Thursday, October 6, 2011

time for an update!

oh hey! anyone still out there? sigh. it has been a crazy couple of weeks. that is for sure. i feel like we have never been busier. here are a list of the few things we have been up to this past little bit.. forgive me if this is long. it has been a while!

-went up to sundance with my family a few weeks ago to see the beautiful colors. it was awesome. i love it up there. we ate a wonderful brunch. rode the ski lift. got some yummy suckers.

-finished up our softball season. we won the championship! wahoo!

-sean is taking 4 classes and doing an internship right now. and working full time. he is my hero. i hardly ever see him though. we both work all day. he has school at night. then comes home and studies the rest of the night. is it april yet? can't wait to have my husband not be a student! 6 more months and he is done for good!

-my young womens calling keeps my busy on wednesday nights. it has been fun though!

-work last month for me? INSANE. i kid you not. i wanted to come home and cry every night. but at the same time i am incredibly grateful. the overtime hours and bonuses make it worth it. i don't feel that way until payday. but on payday..? i know it was worth it. i am very grateful for my job and the company i work for. it has truly been a huge blessing. sean had a busy month this last month too. i am proud so proud of him.

-we got 2 more dogs! haha okay not permanently. they are my brother in law brandon's. he went out of town for 4 weeks and his plans to take them with him sort of fell through last minute. their names are koda and riley and they are awesome. however. it has definitely been hard. hard would be an understatement. we have had them for a week and a half.. and they will be here for another 2 and a half weeks. riley won't stop pooping. riley doesn't like moses. moses has a crush on koda and won't leave her alone. we have no fence. it's been rainy. and muddy. riley has been sick. i have to work too much and can't give them the attention they need. riley pooped in our bathroom. and it splattered all over the wall. and it was green. sigh. this experience has definitely tested our patience. and our house is covered in dog hair. but it's okay. it is life and everything will be okay. we love these dogs and we love brandon so it's worth it. we might have to get a new vacuum after this though. our vacuum might not be able to take much more!

-even though we have been so busy, sean and i have found some time to get into a few new shows this season. more so me... but we both are enjoying suburgatory and new girl. i am enjoying on my own, PanAm, hart of dixie, whitney, and 2 broke girls. also still watching the office, sister wives, and grey's anatomy. so glad that fall is here so we can have some great tv back! sean and i are really loving suburgatory and new girl. both really funny!

-a little over three years ago this week was the beginning of sean and i. three years ago (after a few weeks of quick flirting and little glances at each other) at our company luau i noticed sean staring at me. i was sitting at the guest sign in book with my mom and finally i just told him to come over. he took my phone and put his name in it under "the man". he said a swear word and it made me laugh. and for the sake of the story i am just telling the truth. sorry, i know swearing isn't the most attractive thing in the world, but i tend to cuss more than most in utah and he caught my attention. i knew we could hang if you know what i mean. haha you can judge me all you want! i have gotten better though. but occasionally i find it more than appropriate.. moving on.. he ended up coming to my softball game that night. i didn't think he would make it. he was sitting with my family and felt so comfortable with them. they immediately loved him. i got so nervous when i saw him. i had the biggest crush on him. we have pretty much been inseparable ever since. every year around this time i get nostalgic thinking about it. it was amazing how everything just worked out with us both working there. we hadn't seen each other in years. i love how everything just made sense. i love halloween because it was the night he knew that he wanted to be with me forever. i love sean more than i could ever explain. he has never let me down. he is my best friend and more. he is the best thing about me. and probably the only good thing about me. i'm not trying to get pity by saying that. but i feel like a mess most of the time. to put up with me? takes an amazing man. i am a lucky girl.

October 3rd, 2008 first picture ever taken of us.

-we are getting cement poured soon for our patio. can't wait. we really need it. half of our backyard is just dirt right now and now it's mud because of the rain. i love the rain. don't get me wrong. but i don't love the mud. and the dogs seem to be drawn to it. we are trying to keep this house in good shape and get things nice around here so that we can someday turn it into an investment property. that was kind of our plan when we bought the house. i think it would make a great rental someday. if things don't work out that way though? that will be fine. i am not counting on it or anything. we love this house and don't mind being here as long as we need to be. i would love to live closer to orem/provo again someday though.

-so happy it is fall! i love this time of year. i know most people do though. i could eat pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and soup all day long. we have a pumpkin patch right next to our house. you can see rows and rows of pumpkins in the fields when you look out our window. i love it!

-when i come home and night and need to relieve stress? i have been making bracelets. the year that sean and i started dating i had gone to australia and fiji that summer. i became obsessed with making bracelets. i bought over 200 things of embroidery floss and put them in these organizers. i made bracelets all the time for everyone. a few weeks ago i pulled the boxes out and have been making them again. i don't know why but it's kind of therapeutic. and i love making them.

anyway. that is about it for now! tomorrow we are going to be heading up to my sister in law sarah's family cabin for friday night! it's going to be awesome. i can't wait! i feel like we have just been going non-stop and it will be nice to get away for a night! here are some cell phone pictures from the past few weeks... i need to still get my camera/computer fixed. not sure which one is the problem. anyway, grey's just started! gotta go!

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Brooke said...

You're incredibly busy!! i LOVE 2 Broke Girls! I'm glad they ordered new episodes!

Anonymous said...

I'll take a couple hundred bracelets if you're selling! Seriously! Let me know! I have an obsession with covering my arms in bracelets, and since it's spring/nearly summer, it's the perfect time of year to show them off on (almost) tanned arms! :) Your pictures of the changing colours makes me nostalgic for American fall though... it's so beautiful!

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

super busy girl! love this though!!!

Caitlin said...

sounds like you have been a busy bee! I am so jealous of your fall colors. We get two seconds of orange and then BOOM all the leaves are on the ground here in northern CA. I used to make those bracelets so much in camp and stuff. I love your chevron one!

Sam&Sarah said...

Chloe! its about time you blogged I have been waiting forever! I am so excited for you guys to come up to the cabin! The weather might be kinda crappy but it should still be fun!

michael. mindy. dane. said...

chloe. you are a hot tamale. i love you. i was looking at my old posts and reading comments and i loved the ones from you. it made me miss you! i knwo you are so so busy, but we really should get together. you are seriously my favorite. i hope you have a fun weekend! that sounds so fun! i am jealous. we have no plans. i'm excited to stay in my pajamas and just be lazy though. anyway, have a great weekend! so glad you updated!

{Jesica Huffaker} said...

Awww, the doggies are so cute! If those pictures are of Sundance, that is gorgeous!! I wanted to do the full moon lift ride... I can take my baby right? She won't freeze her buns off. It'll be fine. Anyways, I just saw the pilot of Suburgatory and it was awesome! I can't wait to watch more of it. New Girl looks great too. Have a GREAT weekend and RELAX!

missy. said...

what an update! sounds like you guys have definitely been staying busy. the story of you two meeting? so cute. and the swearing more than others in utah? i may have you beat. :) xoxo

Rochelle said...

Thanks for the invite!! And the update! You guys are so cute...and I swear more than the average person in Utah too...and I need to stop cause my 4 year old has started saying some of them...oops...but I figure it keeps me on this earth longer right?
And I sooo want to watch Hart of Dixie but we have too many things to record - and I feel you on not seeing your husband. It will be worth it when he is finished with school!

Michele said...

Life is crazy at the Ashby house! Yikes- good luck with the dogs:)