Tuesday, January 19, 2010


i have a huge favor to ask everyone. i know it's a long shot, but i think we can all do it. how about tomorrow, nobody blogs at all. that way, we can all spend timing catching up on everyone's blogs! i know that i can't be the only one who is feeling somewhat overwhelmed and behind. just kidding i know that this will never happen.

sure, i could have spent tonight catching up. but i chose to hang out with my daddy instead. i made him oatmeal craisin cookies. hold the oats. no, that was not intentional. but my dad was so kind to help me scrape the partially cooked oatless cookies off of the pan and back into the bowl so we could add the oats. i am not proud of this moment, but i do think that we bonded over it. and we had a good laugh. so maybe i take that back. i am proud :)

the other night, i confessed something personal to sean. i admitted to him that i used to be in love with the dixie chicks, and like to belt out their songs when i am alone. the best part about this? sean had the same confession. BOOYAH! we spent the whole drive up to the Jazz game screaming out "sometimes, i scream out your name. what right does she have to take your heart away, when for so long you were mine..."

then we would replay the song to see if we could do it better. it was a moment i will never forget.

now that i have that off my chest? i feel a lot better. does anyone else have any bands that they pretend they don't listen to, but actually do? why do we hide these things? what are we afraid of?

N'SYNC was the first concert that i ever went to. there i said it. sure, i went to Incubus right after and felt like my virgin eyes, ears, and lungs had been tainted, but to each his own.

why do we hide these things? what are we afraid of? it's not our place to judge. i decided i don't care anymore. here are a list of my secret not so secret anymore confessions:

-i used to be obsessed with reading obituaries. like unhealthily. like as in if i missed a day, i was truly upset, and would have to go back and find what i missed. i felt like i owed the dead something for some reason.

-i don't love chores. there i said it. you all know that, but i feel like i need to say it again. i don't always love being productive. being all motivated and stuff isn't totally my thing. does it suck for me? most certainly not. maybe for sean but that is his problem. not mine.

- i like watching fullhouse. i feel guilty about watching something else when i know that it is on TV.

- i once was with some friends at albertson's back in the day. they had this candy section where if you pay a dime you can take a candy. my friends used to put pennies in and take them. they tried to get me to do it too. i felt so guilty, that the next day i walked back and put like 100 dimes in.

- i was once in a dressing room at American Eagle, and a lady and her baby were in the room next to me.  his finger got slammed in the door. his mom was screaming. she couldn't even hold him. his pinky was hanging by one piece of skin. i held him and told her to calm down until the paramedics came. she was about to pass out. i totally felt calm, cool, and collected. however, i know if it were my baby i probably would have passed out too.

-i hate cucumbers, pickles,olives, and onions. basically anything that is healthy for me. i blame this on my sister. she HATES candy and sweets with a passion. it's her fault that i have had 10 cavities at one time and an addiction to sugar. she gave me all the sweet teeth.

-my little sister passed away when i was 2. when people ask me my first memory, i think that is it. but only because i have heard the story about it, and think i remember it. i really don't think i do at all. but it is the only "memory" i have of her. so i will pretend it is my first if i must.

-i hate waking up early. hate it. i will never act excited about it. if i am? i deserve an award because i must be a great actress.

-in kindergarten i won a coloring contest at the local Maverick. i was ecstatic. the prize was a plate full of like 10 huge cookies. also, it was on a friday, and my dad always let us pick a treat that day. i picked a pink sugar cookie. why didn't i get something besides a cookie? who knows. anyway, i took the plate home and put it in my room because it was all mine and i was so proud. well my dog daphne broke into my room, knocked all the cookies off my dresser and ate them. WORST DAY OF MY LIFE. i tried to eat what was left. i never told anyone that.

-i wear contacts and i hate them. they aren't strong enough for my eyes anymore, but since i am not on my parents insurance, i am trying to make them last. sean can read things that i can't even with my contacts on. i am secretly jealous and annoyed.

-i went skydiving in australia. it changed my life. serioulsy, it did. i conquered a fear and it was priceless.

