Sunday, February 21, 2010

so what's new?

so, i haven't been blogging much lately. which isn't a big deal. it's just that i used to blog almost everyday. i don't know what my deal is lately. i have been super busy at work this week, and it seems like something has been going on almost every night that prevents me from being able to get onto the computer. gahh.. is this what it is going to be like when we have kids? 

i was also sick this past week, and now sean has caught whatever i have. except it's 3 times as bad. poor guy. he is taking a nap right now in our bedroom. he has been laying down all morning, rubbing vapor rub on his chest to help clear out the mucous in his lungs! i feel so bad. my cold wasn't nearly as bad.

so let's see. what is new? hmm..well i guess maybe this post will just be super random and i will just try to think of everything that i can that i have been meaning to blog about. which i guess is how i usually post except i do that daily... not weekly. we will see how this turns out..

sean's sister amanda is pregnant! she is giving us a sweet new niece at the end of march! we are so excited and it will be the first baby born in either of our families since we have been married. a few weeks ago my friend lee and i threw her a baby shower. i honestly didn't know what i was doing, and if it weren't for lee, it would have not been this adorable! all i really did was mail out the invites that she had already made, and make the waffles. which i ruined at first, and my sister had to take over and teach me. by the way? how come the first batch of waffles/pancakes/whatever never works? am i the only person with that problem?

my sister took some better pictures. lee planned the party.
 hmmm. and i made waffles out of bisquick. 
ha. maybe someday i will find my true calling. for now? 
the couch and candy suits me just fine :) 
anyway, we can't wait for this little baby to come! 

my friend beth got engaged! i am so excited for her. before she got engaged we went out to dinner at chili's. before we went we met up at the mall. victoria's secret to be exact. she was trying to buy some perfume with her birthday money and i could not help but laugh at what these mannequins were wearing. one of them was wearing this necklace. so beth took it off, put it on, and i dared her to ask the sales rep there if it was for sale and if they had this in a different color, and that she didn't see the price on it. it was pretty awesome.

she didn't end up asking, but she did model it for me. it was so funny. we were going to ask if we could get a different model on the picture..maybe a brunette or something? do you think we should make this style of necklace a new trend? would you wear one?

anyway, i love her and am so excited for her!

i have been to like 6 baby showers and 1 bridal shower in the past 3 weeks. how do ya'll do it? it has been crazy! my cousin tara is getting married in april and my sister maddie took some amazing bridals and engagement pictures. she is getting so good! anyway, tara asked me to make a hair piece for her. i couldn't decide on one, so i made three..haha.

she went with the first one! isn't she gorgeous?

i snapped a few pictures of my sister taking pictures...

and the most exciting news of all?

i got an iphone!
ha..i know. probably not what you were all expecting. meh. oh well.
and as excited as i am about the new phone...
i am proud to say that i unlocked it myself, with the help of lee who had to leave for a movie
during the middle of it. i have no idea how i did it. and it only took 8 hours...but i am pretty happy.
my phone before was awful. i used to have a blackberry, but it gave me lots of issues.
so i bought a cheap phone at t-mobile and it has had even more issues for only being 6 months old
a guy i work with found one for me online and i got a great deal on it.
i am way happy! it is awesome.

here are some pictures i have taken with it...

my dad...


my good friend lauren told me about this shake it application that you can download and it will turn your pictures into polaroids! you literally shake the phone like a polaroid picture..."hey...yeah!"i love it. thanks lauren!

i got this mug from my sweet friend caroline! i love it... she said she saw it, and thought it would be perfect for me. she is so sweet. it came in handy today, seeing as it is the only mug that we have, and sean had to drink some hot thera-flu.

anyway, this post was pretty random, and not that exciting. i am hoping to get back to blogging regularly, so just consider this a "catch-up" post. i haven't had time to really comment on any blogs either, so i will try to get some of that done! i hope you are all having a lovely weekend..
i am off to take care of my baby!


Sam said...

I just got over being sick too.. no bueno! I'm jealous you have an iphone! I want one, but love verizon so.. I'm stuck! Those waffles look delish! And I know what mean about ruining the first batch.. happens to me to! (on the rare occasion that I make breakfast!)

The Boob Nazi said...

I'm glad you're back!

Ams said...

Aw, love all your random thoughts. And I want an Iphone soooooooo badly! I just bought a blackberry in November though and I think S would lose his mind if I swap yet another phone!
I love the hair clips btw :)
Miss you blogging everyday but hope you're doing well! xo

carly said...

i love the shake it app!

The Socialite said...

Eck! I hate being sick, hope Sean feels better! :) How exciting that you'll you be getting a niece soon! Are you two up for baby sitting?! haha adventures!

I'm still waiting to get an iPhone! I hope it's soon! :)

Caroline said...

This post was great!! You are absolutely right about the first batch of waffles/pancakes... always always they end up gooooofy!! I love all these pictures on here and love love that you love your mug!!! Happy Sunday sweet lady!! xo

Alexa Mae said...

chloe!! i have been waiting for you to comment cause i could not find your blog anywhere and i love it so much. i love your style and the way you live your life. you are a doll! so exciting about your new phone...i LOVE new phones. xoxo

David and Shalynna said...

I am jealous. I want an iphone, but David will never get one because I drop my phone once a day, on average.

The hair clip you made for your cousin is beautiful.

And I love the picture of your dad. How cute that he's wearing a BIllabong shirt and listening to an ipod is it?

Melissa said...

