Wednesday, February 2, 2011

dear sean,

first off? this post is pretty much for sean. you probably won't think it's funny or get any of these inside jokes, but that is okay. this is our blog . . . and it is for these kinds of things right?

dear sean,

i am sorry that today has not been so good of a day. if i could make everyday better than the next for you? i would do it. in fact, maybe we should just move to disney land.

dear chloe,

you are the luckiest girl in the world. you married a hell of a man. and you just swore on your own blog. oops. and you are talking to yourself in third person. stop.

dear third person chloe,

K. good call.

dear sean,

back to you.. remember last night when i said "hurry and take moe out! it's frozing outside!" and then you brought up all the words in the past that i said wrong? and used them all in one sentence?

"i better get my brooch on and hurry on outside cuz it is frozing and then i better get on the computer and tope it up in a blog post." (you possibly had to be there)

okay, maybe you didn't use all of them. but you used some of them.

that made you laugh.. remember?

Dear Sean,


oh, remember that one time when we went to target? and you said "that kid done pooped his pants and sat on a shelf!" and i never let you live it down. i love when you talk like a hick.

remember that one day at our old apartment when i was outside with moe and he didn't have his leash on? and he started to do the potty dance? and was walking towards the neighbors lawn? and i tried to stop him before he went on their grass? and i picked him up and ran and he started to poop? and it landed on my foot? i think you laughed pretty hard at that one.

remember the day that we got moe snipped? and he just started to pee outside the vets office? for like 30 seconds straight? and he was still waking up from surgery? and he hiccuped? and it freaked him out? and then you decided you just had to go get your haircut right after that? so i had to take him home by myself while he sat in the back with a cone on his head? crying? like actually crying? and we were both mad at you? wait, maybe that wasn't so funny. by the way i forgive you for that.

anyway... if remembering all of these memories.. didn't make you laugh. or make your day better . . . then i hope you remember this.

the best part about me is you. sure we have our moments. our life isn't perfect. marriage can be hard sometimes. but it's more than good enough for me. i would take any day with you. the good and the bad. even if i cry too much, and "forget" to clean and cook and wake up on time... you still put up with me. you listen to me cry. you wake up at 7 am to vacuum. (did you know that is not normal?) you do our taxes. you pick up moes dog poop. you work full time and go to school full time. you let me make cookies for dinner. you would do anything for anyone. you enjoy math (kinda weird) but still it's cool. i love that about you. you always get the mail because it's too hard for me to walk 30 feet to go get it. you let me take the warm/new car to work. you save me the tomatoes on your salad and you eat my cucumbers and onions.

i don't say it enough to you . . . but thank you.  

i love you to africa and back. and more. times infinity. you are my favorite thing about my life.

now you can run and tell that, homeboy!


Anonymous said...

Haha! Run and tell that, homeboy! :D

You guys are so sweet and real. I love it! I love you! :)

Staci T said...

You make me smile:) I love you and miss you!

Jamie Walker said...

Ok these definitely made me laugh! And sometimes inside jokes are the best and best remembered!

katie.johnson said...

THIS is quite possibly one of the most adorable things I have ever seen. I love you both! You are such an ideal couple. Devin and I talk about how we aspire to be like you guys, haha! I'm serious though! You are so perfect for each other -- and I'm so happy you're both in my life!

Matt said...

If this was on Facebook I would click 'like'

Sean, FYI: it isn't normal to vacuum at 7am.

grant + brittany said...

this is hilariously cute. i swear, i love you and you both together so much because we relate so much! i feel like grant has done all this things for me too. man we are lucky girls.

"YOU ARE IN A CHAIR. IN THE SKY!!!" ahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhaha isn't that the best? we quote it all the time.

sean using all your wrong-said-words in one sentence is hilarious and pretty creative.

guess what? the other day grant called his work pens "clickie pens". !? i'm like "clickie pens" are you a girl? doesn't that seem girly? clickie pens? hahaha he was so mad (but laughing really hard) that i called him a girl. i'll never let him live it down though.

knz said...

lol! Vacuuming at 7 am has NEVER EVER
crossed my mind at that time in the morning! Sounds like something
grandma would do. By the way, thank you Sean & Chloe for all of your help. I love you guys!!

{Jesica Huffaker} said...

Awwww... you guys are cute. I just got super emotional over this post.

samnhal said...

That's so sweet. I love when people do posts like this. It reminds you how awesome marriage can be.