-i like Zac Efron. yep. i do. and you can't sue me because he is not underage anymore, and sean likes him too. actual quote from sean, "he is one good lookin' dude."

-i had my first job at 15. it was at a telemarketing survey place within walking distance of my house. i worked there 2 and a half days. i went home for lunch one day and never came back. they mailed me my check. it was $45 and i was so excited. i don't mention that on job applications and resumes though. i wouldn't want anyone to think i was a flake or something?

-i eat a generic brand eggo waffle every morning. if i don't have that, i fill a plastic container full of cap'n crunch. it is one or the other. i am not open to change when it comes to this.

-25 cent refill tuesday at the gas station is my favorite thing about the week.

-i have been off of anti-anxiety medication for a month now. i can't believe how much i wasn't feeling before. i have been incredibly emotional, and cried a lot. it's been good though. i had no idea how numb i had been.

-i HATED 5th grade. with a passion. my group of friends was full of drama. we thought it was a good idea to make lists with everyone of our friends name on it. we would pass it around and everyone would write down one thing that we liked about that person, and one thing we didn't like. i guess it seemed like a good idea at the time. someone put on mine, "way fun!" then for the bad thing. "party pooper."
WTF? oh and we made a pact that we wouldn't cry about it. but i totally did.

-i also got beat up by a 6th grader at the bike racks after school for saying "serve decent" during 4 square. he thought it was worth teasing me for. i never told anyone this. but i punched him in the stomach first. then he unleashed on me. he got suspended for a week.

-also, i was told several times by people that i had a mustache. gosh, i have dark hair, and we are all mammals. i used that mammal card all the time. it really hurt my feelings. obviously i took care of the situation, and still do. but it always stuck with me. i never understood why people felt the need to point out others flaws.

in 11th grade a guy i was dating asked me if i would change something about myself if he had asked. this was all over text messaging. i thought he was going to say something like, " lose 10 lbs, or cut my hair."

he said "well you have a mustache."

"Oh my gosh are you serious? how could i not know this? thank you so much for telling me! you are so sweet!"


hey, is it embarrassing talking about and admitting? you bet. but it is part of my life and it is the truth. i have dark hair. some people are incredibly blessed to not have that issue. i told that kid "screw you. i never want to be with someone that asks me to change something that i am very aware of and have tried to deal with my whole life."

he called me some harsh words and i said "we are done."

the next day was my first day at my new school. (because i had transferred) he had told everyone why i broke up with him. when i went to school, people looked at my upper lip all day. yeah, i had waxed it and taken care of it. but still it was one of the most embarrassing days of my life. i guess i just feel the need to mention it because it would have been nice to know at that age that i was not the only one who dealt with dark facial hair and bushy eyebrows. oh well, life goes on, and i married a great guy who leaves me alone during my "maintenance time" and loves me anyway.

-my first kiss ever? i was tied up in my friends garage with the guy i was "going with". once again, this was in 5th grade. we lied and pretended that we kissed just so they would let us out. when we got out, i was so upset, that i went and sat down and pouted on the lawn. all of my girlfriends came up behind me, one by one, putting their hands over my mouth, and kissing their hand. little did i know my boyfriend was in that line. he kissed me and i threw a pig keychain at him and ran home. yeah that was my first kiss.

anyway, enough about me. it felt good to get that all off my first chest. anyone else have any confessions?


The Boob Nazi said...

Chloe. That little effer (I'm stopping myself from saying the f word) deserves to die for making you feel like that.
You know that if I were a lesbian, you'd be the first girl I'd go for! hahaha You are seriously the sweetest and most beautiful girl I've ever met. Please, tell me his name, and we can go egg his car together.

Also, I don't have confessions. I AM SO LAME.

I haven't shaved my legs in a month. Good enough?!?

And lunch soon. Yes.

And I love you. (I just had to throw that in here.)

And I'm posting a blog in 2 minutes. I apologize for posting when you haven't caught up on reading!

The Boob Nazi said...