I didn't know about that app, downloading it now! Congrats on the new phone :) Enjoy!

Andy Quirks said...

Nice photos! hope you and sean get all better soon!


Michelle said...

I love your iphone photos!!

crissy said...

Are you sure Sean's not just milking it? I'm just wondering, because whenever Cori gets sick he acts like he's dying, even though its a little cold or headache or what have you...
I understand the lack of blogs thing, I feel like I've really dropped the ball lately, but not so much because I'm super busy as I just don't know what to write about anymore. But anyway, its always good to see that you've posted. Your blog is vvery entertaining in the best sort of way.♥
Hope your weekend is going well (aside from Sean being sick. I hope he gets better soon, I was just teasing about him at the top.)

♥ Katinka said...

Thanks for the update :) I was waiting for one. Hope Sean feels better soon. And I'm jealous... I want an iphone too!!!!!

anna said...

boys ALWAYS act like their illness is sooo much worse than yours. get used to it, sister. just kidding. okay, not really kidding at all. my husband always gets WAY MORE SICK THAN ME (in his mind) and milks it for twice as long. they are just sissies.

i ALWAYS have a crappy first batch of pancakes or waffles too. i think the pan/iron is not ready to go when i am. whatever. they always taste fine even if they look so blonde there's probably batter in the center. ha!

when i was in college i went to so many baby and bridal showers i pretty much hate them now. unless it's one of my besties...then i love them!

love that mug.

nicole addison said...

random posts are the best, and i definitely read the entire thing so im glad to be caught up on your life:) i hope sean feels better, whenever josh is sick he's such a baby but it's so cute to me for some reason. and addison!? GREAT name! boy or girl? aw whatever (it) is will be gorgeous! xo!

secasey said...

sounds like you have been busy!! i hope sean is feeling better!

JMay said...

I bet you are loving the iphone! I'm literally on Iphone #6 right now...yes it's obnoxious but once you go Iphone, you can never go back & I of course have the worst luck w/ phones...Good job on your shots!

UM your Dad's stach is AMAZING btw ;-)

Congrats to you sis in law!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I am so jealous of your iphone. I have to wait until the end of May because of my contract. Blah!

Sorry to hear Sean is so sick! Hopefully, he'll get better ASAP!

@manda said...

Just so everyone knows the baby shower was AMAZING!!!! I have the best sister in law ever :) It was low key and perfect. The waffles mmmmmmmm so good! March is going to fly by just like this last month did. Thank you for your random post and thank you again for the shower. You are truly Super Woman :)

@manda said...

Just so everyone knows the baby shower was AMAZING!!!! I have the best sister in law ever :) It was low key and perfect. The waffles mmmmmmmm so good! March is going to fly by just like this last month did. Thank you for your random post and thank you again for the shower. You are truly Super Woman :)

Nahl said...

This is such a cute post!

Scottsworth said...

This probably won't make sense if you've never seen The Big Bang Theory, but the Vapor Rub part of your story makes me think of Sheldon making Penny sing Soft Kitty to him and put Vapor Rub on his chest.
See the magic here:

Blicious said...

cute pics!! congrats on the iphone and i really want waffles. :)


Anonymous said...

You dad looks COOL !!!

Natalie said...

I just adore this blog.

Honestly. You are too cute and a handful of more.


Selma said...

I want an iPhone too. Badly. Not sure why though. I love my SonyEricsson (in purple of course) and it's a flip phone and I love it. But it just so seems that iPhones are awesome. Anything in particular you recommend on it or do you just LOVE everything about it???

And your dad looks cool!! YAY!

And yeah I heard about a site and its polaroid thingy...will check it out soon. Can't right now. Am at work.

Besides I better be leaving now...can't type well either. It hurts. I am getting older....boooooh!!!!!! ;)

Happy Monday!!

Jenni said...

This post was fantastic you silly girl! :) I loved it!
1. Um, hi..waffles=awesome...waffles for a shower = GENIUS! You are way too smart for you own good!!!
2. Yay for IPhones
3. Those headpieces are GORGEOUS!!!!! hmmm I may just have to have you make me one for my bridal shower!!!

samnhal said...

I'm so jealous of your Iphone. I need a new phone pretty badly, but I've been too lazy to go down to tmobile and see what they'll give me since I've had my phone for more than 2 years. Ah, being lazy. I am also jealous of your headpieces. You are seriously so talented. Wanna share some of that talent?

Lissa Clair said...

your friend and i totally have the same wedding dress. tell her she has good taste. :)

Mama Bird said...

a few things

-your blog is adorable
-i love your sisters boots
-that bride is gorgeous
-those hair clips are awesome!


Wacky Jacky & Silly Willy said...

Lovely photos and blog you have! Followed~

Very talented :) I know what you mean about blogging...I've only started, but it takes much dedication~

Congrats on the iphone :) And let's both hope for happy blogging x.x

i-zilla said...

i've got that same mug from anthropologie. it's so pretty. i now want the whole set!

J*me said...

I love your blog!!
I have been sick too:( so I havnt been on the computer very much so tonight I was catching up on reading, and I had to tell you I always am laughing or at least have a smile from ear to ear when ever I'm reading:)

♥ Katinka said...

You are so right. Guys are way wimpier than girls. It is so cute though. Anyway, I love the shirt. It's awesome!!!

*juli* said...

1- your cousin is gorgeous.
2- if she doesn't want either of those head pieces, feel free to send them to seattle.
3- i love that mug.
4- i hope sean is feeling better.
5- i heart you. and chai.