Friday, February 12, 2010

it happened again.

so remember when this happened? well it happened again. last night. i came home, barely missing the office. and sean ran out of our room to greet me. looking awfully suspicious.

 i was all, "what up dude?"

and he just had this smirkish grin on his face. "oh nothin! just sayin hi to my chlo-bo!"

and i was all, "what did you do?"

he was like "i didn't do anything? can't i say hello to my wife?"

and then i knew it.

"you watched it without me. didn't you."

"i couldn't help it chloe!"

i bowed my head in dissapointment.

he said, " i will watch it again with you!..... it was sooo funny and awesome."

thanks sean. that's like telling me it was okay you cheated on me because she was a good kisser or something.

shame on you if you fool me once. shame on me if you fool me twice.

p.s. stay tuned for another post..hopefully later today...i have a pretty embarassing story. debating if i should tell it or not... or maybe i will just talk about valentines day and catch you up on some other things...


BuenoBueno said...

hahaha do tell!!!
we are guilty of doing this. we always watch things without eahother bc we cant wait!
bad bad bad!
especially when netflicks come in.
so funny!

Rasha said...

tooo friggin funny!

Amy said...

I did the same thing to Chase last night.... it's not my fault though! He works Thursday nights. I just can't help myself.... I may just be browsing through the channels and come across the Office..and who can really change the channel once your already watching??....... Ok fine, I'm a cheater. I'm cheating on my husband with the office. Don't tell!!

xoxoKrysten said...

Hehe. I do this to my hubby sometimes with Heroes. Drives him nuts every.single.time.

And I cannot wait to hear your story. Do tell!

KLaw said...

SOOO glad I'm not the only one! bwah ha ha ha!

♥ Katinka said...

haha, this is so funny. Can't wait for your other story :) please....? :)

olivia rae said...

haha now i REALLY want to hear the embarrassing story. and classic office quote!!

lydia. said...

you have to tell the embarrassing story.

and josh and i have been totally guilty of this!
sometimes it's just soo hard to wait!

Michele said...

Go for the embarrassing stroy. If you can't laugh- you cry, so go for the laugh:)

Michelle said...

hehe then at least when you watch it together when he starts to laugh in anticipation you can get excited!

I loooove your blog, and you. Looking forward to maybe another post today??

Hope your day is full of wonderousness and love!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Great story...very funny!
Have a lovely Valentines Day!!

The Socialite said...

lol! That jerk! Just kidding of course! haha

I get really mad if Mike reads the new postsecrets without me! But we actually both do that sometimes. We can't help it, there too juicy not to read!

Maddie said...

uh oh sean... that's a biiig no no! chloe, you should make him watch some really sappy chick flick with you for doing that. like, pride and prejudice or something. yes, tell your story! haha.

Kjrsten said...

we fight over this too! ANd then it's just not the same when they (the hubsbands) watch it the second time! It's like they laugh too soon, and the timing is off, and they Pete's all like... wasn't that SO FUNNY???... after every joke!

Now, you must disclose said embarassing story!!!!

Caroline said...

Sending you a blog hug! xo

Selma said...

Oh Chloé...your comment made my day. :D Thanks hun. You are sooooo super sweet, no words can describe that girl. :D

This post made me smile a lot. Especially the Chlo-bo part... ;)

And I so want to hear the embarrassing story. Can't wait. :D

Have a great day girl.


The Boob Nazi said...

I'm sorry. I hope Sean will learn he must not do such things....

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, well hopefully you'll get it to watch it today.

Michelle said...

My boyfriend does the same thing! Sometimes he tries to hide it by not telling me, but then halfway through us watching the episode together he'll say something like "oh,this next part is hilarious."

Total giveaway. Guys have no self control.

{The Huffakers} said...

I love how you compare your story to him cheating... I don't know why but I find that comparison so funny (I promise I'm not being sarcastic). I also love how your sister Maddie (or whoever she is) said you should make him watch Pride & Prejudice. I made my handicap watch that with me last week and trust me it's torture for them.


My heart was raising when I read this! LOL*
LOVEly weekend beautiful!

my name is lauren. said...

oh sean...

so disappointed. craig does that to me sometimes too though :(.

hopefully you did nice stuff to make it up to chloe on valentine's day (today!) though. i trust you did the right thing.

oh...and chlo....


happy valentine's day girl!

p.s. i wanna hear your embarassing story!

the hopkins said...

hahaha you're too funny Chloe. The office NEVER fails to make me laugh!!

P.S. I love your post below!
love hgtv.
and love the "want to annoy you more than you can annoy me mood" haha. You guys are so cute :)

brittany barney said...

hahah love it. we LOVE watching the office together. adn do it as much as possible. oh and i was looking for you at church cuz i was so excited to have a friend at church and i didnt see you last week!

Sam said...

Haha, that deserves like a back massage while you watch it.