Tuesday, November 15, 2011

some of my favorite things right now.


*my new camera. i love playing around with it. i am by no means a photographer and never will be. but i like to learn. and there is nothing wrong with learning how to take better pictures. right? haha and i am not implying that these are good.. just for the record.*

*noir from victoria's sercret. my favorite perfume ever. sean always gets me a new bottle for christmas. i ran out early and was just trying to hold out until christmas but yesterday he came home from work with what he calls "the circus bag". he thinks the store looks like a circus with all the stripes. anyway. he said he had a rough, stressful day. so to make himself feel better he wanted to get me something to make me happy. he got the biggest bottle they had. seriously. he is way too good to me and i don't deserve it. it totally made my day. he is so selfless. i have so much to learn from him.*

*sleepy moses*

*moses and my blanket. two of my three favorite things in this world. throw in some chocolate and i am set! just teasin'... it's sean..perhaps holding something chocolatey.. *

*i have sonic cups like this all over the place. at work. in my cupboard at work. in my car. on my nightstand. i need help. hey, i like to re-use them, k? but yes. i just love sonic! today a co-worker asked me why. well.. the ice, the styrofoam cup that doesn't "sweat" and keeps the drink cold almost all day, and almost always the perfect syrup carbonation ratio...what's not to love?*


konnie said...

i love sonic drinks as well. and right now they have on their receipts a survey you can take and then you get a free drink!

Caitlin said...

I love the squeezy pump on that perfume! I always feel extra girly when perfumes have fancy old school pumps like that!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oooh I want that perfume!

Erika said...

What kind of camera is that? ALSO, I totally feel your Sonic obsession.

{Jesica Huffaker} said...

Your nightstand looks like mine!! I have Sonic cups all over the place too. How can you NOT love that stuff?!

knz said...

Ah.. Moses is so cute!

{sArAh} said...

k that is the cutest thing I have ever heard! WHO did you marry?! Are there are more of his kind anywhere? haha what a selfless guy! Love it!! And you are seriously so gorgeous!

Shauna@shwinandshwin said...

Oh man I totally agree that sonic is the best! The only thing that could make it better is if you could take your cup and ice to McDonalds and have them fill it up since they have the magic combination of the best diet coke in the world. (but I would avoid east bay McDonalds, I hear crazy stuff goes down in there)