Wednesday, March 17, 2010

lost wages.

lost wages. that is what our flight attendant called
it when our plane landed in vegas. i am sure it's been said before but
i had never heard it. i got a good laugh out of it...
probably for a little longer than i should have...

i finally got some pictures uploaded from vegas..
and going through them, i realize that we didn't get very 
many good ones. oh well. it's not the first time we have been
to vegas, or the last. so i am not too worried about it!
lots of these were taken with my phone so don't judge! 
or judge.. i don't really mind..

this was taken right after we dropped our bags off at the hotel.
i was so excited to see him. we had a nice flight to vegas. 
southwest airlines are awesome. our flight attendant was so funny.
i loved it. 

here we are just riding the escalators..

this is a huge cupcake.
and i really wanted to eat it.

that night we went to the MWC basketball games.

picture of sean. just bein cute. this was actually taken
the next day at ESPN zone.

these were taken the first night. we were waiting to meet
up with some people from work to go eat at the buffet 
at Mandalay Bay. sean is a little ADD and we had to keep him
entertained somehow. i suggested tic tac toe... 
he wanted to do model poses?

{for those of you wondering, sean went to vegas with a bunch of the guys from
work. they go down to vegas every year to watch the mountain west conference
basketball tournaments. or i mean for work stuff. as sean says. sean's mom vicki 
came with me because sean drove to vegas with his dad and didn't want him to 
be a third wheel with me there. it was great though. we all had a blast!}

the next morning we went to the outlets.
it was soooo windy. i found a pair of cords for $16.
then we bought LOTS of candy. 

we stayed at the Monte Carlo. it was sweet.
we really need to get a king size bed.

it was soo windy.

we did a little gambling.
we won some, we lost some.
but mostly we lost some.
oh well. it was still fun :)

we had a blast. more than anything, it was just great to be with sean.
i really had no idea he was planning this..and i was completely surprised.
on the plane ride there i was so giddy thinking about seeing him at the 
airport and running up and giving him the biggest hug! i have had
butterflies ever since. i know that is cheesy, but i think for the last 
little while i kinda forgot how those felt. not that i loved sean any less,
but i just fell even more in love with him on this trip. i didn't know that 
was even possible! we felt like little kids again. we teased each other and
flirted. i loved every second of that short trip. thanks sean!!


lydia. said...

this is so happy and sweet.
i love that sean surprised you with this. :)
i also love that sean enjoys posing.


crissy said...

Cholé, you are so pretty! I'm kind of jealous of your hair. (I haven't had mine long for about 6 years now. I'm trying to grow it out, but I'm an instant results kind of person. If I don't see results I quit. No bueno.)

Anyway, I'm glad you had fun. And I totally understand what you're talking about with the butterflies and things. It's not that you love that person less, it's just that when you get caught up in the day to day you don't always notice it, or sometimes you forget. It's nice to have reminders here and there.

Glad you liked that picture. Everytime we go to the zoo and see the baby elephant I think of you. (Hope that doesn't seem weird.. It's just that you mention your love of baby elephants often.)

Sam said...

looks like you had a great time! sean should totally try out for america's next top model. just sayin'.

Michael & Mindy said...

Could you guys be any freaking cuter??

kaysi fox said...

oh what a good hubby! giving a girl a nice break from work! ;) love it & that giant cupcake looks divine! haha

Ams said...

Ohhhhh i love this! so glad you had a great time my friend :) woohooo!

steph anne said...

You two are so cute together!!! :) It's so weird to see it "cold" in Las Vegas because all the times I've been there it was 100 degrees and so HUMID so yeah, sweating isn't fun in Vegas!

Selma said...

awwww this is so freakin' cute i want to be as lucky as you girl. ;) love the pictures, and am still soooo amazed and proud of sean that he did all that. i'm sure he is too. ;) haha. and yes, lost wages they call it. i once said this in class as a quick joke and my prof started laughing so hard i thought he'd faint or something due to the lack of air he was getting. haha. maybe i invented that?! nope. doubt that for sure. ;) haha.
so yeah, so glad you had a blast girlie, and those pics are perfect. love the one with you two in it...the one with you two up close maybe in front of the hotel?! not so sure. anywho...all of them are super cute. woohoo. and how was the monte carlo?! just wondering. it's one of those i want to stay in next time i'm in vegas. ;)

have a happy day. xoxo

Rhianne said...

Looks like you had a great time :) you still took more picture of each other than me and thomas did in Edinburgh lol. And is not cheesy, its lovely :)

Rasha said...

First, HILARIOUS sean wanted to do modeling poses, LOVE it, hahahahahahahahahahaha.

Secondly, the pictures are cute... I like them.

Third, ugh, windy? I hope its not when I go.

Fourthly, (there should never be a fouthly, btw) Im stinkin excited to gamble!!! but dont wanna lose the money... hahaha

Amy said...

You guys are too cute! I'm so glad you had such a great time! Sean gets mega bonus points for that one!!!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Awwww!! I love this! I love you! I love Vegas lol! I'm so glad you were able to get away and that you fell even more in love with Sean...I hope it never ever stops!

Britt- said...

Ooohhhhhhh you guys have such a sweet, honest relationship. You have such a cute little love story. I'm so happy for both of you. I can't think of any two people who deserves it more. Love you guys!

samnhal said...

I totally agree, you forget the butterflies because you fall into a routine and are used to having that person around. So cute, looks like a fun vacation. Is it funny that I saw the cupcake and though, oh I wanna eat that...and then i read your caption which was exactly what I had just been thinking. haha.

Jenni said...

Oh how fun!!!! I'm so happy you had such a wonderful time!!!! You and Sean are awesome together. :)

David and Shalynna said...

So glad you posted so many photos. I love them all. My favorite is the one of you snapping a shot of the Monte Carlo glass door. You're so cute.

I haven't been to Vegas in years. Now I have an itch to go. My anniversary is in a month. Maybe I'll email this post to David as a hint. :)

♥ Katinka said...

awwww, how cute! sounds like you had an awesome time!!! I'm so happy for you!

Grant said...

that might have said grant but it's not. it's his wife. brittany.

Grant said...

i really loved my visitors today! i honestly was SO excited to see you guys. i'm so excited to hang out and catch up. and so is granty poo!

Kitty said...

yay! it looks like you two had a blast! sean you stinker! what a great suprise :) (ha...i can't spell it either!!) happy anniversary!

anna said...

chloe, these pictures are so cute (hello pretty girl)! i love vegas. it's the perfect place to be yourself!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, the pictures are great. I'm glad you two had a wonderful anniversary together in vegas. That place is awesome!