Monday, February 22, 2010

okay, i will finally tell you.

i've gotten some awesome stuff lately from some super cool people! 
i won this awesome necklace over at elizabeth marie's blog! 
i love it and have been wanting one since i saw jillian  wear one on the bachelorette.
i mean what? anyway, it's awesome. sean insisted that i get a 
turquoise one with an 'S' on it.  thanks liz! i love it!

 you can't really see it, but you get the gist, right?

my dear sweet friend elise, remember the one who i made one of those headbands for?
well last night her and her rad husband dropped off the most amazing thing ever to my doorstep.
that sentence didn't really make sense but whatever. anyway, she had seen my elephant post..
and made me some t-shirts out of one of the pictures that i wanted made into a t-shirt!
 she is so sweet and i love them. there were 2 in the bag.. different sizes. just in case.

well.. i will let you guess which one is me...
and which one is someone that i may or may not be married to
whose name starts with the letter on the necklace that he made me get...

anyway, thanks guys! you all rock! 

so. sean has a sinus infection. i feel pretty bad..cuz you now how all guys are.
they are babies when they get sick. it is the truth. and yes, i did take really good
care of sean yesterday. but today we found out he has a sinus infection. 

i have decided that guys are way wimpier than girls. actually i have thought 
this for a long time. it is true! seriously, when guys are sick the world is over.
they are like little puppy dogs that need constant attention. they need to be petted
(and i totally mean that in a non-innapropriate way...ha.)
i start rubbing his back and then if i stop he starts to whimper..
i have been wanting a puppy for so long..but then i realized that i already have one.

yesterday sean said to me, 
"i should get sick more often. you are so nice to me."

"aww...wait, what?"

am i not nice when he is not sick? i guess maybe i need to be a little bit more 
compassionate or whatever. i guess i could work on that. 

i guess us girls are tough because we have to deal with horrendous pain 
once a month. and guys just don't even know what to do when they
stub their toe. maybe they are just milkin' it so we will be nicer to them?

man..i dunno. all i know is this... i will finally tell you where
 sean is going to be on our 1 year anniversary in 3 weeks.

he is going back to the place of our honeymoon.
las vegas.
without me. 

well last time... sean almost died. remember this story?
oh and there used to be a picture of sean there. with a very pale face..
but when i lost all my pictures? that was one of them. i think it's on facebook
somewhere... maybe i'll just put it on this post.. hold on.

aww. there it is. i suggest you read the story so you will know what i am talking about.

sean? i love you sweet darling boy, and i forgive you for going to
watch the basketball tournaments in vegas on our beloved 
one and only first anniversary with out me.
 cuz let's be honest. who really celebrates those anyway?

all i have to say is this. if you pass out this time? 
i won't be there to give you mouth to mouth.
and you are going to be with only dudes.
let's just hope your pants are on this time.

.... love you! ;)

p.s. you HAVE to check out this photo shoot.
i know my opinion is biased since she is my twin sis..but she 
is such an incredible photographer and i am so proud of her.
this shoot is so adorable, and my cousin in gorgeous :)


Sam said...

love the necklace and shirt! and i agree, guys are babies when it comes to being sick. :)

The Boob Nazi said...

We can hang out while he's gone! SRSLY.

Rasha said...

Awesome about all the giveaways winnings. Lucky!

crissy said...

Winning giveaways is so awesome, congrats!
And the shirts are freakin' awesome, too.
Sean is a turd, though. I mean, you're taking care of him because he's sick, but he's still ditching you for your one year...that's grounds for divorce. (jk)
I say you have a really awesome party while he's gone. Tons of people, awesome music, delicious food, the works. At least you can have a celebration of your milestone, then. Instead of Sean having all the fun. ;)

heather said...

hahahaha. i just read the bathtub story. hilarious.

Caitlin said...

I have read your Vegas story. It's hilarious! You guys have a life worth blogging about! I love reading your saga. Your sisters photography is fantastic! I love that engagement shoot. The heart reminds me of the Powerpuff Girls. My favorite shot is the jumping one. I love those!

Caroline said...

I love the shirt and the necklace!! Snail mail is the best!! xo

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hehe @ him wanting to be sick more often, so you can BE this nice to him.....

I always enjoy smiling and getting a good giggle from your post. And oh, you favor Hilary Swank in that photo. The elephant shirt is cute.

Connie said...

*looks around* What a cute blog you have here! And you are an absolutely darling girl! Cute cute! (:

Selma said...

Love the necklace!!! And the T-shirt!! :D Super cute. I think elephants are becoming the NEW IN least over here. I see so many. So I might have to get some things and send them to you, huh?!??!! ;-)
And yes, your sis is an amazing photographer!!!!! :D
So sorry to hear about Sean. Sinus infections aren't fun. And yes, guys tend to instantly transform themselves into tiny puppies when sick. And I truly believer they're milking it...just so we're even nicer to them. ;)
Girls are just way stronger. We just need to be I guess. Look at me. I am sick with some sort of stomach flu, right hand unable to move properly and my ear's infected. Yay. Lots of pain, and just not fun to work right now...I can't even understand people on the phone. Great. :( BUT, I am working. Strong me!!!! Woohoo!!!

