Monday, February 7, 2011

moses is growing up.




Moses Lee Ashby

age: 11 months
height: average
weight: probably like 70 lbs.
eye color: gold/brown
favorite toy: red kong ball
favorite human snack: captain crunch
more info: cutest dog in the entire world.

i haven't done a post on mosey in a while. where do i start? my little baby is growing up too fast! ha. go ahead, judge me for treating him like a child.. i don't mind! we love this little guy. or i should say big guy. he looks like a mountain lion. which is odd because he is a dog but his body looks like a bobcat or something. actually, i don't even know why i think he looks like a wild animal but he just does.

moses will be turning a year old on March 4th. unfortunately/fortunately we will be gone on a cruise when he turns one. i didn't think i would care about that, but i am actually kind of sad! but you can't beat a free cruise so i think i will get over my sadness about missing his birthday and drown my sorrows on the beach.

moses has calmed down a lot. he still gets crazy excited when people come over, or if we take him anywhere but our house, or if there are other dogs around, or children, or if he sees food, or if he is restless, or if he has to go to the bathroom, but OTHER THAN THAT, he is very calm. we have finally gotten to the stage where i can actually relax when i get home and take a nap if i want to. he loves taking naps with me.

moe used to sleep in our garage, but when it got so cold we tried to have him sleep in our room. it didn't work most of the time, but one day all the sudden he just decided to sleep through the night on our bed. of course it was uncomfortable for everyone but moses and sean, but it worked. we finally got him to sleep on his dog bed in the corner and he loves it. we love it. we all sleep, we are all warm, and i feel a little less guilty for leaving him home alone all day.

unfortunately for the past week or two moses has decided it's a really good idea to wake up at 5 am. sure, it's cute when he comes and snuggles up right by me and i wake up to us spooning with my arm around him, sharing my pillow. that is cute. especially when i have no recollection of him being there. it's not so cute to be woken up though by him sitting right next to me, his head right above me and gagging over my face and about to throw up. luckily sean moved him in time before he threw up all over my face. not sure why he threw up but he just does sometimes. the doctor says he is fine.

anyway, we love this little guy. he was the best impulse buy i have ever had. and i only have impulse buys.. so that is saying something. sure there were times when i wanted to pull my hair out, but it was all worth it. this dog has the funniest personality. he definitely can have an emo-ish sort of attitude but it's hilarious. he loves just pouting and "hmmphing" and loves to flash those puppy dog eyes so he can get his way. he is also incredibly sweet and very protective. always wants to be part of the group. we just love him.

{first pictures of moses, before sean even knew that i bought him}

moses, mosey, mose,  moe, mo-mo, mo j. simpson, moserton, moby, baby mo-mo, mosers, moseph? we sure do love you. even if you have no idea what your name is because we call you 17 billion different things? we still love you. and even though you will never read this, and even though it's really sad that i am posting stats and info on my dog like he is a child? i hope you will still love me....


Maddie said...

Aw, I love him :) I'm a proud aunt. He IS very well behaved now days; says a lot about you and Sean too. You are good doggy parents. Also, I'm super jealous of your cruise. Lee and I will try to think of something fun to do for Mosey on his b-day! :)

Lee S. said...

Never thought I'd come around to dogs... but I love Mosey!!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

He is such a cutie pie! Having a dog is such an adventure and Moses seems to be making your adventure super fun!

Cara Linn said...

He is adorable.

Don't worry. I treat mine like a child, too. :)

Chelsea said...

He is darling. I love his name too.

samnhal said...

I started reading Marley & Me this weekend and it totally made me think of you so many times while I was reading it. Moses is so big now, it's crazy that I remember when you posted baby pictures when you first got him. He was such a cute puppy. And a free cruise? I'm so jealous!

Diana Smith said...

What a cute dog!! thats hilarious that you bought him before your husband even knew!

Stacey said...

Moses is too cute! I treat my dog Onyx like my kid as well. He likes to sleep on our bed, too, and sometimes I'll wake up in the middle of the night and find him sitting between me and Josh, just staring at us. It's a little creepy, but also cute :)

Anonymous said...

My sister bought a husky puppy a few months ago - I am praying for the day she calms down. She is insane! (The dog, not my sister... well...) I love all your names for Moses and I laughed when you said it was uncomfortable for everyone except Moses and Sean! I love your posts! :)

my name is lauren. said...

oh mosey!

so stinking cute! i think i would be sad if we missed marley's birthday too, so don't feel weird. the cruise will be good consolation though :). oh...and marley totally does the same early morning pukey thing too! although i think sometimes she just fakes us out. that's only happened a handful of times though and she's almost 3 (in march too! coincidence? probably is since i think all puppies are probably born around march, but still...) so i can't really complain :)

i love that mosey is like your child. cause he kind of is. if you came to portland you'd fit right in. we have dog friendly restaurants all over the place here w/ dog friendly menus so if you ever visit we can have a doggie dining experience with marley & mo :).

miss you lady!! hope you're having a great week!

love you!

cerealjoe said...

Wow! What a difference 11 months make. Such a big boy!

Michele said...

We will celebrate with you on his real b-day! Perhaps a virgin exotic cocktail on a white sand beach:) Happy B-day Moses!!!

Bree said...

Aww isn't it funny all the names we come up of for our dogs? They definitely make our lives better (so cheesy but true). Mine makes her way over to me in the morning too and we spoon ha it's great!