Wait, make that a month and a HALF. I am terrible.

grant + brittany said...

yes i need to just catch up!! ahh i'm overwhelmed!

who in the (*&)(*&^(&^%*&^%$&^%$#$ were you dating that said that? i am like so annoyed right now that you had to go through the next day of everyone staring at your upper lip. i really am pissed about this.

thanks for your sweet comment about haiti. i'm glad it touched you. i wish you knew HER. she is like.... everything i want to be.

i can't get over that you punched a kid in the stomach. GO CHLOE!!!

i am so jealous that you went skydiving in australia. like really really jealous.

here are some secrets-
i absolutely hate washing my face at night. and brushing my teeth. i go without doing all the time. but no i'm not secure enough to really admit how often.

i don't know how to put lids back on things, you think i'm just saying this to be funny or something but i really struggle with this.

i cheated on an ex with grant. ya. yep.

i am petrified of clowns. hahaha this post is fun. one time i was at a haunted house and my friends told the clown workers to jump in my face. they did and i almost had a panic atttack.

grant + brittany said...

okay and your comment about your breakfast every morning ( i am not open to change this).... chloe i love you for making laugh out loud. its so fun!

Rhianne said...

Great post! I have dark hair too, my arms and eyebrows are quite scary - in fact I really need to sort my eyebrows out but I can't be bothered right now :)

How handy would it be to have a non blogging day so we could catch up.

Selma said...

Chloé!!! this is an amazing list. we have quite some things in common there lady. ;) but how home you hate onions and cucumbers...they're super delicious! ;) but then again you'd ask me the same about chocolate. that's what i can't stand. and yes, unfortunately we have dark hair and that involves all our hair. ;) your story kind of is mine, too. at least we're taking care of that one.

and well, to make this comment of mine a short...the only confession of right now like in right now this morning is i haven't shaved my legs in a month. ;) it's winter anyways! ;) LOL

have a great day girl. with or without the blogging. so sorry i posted one before i read yours request. ;) and worst of all i'm working on a second one. oops! ;)


Chelsea said...

My first concert was Billy Ray Cyrus. I had an achybreakyheart shirt too.

I'm not ashamed! Haha!!

Morgan said...

Great post! Whew - that must have taken a while but so worth it!

Melissa said...

25cent gas refills whaaaaaat! So jealous!

xoxoKrysten said...

Dude. I'm totally going to do confessions on my blog today.

Oh and *N SYNC was my first concert too. They were also my 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Yeah.

And because I have no job and sit around and day I've been commenting WAY too much on blogs lately. I would totally help you catch up if I could!

CupcakeSniper said...

This post was ABSOLUTELY amazing! i love how you write chloe!!

I love dixie chicks song, I'm not ready to make nice!

I haven't been too motivated lately either..my dryer has been my drawer! It was soo bad that I ran out of underwear and got a bathingsuit bottom instead lol.

i had embarassing stories like that with armpit hair!! and my mom wouldn't let me shave it! :(
and the mustache too....why oh God do women have to have hair anywhere else other then their head, eyebrows, and eyelashes?!!!

Those kids were just stupid though..and I'm sure they're all kicking themselves in the butt when they see you now!! Gorgeous, funny, sweet, gorgeous!!!!


Randi Lee said...

ohhhh, confessions... EEK, I have LOTS of those.

-I have the mustache issue as well. My friend told me one time, "girl, you need to come with me, I'm getting my lip waxed and you need to as well..." It was embarrassing, but I'm still grateful for her honesty to this day.

-My first concert was New Kids on the Block... and I hated it. I cried. The loud music the crowds of people. I felt like I was suffocating. I didn't go to another concert until Highschool... Tina Turner. It was a much better experience for me. It was a lot calmer, sit down... more me.

-My bestfriend and I got chased by a raccoon when we were camping at the beach one night, now I'm afraid of them.

-On another camping trip to the beach I was eaten alive by noseeums. It was then that I stopped liking camping. No comfy bed, up all night sleeping on the ground, bugs, the humidity... no thanks, I'll splurg for a hotel.

-I got a tattoo in Australia. My ex bet me that I wouldn't come home with a tattoo, I told him if I did, he had to get a tongue ring (still not sure why I chose that). I wouldn't get another, but I still love my tattoo... it reminds me of the fun times I had in AUS with my friends.