Have a great day girl.


Clara said...

love love love your shoes
the skirt is great too

Clara said...

love the necklace

lydia. said...

you have such beautiful hair! :)

that's so neat that your friend made you those shirts.
how cute!


David and Shalynna said...

Your blog is my new favorite. I'm not really one to actually laugh out loud at stuff on the internet or on TV shows, movies, etc. But, your blog and The Office actually make me laugh out loud. I love it.

I love that you had Sean wear one of the elephant shirts and then you took a picture of him. Hilarious.

Since Sean is going to Las Vegas on your anniversary then you should be allowed to buy whatever you want while he's gone. When David was in Haiti I bought $90 shoes. :)

David and Shalynna said...

Oh and I looked at your sister's website and she's awesome! I love, love the bridal photos of you (you're gorgeous) and also the ones of Alison and Eric in their house. I saw those on Diana's website too. I love that shoot. So casual in their cute house and cute clothes. Photography is so fun. I wish I knew more about it.

xoxoKrysten said...

Oh pretty fun things. Love them!

And guys are totally bigger wusses than girls. Hence the reason we have periods and get to give birth. Could you imagine if men had to go through that? The world would probably come to an end.

Jenni said...

Oh my goodness! I had not read that before! I can't believe that happened! I would just die!
PS-the necklace is GORGEOUS!!!!

Ashley Eliza said...

I want that necklace! Boys really do turn into babies..its quite funny! Ps i told Sam we are blog friends. and he laughed.

Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

1. Love the necklace
2. You should totally do something fun while your hubby in in LV
3. Guys can't take it like girls! Funny yet annoying at the same time!
4. Your sister's site is AWESOME!!!!!

Cailie said...

Wow that bath tub story made my day! I hope you continue to supervise him during that risky chore. Sweet necklace and shirt! I just started blogging but I'll have to enter to win something sometime that'd be fun! My one year is this summer and I'll be mad if he isn't there.. hope he makes it up to you:)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Wow! I hope his trip to Vegas this time is less eventful than the last!

my name is lauren. said...

I love your giraffe shirts. Seans totally rocking his too :). And I like your necklace too. So cute
that Sean wanted you to get an S.

And I Hope you get a good anniversary surprise since he's leaving you on your actual anniversary.

Hope you're having a lovely day friend!

Blicious said...

i love that necklace and the shirts are so cute. how nice of your friends!

omg-"let's hope your pants are on this time" HAHAH love it!


Randi Lee said...

Yes! Gorgeous photo shoot!!! And necklace... now I want one!

missy. said...

i love liz! that necklace is darling!

you are beautiful lovely lady.

olivia rae said...

love the necklace and the shirts! you are so pretty as always.

samnhal said...

You're such a nice wife to let him go on your anniversary. I am mean and probably would have made him stay. I love the necklace and the shirt...that is so nice that she put on in there that would fit sean so nicely too, 'cause you wouldn't want him to stretch out yours.

the Lovelist said...

omg boys ARE ridiculous when they are sick!!! my huz and i had our wisdom teeth out a week i had mine out first - and had to watch our new puppy while i was on vicodine for a few days - not fun, right? well he looked after me but it was just ok. so then he gets his out and you would seriously think the world was ending...he got WAY more attention than I did and I'm still bitter about this :)

sarah said...

omg you are so right about boys when they're sick! M is a former marine and will blah blah blah your ear off about it and then he gets a case of the sniffles and he's all, "baby... can you make me some soup? and rub my back? and get me tissues? pleeeeease?" all puppy-dog eyed and everything. hmm actually... those things sound really, really adorable. maybe i should work on being a little more compassionate too, haha!

Mama Bird said...

those shirtts are too cute!

Emily said...

Alright alright. I'm posting a comment. Geeze! All this time I've been reading your blog, having thoughts, but not commenting?! (What the? I know. I hate when people do that to me.) I found your link from Mikki's a month or so ago and I've been being entertained ever since, but too nervous to comment? I dont know why. We did play crazy ping pong together afterall. Right?!

So anyway. 2 reasons for suddenly getting brave I guess!
#1. I love the necklace & I have one too (also turquoise). Very cute.
#2. You make me laugh. Thanks for having such an awesome blog.
#3. Jon's going to Vegas too. I hate guy trips -where I'm left here in gross nasty Utah weather alone. Boo. Hate it. Hate it. But Love your blog, love it.

passport in my pocket said...

beautiful necklace & shirt! they look great on you.

kayla & tyler said...

I LOVE the necklace! oh and can I have your hair? thanks. and yes Elise is a very kind person, I love the shirts, that was so nice of her!