Sunday, November 27, 2011


it has been a great weekend. let's just say we spent a lot of time eating and a lot of time with family. i didn't really get any pictures of it so oh well! that is not really what matters i suppose. i love thanksgiving and am so grateful for all of my blessings. i love both of our families so much. i love this time of year because it brings back memories of getting engaged. sean proposed to me the tuesday night before thanksgiving. i can't believe that was 3 years ago. and you don't have to read this next part. it's meant for sean and i am going to brag a little here. i hate bragging and don't even want that to be what i am doing. so maybe i will just say i am being honest here. i need him to know how much he means to me. and since this is our blog i am going to do it. i honestly can't believe how lucky i am to have scored a guy like sean, but every day i wake up thinking it can't be real because i am pretty crazy and can't figure out why he would marry a girl like me.

sean is so selfless, humble, sweet, giving, hard-working, smart, silly, sarcastic, hilarious, genuine, and honest. he would hate that i am doing this on here. he is so humble and hates being the center of attention. he has a hard time admitting that he is good at things. even when he is good at them. he is not often a man of many words. don't get me wrong though he can talk and has a lot to say about a lot of stuff. i should say he is not a man of many words when it comes to certain topics. he doesn't really like to talk about his feelings or get emotional if you know what i mean. but when he does? i know he means it. and besides, his actions say more than words could ever. he does so many things for me that he doesn't think i will ever notice. but i do. he scrapes my windows for me (well while we had both cars parked outside when we had the dogs in the garage) even if it will make him late for work. and now that the dogs aren't in the garage he lets me park in the garage. we could fit both cars but we have all moses stuff in there so for now we only park one car in there.

he lets me insists that i drive the newer, safer car. and he takes the old one that used to be mine.. that is not in the garage and is freezing in the morning. because he wants to make sure that i'll be in a safe car. don't get me wrong. the car is safe but it's older and tends to have more minor issues come up. he can handle a minor car issue. i ..... would probably freak out and not know what to do if the car broke down. okay... it has happened before and i don't handle it well... anyway he does all this after he turned in his truck. his baby. he loved that thing. he still let me take the nice car. he gave up his favorite thing in the whole world because he knew that it would mean for a better future for us. it was cheaper on gas and repairs and payment.. and so he gave it up. and he then let me drive the new car that we traded the truck for. he sees the big picture. he knew that doing all of this would put us into a house sooner. i love that he thinks ahead. he puts the most money that work will allow into his retirement and 401K to ensure that we will have a good future. even if it means we don't get that money now. i love that he sees the big picture when i don't always.

he folds the laundry that i start. he makes me toast when i am running late. he doesn't care when i just make cereal or cookies for dinner. he embraces it. he organizes my life for me when i am a mess. physically and emotionally. he treats other people with so much kindness. he is never mean to waiters and i love that. he treats others with so much respect and always tries to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. and i wish i could be like that. i am sorry, i don't mean to be all braggy on here. there are tons of amazing husbands out there! i don't think anyone has the best husband in the whole world. this is not a competition. and i don't think sean is the best husband in the world. but he is the best husband for me. i just feel like i can't let this month pass by and not express how grateful i am for him.

a few months ago sean won a gift card in a contest. he got to pick a $30 gift card to anywhere. he chose nordstom (RIP soon orem nordstrom). nordstrom. why would he pick that you ask? because he gave it to me. he could have easily picked home depot or sports authority but he wanted me to buy something nice for myself. i actually found out before he gave it to me because he won it on facebook and i entered the same contest. so when they said "sean ashby chose a gift card to nordstrom!!" i got a little suspicious and confronted him in fear that he might not like girls anymore... haha totally kidding. but if you know sean you would know he is not a nordstrom type of guy. anyway it's those selfless acts he does that mean the most to me. he didn't have to do that. but he never even thought twice about it. he doesn't just do this kind of stuff for me. he would do it for anyone. anyway, i will stop. i know it can get kinda annoying reading these kinds of things. but this is for sean. sean... i love you so much! i know i can be difficult sometimes. and a mess most of the time. and it's probably pretty rare that i am actually pleasant to be around. but for some reason you hold out for those moments. it's probably cliche to say this but i can't really find the words to express it. just know that i love you!

on a lighter note.. i am sad the weekend is almost over. i am going to finish it up lying in bed and watching movies and football with my moses and sean. while drinking diet dr. pepper. and making a delicious treat.... in fact i am doing all that now... minus the delicious treat. i better get on that. i hope you all have had a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

Not at all annoying to read! Made me feel all mushy inside! :) Haha! I'm such a romantic! :)

michael. mindy. dane. said...

not annoying. not braggy. so sweet. you guys are so cute. sean sounds like such a great guy. you guys are perfect for each other i think. as if i even know him. ha. but serious..that's what i think.

not a fan of the weekend being over. glad it was good for you, though. only a few weeks til christmas!

{Jesica Huffaker} said...

You deserve him girl... you don't deserve any less than the best! :)