-I got very upset and possessive of myself when the said ex above got my name tattooed on his wrist. That was his surprise for me when I got home from a girls trip to Vegas. What is that?! You should ask someone's permission before you go getting their name tattooed on you, right?!

-I also got a belly button ring when I turned 18 (I'm still embarassed to admit this). I took it out about a month later. I hated it... and I still hate the scar it left. Ugh.

... and that's enough confessions out of me for one day... oh to be young and... dumb. ha.

What the Hale's?! said...

This. is. awesome. I too have a very special spot in my heart for the dixie chicks (or the chixie dicks as my husband says). That is a big thing for me to say because I am a country music hater. I have a huge problem taking my birth control pill or even remembering to order it. Seriously, I will go two weeks without ordering it... My husband does not know... yet.

KimJo said...

I heart Full House, always will.

In fourth grade, I was chosen as an 'alternate' to represent our class for the school-wide spelling bee (there were like four of us). I desperately wanted to be in it so during one of the study sessions with the others in the library, I ratted out this boy, Reagan, to our teacher saying he was goofing off instead of studying. He really was but I probably made it seem worse than it was. She kicked him out and let me take his spot. What a punk I was! I don't even think I made it past my first word given to me on the big day: Deceive. My mom was the officiator for the whole thing and after it was all done and I reminded her which word I went out on, she said, "Looks like you were DECEIVED by the word deceive". It bugged me because I wanted to win so bad (don't ask me why).

Now, EVERY time I write the word 'deceive', I have to double check spell checking... every..single..time. I'm scarred.

kayla & tyler said...

Ohh, I love posts like this! and yeah, whoever you were dating at that time was a COMPLETE jerk to you and wouldn't have deserved you anyways!! I'm glad you stood up to him and told him that you wouldn't take any of that. cause lots of girls wouldn't have done that, GO YOU! i love the story how you punched that 6th grader!

my confession -
I've always been really really skinny. it's in my genes and i'm built just like my mom. In junior high people used to tell me that i looked anorexic and that I was way too skinny. it really bothered me, because I was in NO way anorexic - I ate food all the time. but I am just built this way, and always have been. It actually made me feel really bad when people would say stuff like that to me. I would sometimes cry about it. Now when people tell me i'm skinny, I am just grateful to my mother and father for the genes they gave me. I'd rather been skinny than be 500 pounds. haha, sorry that took forever to write!
thanks for the great post!

Rasha said...

These are too dang funny... I agree.. on so many of them, and feel for you, because I too, experienced that.

I love dixie chicks, and thats my favorite, song haha.

shirah said...

hi chloe! :) i haven't read your blog in ages! (okay maybe a month or less)

i love zac efron too! he's cute. and young. BUT cute.

anyway i just wanted to let u know that...i might be visiting utah! my friends and i are planning a grad trip around the west coast of the US and we might might might just drive up! :)

and and...i'm watching the killers live in concert, in singapore...this SUNDAY! :) :)

Tuesdai Noelle said...

I love 5th..except for the bullies.
I adore pickles, onions and cucumbers.
Love NSync....once had a chance to see them in concert, but I didn't want to see them standing on top of my car...long story haha.
No mustache issues ever.
I have a fetish for food..... :)
I'm a morning person, and my breakfast consist of lightly toasted raisin bagel w/cream cheese and butter AND a small cache mocha..
I consider myself an open book! Love sharing humorous life thoughts...!
My first job was at 16 ...Kaybee Toystore. I tell you that is the BEST first job ever..... :)

Amy T Schubert said...

couple things:
I love Zac Efron. Mostly because of 'Hairspray' ... I HATED 'High School Musical' even though I really wanted to like it.

When I was in 5th grade, my teacher got so mad once she threw a chair. I don't actually remember it, but several people who were in my class do. Maybe I was sick that day?


