Sunday, August 28, 2011

daily moses #3


i don't know why i call this daily moe.. it's more sporadic than anything. 
maybe i should call it the sporadic moe. 
regardless? he sure is cute eh?
right now moses and i are snuggled up watching tangled on netflix.
sean left to go play poker a while ago.. 
and it still not home yet. i am hoping that is a good sign.
that he is in such an intense game and he is going to win...
and buy me lots of shiny things with his winnings. a girl can dream right?

i have done 6 loads of laundry tonight. 6 loads. 
for 2 people. yes. that is what happens when you
haven't really had a good laundry day in 6 weeks and you
can't afford to buy any more undergarments.
anyway i think that deserves an award..
sean.. in case you read this. don't you think?
and you are welcome.
 and only because i folded all of it. by myself.
let me tell you that is a rare occasion around here.
i am the queen of starting the laundry and leaving 
it in the dryer until all the clothes are used up.
it's just how i roll.. alright?

also? i deep cleaned my bathroom and closet.
it was bad. and i say my bathroom because sean uses
the guest bathroom. because i have just completely
taken over the master. and it's pretty much disgusting.
sorry. it's the truth. i am not going to beat around the bush
and pretend like it's always clean and perfect. ha.
are you kidding me? you are welcome to come use it now.
it won't stay that way for long. trust me.
and to be honest i don't even know how it got that bad.
sean came up and said, 
"two huge garbage bags came out of just your bathroom? wow."
yeah... i am awesome. but to make myself feel better i will pretend that 
it's because i work full time...and am a puppy mom... 
... and friday night lights is just too damn important.


megan said...

love this sporadic moe and honesty time. don't love that it's made me shame myself into looking at my own laundry pile.. and realizing it could probably also be split into 6 loads...for one person. thanks chloe. haha!

michael. mindy. dane. said...

the last line was my favorite of the whole post. i loved it. you crack me up!

Kayla said...

hola! we went at Marci and Landon's house last night! we had leftover cake and almost randomly stopped by your house to give you guys some and say hi. But then we thought that was rude to just stop in unannounced. and we didn't have your number! would have been fun to see you guys!

Michele said...

You crack me up! Enjoy your clean bathroom and closet:) The dirt waits for you, life doesn't; so good job having priorities:)