Monday, May 16, 2011


dear sean,

i love you so much. even when you laugh at me for falling down the stairs. and then laugh when i fall again. and then proceeded to take pictures of me at the bottom of the stairs. you are still my best friend. i love laughing with you.

i also love that you love watching sister wives, the voice, the office, and HGTV with me. it's one of my favorite things. i love when i catch you watching property virgins or income property and you act like it was the only thing on... ;) it makes me think you might have missed me or something because you know those are my favorites. and i know those shows aren't girly.. so i don't blame you for watching them. but sometimes i watch holmes on holmes and overhaulin when i miss you..

one of my favorite things about you is when you get excited about something. you are just like a little kid. you got so excited about playing on the beach on our cruise. you get excited about the voice and the office with me. you are so excited to work on our yard and i love what you have done with it. i love that you love to do it.


i tried to take a picture of the yard from the inside of the car since it was raining out.. but i think it looks so awesome and i am so proud of you.

i love that you finally planted me that garden in the back that you have talked about since the day we got married... you always keep your promises to me. even if you chose to plant cucumbers. bleh. i will forgive you for that ;)

i love how good you are to this little big guy.


he loves you so much. he loves watching everything that you do. he thinks you are the neatest thing in the world. and so do i. i know someday when we have kids? they will think the same.

i love your random messages such as this one:

just so you know
i'm eating some right now

i love that you are not perfect. don't take that the wrong way. but neither of us are. we don't have the "perfect" life. we don't have all the money in the world. our fridge is not stocked full. our house does not always look awesome. we can't always buy the latest and greatest, awesome, new things. sometimes we say stupid things. sometimes we fight. sometimes i am sure you question why you married me. sometimes we swear. okay maybe that is mostly me. sometimes we don't feel like going to church. sometimes we buy stuff on sunday. sometimes we run out of patience. sometimes i only want to shop at D.I. sometimes we stay up really late watching 20/20 documentaries instead of doing the dishes.. sometimes  all the time you come home and i am making cereal or cookies for dinner that night..

but more times than not.. we are laughing together over the silliest things. and you forgive me for not being the "ideal" wife. you never expected that from me. and i love your for that. and as much as i say i would like to try to be that kind of wife someday? it's a lie. because to be honest? i like our life just as it is. i'm not going to try and pretend to be something that i am not. i hate cleaning. i don't like to cook every night. don't get me wrong, i don't mind it once in a while. but every night? no. sometimes i don't want to shower everyday.. and sometimes i cry to you over the silliest little things. and the thing that i love most about you? is that you accept me for that. it makes my day when i do something completely random and stupid, and you say "i knew that i married you for a reason." it means more to me to hear you say it about those things.. than it would if i cooked for you every single meal and if i always had a clean house. so thank you for that. thank you for accepting me. flaws and all.


love, your chlo-bo

p.s. i still love you even when you make me pick up moses dog poop that was inside the house.. at 4 am. and i hope you still love me for secretly keeping that ladle that i picked it up with......



Summer Athena said...

this was one of the cutest letters i've ever read. i adore you both.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Seriously Chloe you guys are one of my fav blog couples. This is so sweet and I'm sure Sean knows he has a pretty amazing wife (and Moses know he has a pretty amazing mom).

Have a wonderful week lady!

samnhal said...

haha, I hope that you're kidding about that ladel! Your house looks so great with the lawn and all of the plants!

michael. mindy. dane. said...

Cutest thing ever. I love you guys together.

Anonymous said...

You are so cute it's ridiculous :) Your house looks amazing. PS: I love HGTV! I haven't seen it since 2008 when I was in America! I miss it! :)

Staci T said...

You guys are so cute. It's peoples imperfections that make them interesting, not their perfections. You take after me:) that makes me happy.

The Lewicutt's est 2006 said...

You two are adorable!

{sArAh} said...

This was so sweet. I loved it!! I may have almost cried a little :) haha

Rochelle said...

You are so dang cute! I love this post!!! And we must be twinners - i have all our downfalls too! LOL
PS I owe you yogurtland cause I suck and just gained weight...LOL I rock like that!

michael. mindy. dane. said...

ps, your yard looks amazing and i'm jealous!

{Jesica Huffaker} said...

I always feel guilty for not being the ideal wife like you said. So it's nice to know I'm not the only one who makes cereal/cookies for dinner even though I sit at home all day long & have all the time in the world. Cooking & cleaning are so overrated. Anyway, cute post I loved it as usual.

Marcy XOXO said...

This is seriously the sweetest and cutest thing ever! Your so pretty and I love your house and your dog ;) haha

Maddie said...

Aw! You did nab yourself a good one :) I'm glad we have Sean to take care of you and Moe. He is better than we could have ever hoped for you. Love you two!

Holly said...

You two are too cute, what a sweet post :)

Queen.OnSet said...

this has to be one of the cutest and nicest thing I have ever read! :)

Pulhams said...

I hope you know what an amazing person you are and how lucky you and sean are to have each other. Since I can remember, you are always looking for the best in others and I admire you for the person you are. You are such a great writer and can always say the right things...As I sat here and read this, I just couldn't help but laugh and think some of those same things! I still have several poems that you wrote in high school, lol. I just think the world of you, miss ya and am so happy that you are happy!!! xoxo!