Thursday, December 9, 2010

please. if you read anything today. read this!

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just a preface...i don't usually endorse a lot of stuff on my blog.. a while back i decided not to host giveaways anymore and do product reviews unless it was for family, matt damon, or for a good cause. (no offense to those that do, because who doesn't love giveaways and all that jazz? i love them, but i just felt a lot of responsibility in them and couldn't handle the pressure because i am a weenie) but this is different. helping out a family in need is completely different. and i totally love the idea of this project. so i fully support this and will gladly blog about this.

my sweet friend emily, who i have blogged about before.. is taking part in a project called bloggers give back. emily's aunt and uncle's house burnt down just a few weeks ago, and luckily no one was hurt but the house is a total loss and they had no insurance on it to cover the damage. emily and some other bloggers have put this project together and are holding an auction starting on december 15th. all the money from the auction will go straight to this family in need.

you can help in several ways! you can donate items to be auctioned off, or you can bid on items that are being auctioned. also, you can help by just getting the word out there! it will only take a few minutes.  go to the website here or click on the button on my sidebar to read more about the family and get more information on the project! i feel like the least that i can do is to at least help get the word out. also, they already have lots of awesome things up on the website that they are going to be auctioning off. if you put off your christmas shopping til the last minute like i do.. then this could really help you out! i know that i have my eye on quite a few items! thanks for taking the time to read this guys! hope you all have a fabulous thursday! :)


emily+brett said...

we might be trying to out bid eachother haha. there are so many amazing items and i'm dying to get the rest of my shopping done.

i really can't thank you enough and hope you know how big of a difference this will make in the lives of my aunt and uncle. it feels good to help anytime of year but especially in the spirit of christmas. love you!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea! I too see a lot of things I wouldn't mind for Christmas! :)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Hey Chloe, I don't really have anything to donate nor do I have money to bid on anything but I'm going to tweet this post out! What a wonderful thing for you to help with!