where did you snag such great stockings?

THANK YOU MUCH! :) and merry christmas to your awesome little fam!

michael. mindy. dane. said...

i love your tree, too. and i LOVE your tree skirt! i want one!

Shauna@shwinandshwin said...

The tree skirt is awesome! Makes me want to make a new one...Love the pics and tangled of course :)

Addison Renee Boutique said...

How lame am I? Still have not read all of your posts and I am at least 2 weeks behind. Dang it! Anyway that desk looks AWESOME there and we need to get a little nail to fix that piece on front LOL. I have been watching for one of these and I am sure we can find one! love ya!!!