Wednesday, February 3, 2010


so i have been pretty busy lately! i guess we both have.. sean has "school" or something lame like that, and it's "really hard" or something but whatever. i don't really care about that kinda stuff. what i care about is wanting him to listen to me talk about how i really think that my boobs are getting bigger (and that i am not happy about it), and if my bangs look okay. like every 5 seconds.

in my office at work, there are 3 girls and one boy. the three girls are me, my twin sis maddie, and my best friend lee. we have decided that all day, there are basically only 5 things  that we really talk about. bangs, blogs, beverages, boys, and ..... i can't think of a 5th one. oh it's the bachelor.

anyway, i don't know why we talk about bangs ALL the time. anytime we see a picture of someone with bangs i can't not say "i like her bangs." just like pedro on Napolean Dynamite. i was trying to grow my bangs out but they were at the "awkward" stage and i caved and cut them by myself, and sean was yelling in the other room "don't do it!! don't do it! chloe....are you doing it?"

of course i was.

then he tried to tell me that i was crazy, don't ever listen to him, and was spontaneous or something but i wasn't really paying attention.

so anyway. tonight sean was being all grumpy or something and i was working on a hairpiece for a wedding and was really trying to get him to "be involved" in my life because let's be honest, i don't really care that much about legal terms and "isostocy". lately sean has been learning about that last word and every time that i ask him how school was he talks to me for ten minutes about that word and i usually pretend that i am listening and am really thinking..."hmmm.. i wonder if my bangs look okay.." or "man.. that cookie sounds SOOOO good right now."

anyway. today i was working on a hairpiece for a beautiful friend, like i said earlier. sean so unwillingly modeled the headbands for me. he is too nice, and even did the "kissy face" pose, all on his own doing.

i think it looks pretty good on him...

(hope you like it Elise!!)

and... if you think that i am a mean wife for making sean model my headbands,
 just remember the last post. also, you should all ask sean where he is going to 
be on our 1 year anniversary... go ahead... ask him. 

p.s. i really don't ALWAYS just talk about bangs, blogs, boobs, boys, and the bachelor.

i also talk about cookies, chai, my blanket, puppies, and the biggest loser.


The Boob Nazi said...

I just snorted at the sight of him with the headpiece on. hahahahahahahahahahaha

Rasha said...

bahahahahahaha sean looks uhmazing in the headband!

my name is lauren. said...

i love hearing about all of those things, so chat away!

oh...and just to let you know....sean looks freakishly good in that good :).

what a trooper.

school is lame. and even lamer are husband who ditch their wives on their one year anniversary to go watch basketball games. ooops. did i say that out loud? oh right...i did. who the heck is going to eat stale year old cake with chloe, sean? (*side note: i do NOT recommend this...worst idea ever). i'll have to be on standby that day so chloe can cry to me via skype about how sad and lonely she is on your anniversary.

ok...i understand. chloe's a pretty great wife to let you go. and you are giving her top billing by celebrating a week early....

btw...what are your anniversary plans?

oh...and what the heck is isostocy????

i asked craig....he didn't know. apparently he slept through that part of business school.

love you chlo!


Sam said...

those are beautiful! so when are you opening an etsy shop?? i've probably said that before.. but umm.. you need one!

So Sean.. where are you going to be on your's and Chloe's 1 year anniversary???

(that grammar doesn't look right.. i apologize)

crissy said...

And baby elephants! (Did you ever get to go see the one at the zoo?)

The hair pieces are awesome. And I don't think you're mean for having Sean model for you. Wasn't he the one who willingly cross-dressed because he liked how that seafoam nightie felt, or whatever? I bet he begged to model for you! ;) (and you're both pretty great beacause of it. Him for doing it and you for sharing with all of us.)

So, you think your boobs are getting bigger, huh??
I'm just gonna sit back, and shut my mouth... I'll wait for your announcement...(I really want there to be an I'm not just this weirdo who's waiting around for one..)

♥ I love you, Chloé. You are awesome, and I'm still super happy that you're blogging again. :)

The Socialite said...

Wow, look at that guy, he's a natural! haha Cute hair piece! Not only do you have multiple personalities you're also talented! Go you! ;)

heather said...

chloe! i can't stop laughing at your posts! you & sean sound absolutely hilarious. do you write? (other than your blog of course). because you should. you should write comedy! my boyfriend is a comedian so, you know, i have a good eye (or ear?) for these things. ;)

& love the hair piece! :)

Michelle said...

you are awesome! your blog is amazing. I love this post, especially the part about "school" and how its "really hard"

i'm so glad we're blog friends!

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Aha, the hairpiece is cute either way :) I don't like bangs myself tho, they do nothing for my style...just blow in the wind and never come back to its home; my forehead.

lydia. said...

i love the hairpieces!
so beautiful.

um, i have been thinking the same thing about my boobs lately too.
and i am seriously hating it.
what the heck boobs?

what kind of job do you have?

kayla & tyler said...

Love the hair pieces, both beautiful!!! And Elise will look beautiful!!! Your blog makes me laugh!! You are fabulous.

JMay said...

hahaha! That's awesome!

Oh what boys will do b/c they love us ;-)


"what i care about is wanting him to listen to me talk about how i really think that my boobs are getting bigger"

You seriously crack me up!

Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said...

Haha "boys, bangs, bachelors, beverages, boobs" HAHAHA.

And SPAZZZEDD at the picture of him with the headpiece =P

Michelle said...

your husband is quite the stud!

And pray tell, where will he be on your one year anniversary??

Selma said...

