Friday, August 5, 2011

friday phone dump.

i saw this on another blog (i can't remember which one) and thought i would do it. friday phone dump. so this post will be really random. and i got a new app on my phone called my tubo that does fun things to pictures. hence the interesting pictures haha. i know they don't look that great but it's fun to play around with!


1. when sean is passionate about a certain topic he gets very animated. and loud. haha. i love it. i believe right then he was talking about cowboys and aliens and somehow dinosaurs got brought into the mix and he said he didn't believe in dinosaurs and that jurassic park could never happen and i about lost it. i love jurassic park! how dare he! i am just going to pretend he was joking for the sake of our marriage. no but really i love having conversations like that with him. he gets so riled up and i can't stop laughing. these pictures were taken on saturday while eating lunch at slab pizza. i know surprise, surprise. we can't stop eating there. their buffalo wing pizza must have crack in it. because i can't stop thinking about it. i have even attempted to make the sauce on the buffalo wing pizza and put it on grilled cheese sandwich. it actually was really yummy! next i plan to actually put it on pizza crust.

2. a picture of the buffalo wing slab. it usually has chicken on it but i actually like it better without. not sure why? i honestly just think that it doesn't even need it. it's that good. it already has celery, bleu cheese, buffalo sauce and more cheese. perfect in my book. anyway.. it is so yummy. you should all go eat there. then you will understand why i go eat it like 5 times a week.

3. i got this bracelet at the black mountain ranch. i love it! i also got a really cute hat but have yet to take a picture of it. sean got a cool shirt that buttons up and he can wear to work. maddie says he looks like an old man wearing it. haha. but i think it's awesome. anyway, i used to make bracelets all time. i want to get back into that!

4. i had just gotten my ring cleaned and was playing around with different functions on this new camera app. the picture was a lot less blurry before i took this but i still think this looks kinda cool. surprisingly my phone takes great macro shots. i can't believe how advanced camera phones are these days. i think my phone has more mega pixels than my point and shoot! i know it doesn't look like it because of the different functions i used on these pictures. but it's actually a much better camera than my other phone.

5 -6. and here is some daily moe for ya. i love this little.. okay big guy. 72 lbs. the vet says he is borderline overweight. pshhh. we are supposed to feed him a little less. yeah right. sean says we are doing that but for some reason sean can't hear moses whining in the morning so moses is not getting less. so we are not "doing that" yet. i just don't have the heart to do it. i don't think the vet took into account how tall moses is.

anyway. i am really glad it is friday. it has been an incredibly long, stressful, busy week at work. don't get me wrong though. the busier we are the more we make. i am grateful for that. just tired. ready for the weekend!  tonight we are going to outback to use some gift cards we got from our work. we are going with maddie, lee,  my brother sam and his wife sarah, my parents, my uncle scott and his girlfriend mara! should be a lot of fun! i also want to watch take me home tonight since my sister let me borrower that. man i love the 80's. also? i hope to watch lots and lots of friday night lights. it's on netflix and i am obsessed! hope you all have a great weekend!

p.s. i have been an awful commenter lately. but... to be fair? most blogs will not let me comment on them. has anyone else had that problem? you try to leave a comment and it keeps making you log in? and then it still won't work? this was happening on my sister in law sarah's blog. but i think i came up with a solution.. and i only think that because i helped her make some changes and it worked. if you have your comment section embedded below your actual post? people might have a hard time commenting because something is messed up on blogger. i have heard that it might be a problem with internet explorer but i have tried it on other browsers and it still didn't work. anyway,  if you make it so a comment box pops up separate when people hit post comment? it might fix the problem. to do that, go to your dashboard. hit settings, then comments. then go to comment form placement and hit pop up window. then save! that might help if you have noticed that you haven't gotten any comments lately.


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Well you know I'm loving those pics of Moses =-) Have a wonderful weekend Chloe!

Devin & Katie said...

took your advice! haven't had comments in awhile... i think it's because i haven't had an interesting life lately. i like the "friday phone dump" idea. and i would totally do it if i didn't have a phone that's lame. i need to update, haha.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I've heard there are people who can't leave comments... I might try it too on my blog.

PS: Get into Target! They have an elephant shirt! :) :) :)

Lindsey said...

I haven't had hardly any comments either. I thought it was because I haven't been a very good blogger lately, ha ha! I will definitely check it out and change it like you said! Thanks so much for telling us how!!

btw- love your rope bracelet!! Have a great weekend!!

The Lewicutt's est 2006 said...

I love My Tubo!!!!!

megan said...

Seriously, that sweet little 72 lb baby moe moe makes me want a fur-child.

Lissa Chandler said...

i am also a fan of the friday phone dump but i am too lazy to join in. i love your bracelet! and your ring! seriously, one of these days i am going to have to send you a close up of my ring because they are eerily close. hope you're doing well!

Jennifer said...

I have that exact same problem! I often try to comment back on comments on my own blog, but I go through this endless cycle trying to comment and it never works, so I end up quitting! I'm totally trying your suggestion, right now!

Caitlin said...

I'm going to have to try out this app. Is it for iPhone? Your ring is so pretty! Its a great shot. And that picture of Moses...he either looks bored or mopey but its adorable none the less. I love doing a phone dump when I have too much to write but not enough time. Plus I love looking at pictures over reading sometimes.

Anonymous said...

friday night lights = the best guilty pleasure ever! such a great obsession!

also, love your ring!

{Jesica Huffaker} said...

I think all pizza has crack in it cuz I love it too. Btw, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. You seriously took away a lot of anxiety about moving & not knowing anyone. Yay for Utah!!

missy. said...

i have that problem with blogger, it drives me nuts because i can't comment sometimes. boo.

that pizza looks delicious, minus the bleu cheese.

hope you had a good weekend! xoxo