Wednesday, March 17, 2010

oh facebook, you kill me.

my 9 year old cousin just joined this group on facebook..
or "became a fan" or whatever it is called. 
i thought it was pretty awesome. there are only 2 fans in
the group. i love how they spelled "except", and "our", but my
favorite part has to be the description...

not sure if i should be sad that 9 year olds are on
facebook... impressed that they created a group... or if i should just join the group. 
i hated 4th grade too! so yeah... let's stick it to the man! that'll show em!
(oh and by the way, if it's not on facebook, it's not official. no really, i saw
someone become a fan of that. so it must be legit.)

here are some of the things i have seen lately that you can 
"be a fan of" 
 only if you are cool enough though.

"i stay up late every night, and realize it's a bad idea every morning."
"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA is way more effective than lol."  
"well, that was awkward."
"why is everything so much scarier at night?"
"why does Goofy stand while Pluto remains on all fours? they are both dogs?"

if you aren't a fan of any of those... 
you could possible fit into one of these...

"'hey.' "hey." "you awake?" "no, i'm sleep texting.' "
"can you please stop being perfect so i can have a chance?"
"children should have NOOOOOO homework."
"don't ever break a pinky promise. that stuff is LEGIT."
"saying huh? then answering the question before they repeat it."

i think that some people see something that they become a fan of go by..
and start to worry that if so and so doesn't see that they are a fan of it
then they might make fun of them or not think they are interesting because
they didn't become a fan of "chewing gum because i forgot to brush my teeth!"
oh no! the very thought! i better become a fan.
just in case. 

i seriously keep my facebook because of the awesome entertainment on it.
you know that website.. failbooking?
i feel like i get that everyday, just by logging into my facebook.

here is another one from some cousins of mine..
i changed their names and pictures to protect their identity.
anyway, i saw this back in february and i don't know why
but i got the biggest kick out of it. you probably have to know
them, but they are sisters and are the cutest girls ever.

but i love me some family interaction on the facebook.
because let's face it. sean won't teach me how to play
farmville, my dad won't teach me how to play mafia wars.
(not that i want to learn anyway. but sometimes i feel left out.
but i don't want to do hard work for pretend..
 i don't even want to do it for real life)
so i just have to get my entertainment from other people's 
status updates.

in case you can't read this or are not following along.. 
one sister decided to "like" and comment on almost every
picture that the older sister posted. so the older one said,
"you don't have to comment on every picture 3 times. thanks."
the younger one said, "actually.... i do... :O"
the older one lashed back with, "i'll delete you again."

haha. oh facebook. the only place that you can instantly get rid of family members.
only to add them again and them threaten them with deletion when you feel like it.


Sam said...

Haha, I can't imagine 9 year olds on facebook! I went on to my page to see what i'm a fan of that's strange.. i have a 'page' for this group: When I was your age, we had to blow on the video games to make them work. Most likely got a request for it, thought 'yeah, thats true' and accepted :)

emily+brett said...

looks like you had a blast in vegas. killer game you got to see... love the video of you reading the letter. i would be stoked too!

olivia rae said...

facebook really is so hilarious. people can waste so much time on there.. like what is up with farmville? it reminds me of tamagatchi's, except less fun.

samnhal said...

Man, apparently I need to become a fan of more awesome things. The only cool one I have is "I wanna punch you in the face so bad" haha. I loved the staying up late one. That's my life story. Except last night, I went to bed early because I had an interview today and apparently because of that I forgot to set my alarm and was late to work. What the heck?! I'm never going to bed early again.

David and Shalynna said...

I used to be so against Facebook. I don't really know why. Then I didn't join because I thought I had to stand my ground- ya know, so I wouldn't be a hypocrite. Then my excuse for not joining was because I would get addicted to it, like I am blogging. Well, the day finally came when I joined. It was only a few weeks ago. My main reason for joining was to keep in touch with people in the Cayman Islands. Now, I take back all the mean things I said about it. It really is a great way to keep in touch with people. Plus, sometimes I get stressed out about having to email everyone I love and miss, so Facebook allows me to send quick messages without the stress! Oh, and I'm not addicted. I like blogging way more.

And hilarious that nine year olds are on it. What's even more funny to me is when parents and grandparents are on as well.

Cailie said...

haha I've never thought of deleting my sister but now I'm totally going to threaten it (although were like bff's and never fight)! I totally used to sing the alphabet that way and should probably join tha group! Farmville is super easy and I know you could figure it out..although it became kinda time consuming and I got burned out on it and now just waste time on blogs instead..

Maddie said...

LOL, i try really hard not to join groups. except, i think i'm in a group about bringing back chicken fingers at arby's or something. but that's, like . . . IMPORTANT, ya know?

Kitty said...

haha my favorite is when people start a fan club of themselves. JOIN?! no thanks....

steph anne said...

That's hilarious because my sister does the SAME thing. comment and "like" every picture of mine. SO annoying! We have deleted each other a few times and I was even so mad one time that I literally untagged EVERY picture that I had of her. :) She just tagged herself in all of them the other day, haha.

lydia. said...

i am the same way as you about facebook.
entertainment purposes. haha.

i can't believe how young kids are getting on there these days.
last night i went to dinner with some friends and there was this little bitty kid, probably like 7, talking about how he loves mafia wars.
so, what i'm trying to say is, since your dad won't teach you...maybe this kid can.

just kidding. :)

my name is lauren. said...

oh facebook.... i wish it were cool again. sadly it's not really, but i'm still hooked. i unfriended like 200 people awhile back and then ended up getting e-mails saying "are you mad at me? i noticed we're not friends on facebook anymore..." who freaking cares! ugh! sometimes it's so annoying having so many avenues of communication with the outside world. also i always worry that people are going to get pissed or offended (or some other unpleasant emotion) by something they see about me on facebook. i've had it happen many a time and it's just ridiculous. if i'm going to facebook stalk someone i'm for sure not going to get pissed about something i see on there because i wouldn't want them to know i'm stalking them. apparently not everyone gets this common sense logic though.

anyway...i did read your vegas post... like 2 days ago, but haven't had time to comment. i suck. but i liked your iphone pictures. they made me happy. especially the one you took into the glass door of your reflection (i think it was at mandalay bay)... was a rad picture.

ok. that's it for now. i have to go back to work. i have a terrible sore throat and my kids are being SO loud today which is a bad combo. ugh! at least it's friday and i get a weekend to get my voice back.

ok. really.

going now.

love you chlo bug!


passport in my pocket said...

haha... this is hilarious. Can't believe nine-year-olds are on facebook!!!!

Randi Lee said...

haha... you should visit ... that's pretty entertaining too!

jackiek said...

hahahahaa this made my morning. i love all the random facebook groups out there.... i never join them but they're funny to read!

and don't worry... no one will teach me to play farmville either. not even my little sister.

brittany barney said...

hmmmm. pretty much amazing. love that one is pretty girl and the other is cute girl. arent you just supposed to be your own name?? ha.

the Lovelist said...

that group is hilarious! i love that my 17 yr old sister is on FB...i love that she seems to forget that EVERYONE can see what she writes.

Bridget said...

thats hilarious. sounds like something my sisters would do.

Elise Halladay said...

Every time I read this- I seriously almost die of laughter. That is the coolest thing I have ever heard. So so funny. Sometimes I wish I was on facebook still... but then I remember why I hated it. Sigh.