Oh I missed you to hear all of what's going on there. Sean looks super pretty...he should wear it more often. ;) good one!!!
Well, can't talk much about school or work or whatever...I want to go back, so once I do I'm sure I'm going to be talking about other things...maybe. And please fill me in...what in the worls is isostocy?!!???

And yes, Sean, I wonder what your anniversary plans are?!!!!?????'s getting close though.

so, with all that said...Happy Thursday...woohoo...this week's gone by so fast I'm shocked! But happy shocked, so it's good.

xoxo :)

the Lovelist said...

cute blog! you know it's a winner when the first post you read has a male modeling a headband...just saying!

xoxoKrysten said...

That is AWESOME! I'm pretty sure our hubbies would get along, hehe.

And that hairpiece? Gorgeous, of course.

Randi Lee said...

Chai... that sounds really really good right now.

sarah said...

haha you are too cute! and sean is totally rockin that hair piece! love it :)

Patience said...

Now that is love.

Amanda said...

I see nothing wrong with those 5 topics. At all.

My boobs got bigger after I got married and it sure as heck wasn't any kind of babymaking, unless you consider a food baby and gaining a bunch of pounds to be the same as a baby. Maybe you're just getting "fat and happy"? :)

Very pretty headband!

*juli* said...

dear chloe,
i adore you. and you're my hero.
that's all.

Maddie said...

hahahaha this post is awesome. bangs do come up in conversation at least once a day. without fail. it's like politics or religion . . . we've just decided to replace those with bangs and blog discussions. the hair pieces are soooo cute!

Ams said...

I LOVE the headpieces... I love you, and your constant talk of bangs, blogs boobs, boys and the bachelor (and then the other five things you are talking about too!)

And you tell Sean we would LOVE a follow-up to his post. But with this question posed --> WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO BE FOR YOUR 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!??

Have a great day Miss Chloe!

elledee said...

ha, very cute. esp on him... :)

Elise Halladay said...

Yay! I love the hair pieces!! It's going to be hard to look good in those after Sean tho....

So I love that you complain to your hubby about boobs getting bigger. I complain about that to my hubby every. single. day. And to Kayla at work. Ha ha ha. But I really do hate my life when my boobs do this to me. It is so sad. Stop it.

Love ya girl. Thanks for the laugh. And the headbands

Britt- said...

Haha Chloe your awesome! I would be ecstatic if my boobs were getting bigger....without the rest of me getting bigger..hmmf :)- Love ya

andy said...

ha! love the last pic. those are beautiful.

p.s. i think the 5 b's are perfect!

monica said...

i love this! so pretty...

and i love your blog! can't wait to follow along and read more!

Jenni said...

hahaha oh goodness I wish I worked with you! haha. Sean looks GORGEOUS! That headband is stunning! Love it! Love you!

Geez Louise♥ said...

I am officially so happy we "found" each other. Your blog rocks! Thanks again for following and entering the giveaway! I am a follower of yours now!

samnhal said...

I would feel sorry for him for wearing it, but when it comes to stuff like that it seems like he is just like my husband and they secretly like doing silly stuff like that. I love those headpieces you made. Gosh, Chloe, you're so talented. One day will you teach me your craft?
I am with you on the whole not understanding what the crap your husband is talking about when he uses lingo pertaining to his major so I don't even try and am usually watching the tv as he is talking and pretending to listen. Shh though, he doesn't know that.
ALSO, where is he going to be?

♥ Katinka said...

awesome! I wanna join your conversation!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley Eliza said...

Those head bands/clips are DARLING Chloe!! I want one! no joke..
I love that your hubby is modeling- i was laughing so hard.


ps who is your fave on the bachelor? im obsessed.

olivia rae said...

hahahahhahha. love everything about this!! want to work with you first of all!! also, i'm obsessed with bangs. OBSESSED. i have a hair appointment tomorrow, and all day all i've done is talk about bangs, look up pictures of bangs, and think about whether or not i should get them. but i do this every time i have an appointment and i never get them!! but...sean is such a good sport. and i love the bachelor and really need someone to talk to about it. tyler won't take it seriously for some reason.

Vicki said...

Love the flower hair pin!! Looks good on both of you :) lol xo

Michael & Mindy said...

I wish you would stop talking about freaking chai and just tell me what it is already!

I LOVE that headband thingamajig. If I was cool and into fashion, I'd probably know what it was.

If you're going to talk about cookies on your blog, you should probably bring me some.

I freaking HATE my bangs right now. I chopped them myself the other day and totally botched them. Then of course the very next day I decided I should grow them out. Now they're all one raunchy, ugly lenght, and they won'd do anything. And besides that, my hair has grown up and I haven't had it cut since freaking August and so my roots are longer than my bangs. Basically. So it just looks retarded. Freak.

Tuesdai Noelle said...

I have a blog treat for you on tomorrow, stay tuned :)

Michelle said...

Ummm I am so jealous of your work convos.

PS I just found your blog and I love it!

Elizabeth Marie said...

What an amazing model!!haha!

Chloe! I love you! I love the 5B's, so keep it up. And cookies and chai and blankets and puppies and the BL, and ummm..headbands and shoes. Oh and nail polish. :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Haha! I love that you have a new model for the headbands.

my name is lauren. said...

i've been getting overwhelmed by elevendy billion comments and this is the first time i've even looked at any blogs today!

i just wanted to say hello and tell you that i love you a hugely huge massive amount and that i would never ever ever ever forget my bffwnm....even if i had a million followers. were my first blog friend who i didn't know in real life, so even if i got rich and famous from blogging, i'd still keep you around for sentimental reasons :). j/k. i am so so so blessed by our friendship chlo and i am so thankful for you! hope we can catch up soon. i feel like it's been WAY too long!

hope you have a good day tomorrow lovely lady!