Lissa Clair said...

i totally relate to the mustache!! i'm part mexican, and all i inherited from that part of my fam is skin that gets ridiculously dark and hair everywhere. .. so much that when i was 17, my parents shilled out the bucks and got me laser hair removal on parts of my FACE so i would stop having to waste all my money on wax and other products. The best part? I still have to tweeze. embarrassing confession? yes. so don't worry, you and your lady 'stache were not alone... i totally felt your pain (and the sting of remarks by dumb boys) growing up!

Elise Halladay said...

Oh Chloe! First of all- I don't know if you went to the same high school as me full time... but I never heard ONE word about that incident. People can be so lame. And who DOESN'T have a mustache!? Honestly tho. Luckily my hair is blonde.. but I still have a mustache and out-of-control eye brows. Thank goodness for waxing.

One of my secrets: A year or two ago, a man that I worked for one day decided to tease me about my arm hair (which is also blond by the way) by grabbing a small clump and twisting it! I was so mortified that I went home and immediately shaved them. Now I wax/nair/shave them constantly because of it. Ugh.

Also, I used to LOVE Michael Jackson and Enya. Listened to them all the time.

And one of my favorite movies was The Dark Crystal and the Labryinth.

So funny. Thanks for the laughs and honesty. You are the coolest person. Seriously.
Hope you have a good day! Love ya!

my name is lauren. said...

awww! i love you chlo!

that kid was a total d-bag. and fyi...i have dark hair too, & i'm totally in the same boat. maintenance sucks, but so rude of that kid. i want to go back in time and punch him right in the ball sac and then say:

"you know why!"

wouldn't that be awesome?

oh...and confession...i used to shave my arms. like my actual arms and not just the arm pits. along with having dark hair on my head...and other places, i have super bushy arm hair. i shaved it for years until craig finally convinced me to stop because it would get prickly in the winter. he doesn't mind it, so i try to not let it bug me.

i have a million other comments to make, but i have to go, cause my break is over :(. oh...and i'm also SUPER behind on blogs. i've only kept up on yours and kassi's pretty much lately. i suck. oh well...we can suck at it together :).

love you chlo! i'm totally coming back to comment more later!

missy. said...

gah lady i miss your blog! i loved reading this.

way to tell that guy to screw off.

and your first kiss? loved it.

CupcakeSniper said...

Chloe, thank you for your comment on my post! You are the sweetest! I'm sorry you had to go through it too :(

I tried emailing but I have a mac and the mac mail isn't connected so it doesn't let me get your actual email to email you from my gmail...did that make sense? lol

Thank you for your kindness & love!

ps. I can't get enough of your blog! You constantly bring a smile to my face! Thank you for that! You're like a ray of sunshine that lights up my day :)

J*me said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post.....The dixie chicks is my band I hate to admit I listen to as well how funny is that:) My husband was just laughing at me as I was putting some of their songs on my ipod just last week....but he was singing alont too:)
I loved all your honesty I couldt stop reading lol even as my kids were running around and screaming behind me!!

I am Stacey... said...

First concert I ever went to was the Backstreet Boys in junior high. (Or maybe it was high school, although I like to think that I was too mature in high school to like them. Fat chance of that.) I was pretty much obsessed with them. My friends and I even practiced the dance routines from their music videos!

Katie said...

Ok I'm about to be very honest with you even though we just met, but your post made me feel a little weepy so I have to share:

I have the mustache issue too. It was/is (?) the one thing someone could point out about me that would make me cry and really really hit me hard. Other self-image issues I'm ok about but my darn dark facial hair I am not. Kids would point it out in their innocent unknowing way and I would cry (this is when I was in HS). I finally got laser hair removal for it my Freshmen year of college. Only, it came back. (Although my 1,000 some $ didn't. Rip off!)

I'm still dealing with it. :(

I'm glad I'm not alone.

samnhal said...

Are you ready for the long comment? Well, you better get ready because I can feel it coming on. My long comment will be my post for the day to let your catch up. Alright, that was a lie. I posted last night so I wasn't planning on posting today anyway.

