Monday, August 8, 2011

it should have been a three day weekend.

oh how i wish that it was a holiday today. i love three day weekends! and even though this weekend was not one, i still enjoyed it. on friday night we went to outback with my family and a bunch of relatives. it was a lot of fun! we had gift cards from work.. so you can't beat free dinner right? ruby river though still stands as my favorite steakhouse. but we had an awesome waiter and some great company. while we were waiting for our table i got bored. so i started to take pictures of sean with my phone and then my mom tried to take some pictures of us. haha. these aren't all of them. but just some of them. sean can never make a normal face in pictures. oh well. such is life!


we went home after dinner that night and just went to bed. why is it that we always go to bed earlier on friday nights vs weeknights? i think it's just the lack of sleep throughout the week finally catching up to us. like i said.. it was a busy week last week. saturday sean woke up and started working on the yard. i normally would have slept in until like 11 but i decided to just start cleaning. not typical of me but i cleaned the entire house and it was nice to get that out of the way. it needed a good deep clean. after that we went and got lunch at jakes brookside and then went home and bummed around. sean went golfing with his brother devin while i watched more friday night lights. then i decided to meet up with my sister in law amanda. we went to maceys and did some grocery shopping, got drinks, and ate yummy waffles with homemade buttermilk syrup. oh my gosh i could drink that stuff. then we met up with my brother sam and his wife sarah at yogurtland!

sunday we had church. it was our last day in nursery. we are actually really sad about it. we got so close with those kids. they say the funniest things and i am really going to miss them. after church we met with the bishopric and we got released. then i got a new calling. personal progress program coordinator. ha. sean will be getting his call this week from the elders quorum president.. haha. should be fun! after that we went home and napped. then i made homemade brownies with homemade sea salt caramel and we took that over to his parents and ate dinner with them and his grandpa. it was a yummy dinner! then we played nerts and rummy with his parents. it was a lot of fun! overall a great weekend. i can't believe that summer is almost over.. sean goes back to school in three weeks. :( boo. but then... he graduates in 8 months! wahoo! i can't wait! i can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! up next? a bunch of pictures of moses haha. cuz i know how much you all love those.. jk. but i don't care cause i love that dog.


missy. said...

i worked for ruby river haha they do have the best steaks in utah, for the best price, in my opinion! i wish it was a three day weekend too. it went by way too fast.

mama boss said...

Ok, those pictures of you and Sean are adorable. You two are a very good-looking couple. And even though Sean can't seem to take a normal picture, you'll be glad to have these later. ...I wish there were more pictures of the Boss and I...but I'm always behind the camera, and we just never do any couple shots. :/

Congratulations on your new calling! I have a YW calling, too, except yours sounds easier...I have to teach just about every week and I am not very good at it... hopefully I'll get better soon, or at least sometime before I'm released.. haha. :S

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Sounds like a really good weekend and now I'm kind of wishing that we were having steak for dinner instead of tacos...

Maddie said...

Cute pics of you guys :) And personal progress?? PSH! Haha jk Chlo :)

Anonymous said...

Outback Steakhouse is my favourite restaurant! In the world! :) How amazing is the free bread!? I think the last time I was there (3 years ago!!) I ate two whole loaves. Our food took so long to come out! But I could also eat my weight in their coconut prawns. I'm making myself hungry...

michael. mindy. dane. said...

sounds like the perfect weekend! love those days where it's just time with family and being home and hanging out. that's how our day was today, and it was perfect. i've said it a million times, but you guys are so cute. so perfect together. i just love you and am feeling kinda crazy and emotional right now about this one i feel like i should tell everyone how much i love them. anyway. now i'm being creeper. the end.