Sunday, September 11, 2011

journal entry from 9/11/2001

sean and i have been watching 9/11 documentaries all weekend. in fact i am watching one right now called "102 minutes that changed america". it is so hard to watch. it consists of live video and audio taken from that day. i remember that day so vividly. yet when i pulled out my journal i realized that i had forgotten some of the facts or at least what we thought were initial facts. so i thought i would put that journal entry on here. i was in 10th grade, 15 years old at the time and was scared and emotional so please forgive my terrible grammar and also incorrect information since we weren't quite sure yet of what was going on.

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september 11, 2001

today is a day that i will never forget.  this day will go down in history. in fact i was sitting in my history class when this happened and my teacher said that they would definitely be getting new history books the following year because history would forever be changed after that day. i never thought anything like this could happen to america. i thought we were so safe here.

some terrorists, they think possibly palastinians, hijacked 4 U.S. planes with a total of 266 passengers on board. they flew the first one into one of the towers of the world trade center in new york city. one of the biggest buildings in the world. the plane exploded in to the 110 story building. a while later, another one (bigger) crashed into the other tower right beside it. the world trade center was on fire and about 50,000 people were there. people were evacuating the buildings as fast as they could and meanwhile another plane crashed into the side of the pentagon :(. then all of the airplanes had to land in the U.S. all airports closed and we were put on high terror alert.

meanwhile another hijacked plane was on its way towards new york to crash there, ended up crashing in pittsburgh. everyone on board died. minutes later the 2nd tower that got hit at the world trade center collapsed. killing thousands of people and 200 firemen below. then the other one crumbled a little bit after that. then the pentagon section collapsed and another world trade center building collapsed too.

i was at school walking into my first period class, european history, when this all took place. we had a moment of silence and then we watched the news reports ALL day. we did nothing else. it is the only thing on t.v. my history teacher said that we should probably go home and right down our thoughts on this day and where we were. it is hard to concentrate on homework and other stuff with all of this going on. they say it could be the start of world war III. that's a scary thing to think about.

we are still not quite sure who did it, but in palestine they celebrated. they were so happy that americans got killed. i guess they think they will go to heaven if they kill americans and israelis. i guess america has been helping israel and they got mad so they did this. some country bombed afghanistan a couple of hours ago. we don't know who it was but there has been talk it was them bombing themselves to make them look innocent but we don't know for sure.

thousands of people have been killed. they still don't know how many. it has been a sad day. it has been hard on the whole U.S. since all airports shut down. it is going to be hard on the economy and costs billions of dollars. gas prices already went up. it's hard for everyone. i just want God to bless and comfort all the victims and their families, and everyone affected by this. i was this to be resolved without further conflict but i guess it is up to president Bush to ensure our safety and make a good choice to protect our country.


anyway. i can't believe it has been 10 years. i can't even imagine what it would be like to be in new york on that day and be in the world trade center or to have loved ones killed. i will definitely keep them all in my thoughts today. i am so grateful for all the men and women out there who were serving our country at this time and for all those who decided to enlist after this event happened. including my brother in laws brother Matthew Wagstaff. he may have lost his life last year, but he will never be forgotten. neither will all of the other men and women who lost their lives serving and protecting our country.

i remember after this happened america really came together and i realized all of the silly things that didn't really matter anymore and started to realize what i had been taking for granted. and how quickly life can change. i need to be more grateful for what i have and soak in the good moments. because things can change in an instant. today i am remembering that. last night as i laid in bed with sean lightly snoring next to me and moses snoring under the bed.. i realized how lucky i was at that moment. to actually be in a bed. and next to the ones that i loved. and how on that day there were so many trapped in those buildings who wished that they could have just been home in bed that day. or have one last moment next to the ones they loved.


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

To this day I can't help but get teary eyed when I think of that day. It's horrible to think that some people can have so much hatred within them, you know? Maybe I'm naive in the way that I think but I always expect the good in people and when the deaths of Americans was celebrated that day it killed a part of my heart.

I honestly cannot believe 10 years had gone by. It feels like just yesterday.

konnie said...

i watched the same documentary. i could not believe how my emotions got away from me as I was watching this and thinking, the world did literally stand still. definietely, a day not many will forget.