Friday, August 12, 2011

reduced fat.


"this is reduced fat ice cream. you know why? because it doesn't have chocolate syrup on it"
                                                                                                                                 - Sean Ashby

this was a quote that was said last night after our softball game while sean was eating his triple chocolate ice cream with brownies and junior mints. he said it because we were also snacking on reduced fat walmart brand wheat thins. he also said that he was pretty sure the inventor of ice cream and junior mints had a front row seat in heaven. i am so glad i married this man. we are definitely compatible in more ways than one. and sean sure loves his ice cream. he has a bowl before bed.. almost every single night. he also said before attempting to eat it, "should i eat it on the couch? or in bed? couch? or in bed?... i'm gonna go with bed even though that will make me fatter." haha.. seriously? he kills me.

a few minutes before this we were attempting to pick some vegetables in our garden for sean's brother devin and his wife katie. i am sure if you were observing this situation it might have been somewhat interesting. it was 10:00 at night. we were still in our softball clothes. we couldn't find our flashlight. besides flashlights are old school now that all these "fancy, can do pretty much everything but wipe your bum" phones are out. all we had was my phone and i had to reset my phone last week so i didn't have my flashlight app anymore. we were attempting to find vegetables while this app was downloading. sean was whining because it took too long. he grabbed the phone thinking if he held it, it might download faster. like i was holding up the download or something? i tried to pick veggies with no light.. just by feeling around. i found a few. by the time the flashlight app downloaded sean says:

 "this is it? your camera doesn't use your flash to make it brighter!??"

"sean, my camera doesn't have a flash."

"well that is stupid. what kind of phone is this? this so-called "flashlight" is just barely brighter than your normal screen! my camera phone has a flash."

"well excuse me! sorry we can't all have flash camera phones. this is all you get. some people don't even have camera phones or phones that have "apps" on them. gosh you are so ungrateful. and picky."

at that point we already picked the vegetables in the dark. such a hard generation we have to live in. how sad is that not all phones have flashes on them? and do they even make flashlights anymore these days?

(i hate even having to say this, but i hope you sense my sarcasm in this post haha. i know they still make flashlights and that we really don't have it hard.. haha. we are an incredibly spoiled generation.)


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Oh to be a fly on the wall in your house ;-) You crack me up Chloe.

mama boss said...

that is one for the quote books!
jeez, you are the kind of people i would love to hang out with...but maybe it's good for you that we don't hang out, because...with all the treat making and treat eating...well, i'd never leave! ;)

{sArAh} said...

K i love krystens comment! I agree. you guys should be on a reality show. I'd always watch it. Haha You guys are seriously so funny and so dang cute. I want to be you when I grow up and get married haha.