Tuesday, June 7, 2011

our younger years...

yes. i titled this post that. bear with me. haha. so yesterday sean and i had some grocery shopping to do after work. but i also wanted to go to the gym. because i have started to actually maybe sort of enjoy running. i know.. i know. GASP! never thought i would hear those words come out of my mouth. i would by no means ever call myself a runner. i haven't been doing it every day or anything but i have been trying to make my self run at least 3 miles when i go and it has been good for me! it feels so much different than the elliptical. and sometimes it makes my feet hurt because of all my surgeries but i feel like pushing through something that i loathe has been good for me! it definitely made me sore in the beginning but each time i go i feel less and less sore after. anyway, this is waaaay beside the point of this post.

so before going to the store, sean dropped me off at the gym and decided to go say hi to his cousin and his wife while i ran. after he picked me up he had an envelope of pictures of us in the car. i had forgotten that they had these! his cousin ren put together our wedding video at our reception and still had all these pictures. not all of these pictures got used so i kind of forgot about them! in fact, i don't think sean had even let me see all of the ones of him. after he so kindly put the one up on facebook of my sister and i in our underwear i decided that it was okay to post a picture of him in his flashy hot red plastic pants up on this here blog. there are a lot more pictures but sean told me i had to stop taking pictures of them with my phone so we could start the bachelorette and extreme makeover weight loss edition. i married a man with priorities people. i will try to post some more later. here is a flashback of our past!

sean and his older younger and younger brother in their matching shirts.
brandon, devin, and sean.

sean tried to make fun of brandon's pants being so high but sean always walks
around the house like that. and it's way more inappropriate as an adult. trust me.

my family! welcome to the 80's!
i'm the one on the left with the perma-scowl on my face. i hated getting pictures taken.
my twin maddie is the one with the happy perfect smile in the middle and my baby brother
sam is probably one of the cutest babies i've ever seen. i love the button sweaters!

ahhhh! baby sean!
look how cute he is! his cheeks kill me. i hope our kids look like him someday. and i hope
that they have bedhead like that. i had crazy hair as a kid so the chances of this are very likely.

this is the picture sean posted on facebook.
pretty sure it's illegal but or breaks some sort of law but oh well!
i am the one on the left. with nothing covering myself. and the very high panties.
haha. i hate that word. but it's what you call them when you are a little girl, right?
maddie still has that bunny. and yes, i was always bigger than her as a child.

sean in his sexy pants!
oh he was so cute in his plastic red pants. i love this kid.
 i can't wait to put more pictures up!

p.s. i have been trying to comment on peoples blogs and lately it will not let me!? what is going on? it keeps making me try to log in and when i do it tries to post as anonymous and still doesn't work :(

p.s.s. for the record? sean actually only watches the bachelorette because of me. he is such a great husband. he is really into manly shows like holmes on holmes, overhaulin, golf, basketball, sister wives, and football. it was just funny to hear him yell from the couch "hurry up! we have lots of tv watchin' to do tonight!" i guess i just assumed he was as excited about the bachelorette as i was. which p.s.s.s? i don't know what to think of this season. last nights episode was nuts!


Ashley Eliza said...

i love love love old pictures.they just make me happy. this makes me want to post some :) okay i can't get over how much sam looks like your dad. i am laughing over here! you are the cutest little girl, ever. these are so darling chloe!


Kayla said...

hahahaha!!! I love looking through old family pics. I am going to be posting some good oldies here soon - thanks for posting them, they are always so cute!

Courtney said...

Those pictures are HILARIOUS! :)

P.S. I was in the Extreme Makeover episode last night! I was in the audience! They showed me like 3 times! :D

Lacey, Aj Swenson said...

ha ha aj watches bachelorette with me too he acts the same way as sean. We should have a bachelorette party. Last night was insane! I wanna beat that guy up he better wish I dont ever see him! Some lady in my neighborhood knows him and michelle money wow its insane! Pics= hilarious and I love them. great job on running im proud!

Kara said...

Bahahahahaha! I love these pics.... The plastic pants are AWESOME! Also, my blogger was being annoying and doing that too but it fixed itself on it's own after a few days! :)

Anonymous said...

You're amazing! (The running thing) :) I could never do that. I am a walker, which I get bored of VERY quickly, and I can't run for longer than 3 minutes without wanting to kill myself! These photos are priceless! :)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Oh my gosh Chloe I LOVE these. Seriously. I actually laughed out loud about those matching shirts in the first pic. Epic.

Rhianne said...

oh my, even scowling you were cute :)

I've had the same problems with the comments - if you uncheck the remember me box it seems to let you log in ok... I ended up writing my name and url in some comments which takes forever...

Maddie said...

Oh my... dying of embarrassment! JK, we were kinda cute.

samnhal said...

HAHAHA! This is amazing. I love his hot red pants. I could totally tell in that family picture that it was maddie, you can see her facial features, but I love your scowl, awesome.

Elise Halladay said...

Oh holy cow... I am laughing so hard right now. I love the trip down memory lane. You guys are so cute!

Machelle said...

you and Maddie are the cutest little twinny girls ever!! so cute :)

Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

oh i love love love these pictures. sean plastic pants are super fun. he should wear something like that more often. hahaha. kidding!!
i love old pictures, just take me back into the good old times, and it just always put a smile or an embarrassed smile on my face. haha. :)