Here are some awesome confessions.
-My best friend when I was little asked me to keep a secret when we were like 6, and I still haven't ever told anyone. I don't even think I have told Hal that i have that secret inside me.
-I was maybe a little bit obsessed with Nysnc...and maybe sometimes still listen to their music. My sisters and I may have made up a dance to Bye Bye Bye and performed it on the front lawn.
-I am also lazy by nature. I pretty much hate doing anything when I get home from work. I said I was lazy to Hal the other day and he seemed surprised and asked if I really thought that. Well Hal, apparently you don't know me at all. Why do you think I always ask you to get things for me? hint: it's because I'm lazy.
-my first memory is standing up in my crib and seeing one of my siblings sucking their thumb. I plopped my thumb in my mouth to be just like them. I sucked my thumb for a lwhile. My mom bought me an ariel and eric doll that I couldn't have until I stopped, so I did.

That's awesome that you're off the anxiety medicine! I have anxiety too, a lot of it comes from OCD, but I get anxiety about random things. I haven't been on medicine for it, but it seems like that wouldn't solve the problem anyway. You have to face it in order to get over it, so good for you!
I am jealous that you went Skydiving in Australia. I want to go skydiving so bad.
People are so stupid. I don't understand how kids just tease each other mercilessly. Looking back on it and hearing other people's stories makes me realize that I am so lucky I wasn't teased. Also, Boys are dumb! Dumb!
P.S. my sister had a mustache too. She had it lasered off. Her sister in law works for a laser hair removal place so she got it for super cheap. She used to wax it all the time. One time when she was still engaged she hadn't waxed it and her fiancee was up close to her face and was rubbing her cheek and rubbed her mustache he asked "what is that?" Pretty much she was horrified.
Also, you should watch the latest episode of 30 Rock. Liz has a 20 year old secret.

End of super long comment.

♥ Katinka said...

Awesome post Chloe :)

my name is lauren. said...

ok...back for more. other confession.... my first concert was probably something embarassing and country. i think maybe reba macintire or george strait. either way...both embarassing.

and i love that sean is a closet dixie chicks fan. that pretty much makes my life. i think you should post a video of you guys busting out your mad singing skills :). and tell sean to put the cowboy hat on again. it'd be perfect!

my first kiss was in 8th grade. i kept trying to avoid it, but finally our friends trapped us in a corner and made us kiss outside the gym. lame. i remember the first time i ever "french kissed" thinking that it was pretty awful and i couldn't understand why everyone was so into it. but then after kissing craig i realized that the other boyfriend was just a really REALLY horrible kisser. lucky for me.

oh...and another confession.... i totally love full house too. although i haven't seen it on tv in quite awhile. i wonder what station it's on?

i love that we both share the hairy arms thing. it sucks. i put sun-in on it in the summer, and it makes it better. i'm jealous that yours doesn't come back prickly!

anyway, now my lunch break is over too! i hate breaks. they're too short.

oh...and let me know if you make that pasta. i seriously love it! i'm glad i've made you want to be a little healthier. you look awesome, but it's still good to be healthy. craig eats a lot of crap,so i always tell him that even though he's skinny, he's like a fat person living in a skinny person's body :). he's working on being healthier too though, so that's good.

ok...really have to go now!


Nahl said...

Hahah i loved reading all these pointers about you! The one about the moustache totally cracked me up.
I made up a guy once to make my boy jealous. Seriously. I'm soo ashamed of that! I can't let him find out.

Krissa said...

Um....I LOVE your list...love it!!!

NSYNC was my first concert too...and I am not ashamed to admit it...LOVED them...you should of seen my room...Justin posters all over the place. At least I chose the right guy to love in that boy band huh?

and I am blessed with dark hair...isnt it lovely...people are so lame for pointing it out. I seriously do NOT get why people do that...really lame...and that guy a douche bag!!!

oh and i miss the dixie chicks...i used to love them...they are a good sing along group!

hmm...a confession...i sleep with my makeup on sometimes...yeah...thats horrible i know...i am trying to be better about...but at least its bare minerals right..good enough to sleep in..so it says on the box..

haha..okay...love your post!!!

Jenni said...

oh my goodness I love you! haha you are so sweet, and I loved everything you wrote. :) Excellent post Mrs. Chloe!

Michele said...

That is funny you and Sean bonded over Dixie Chicks this weekend. Here is a nerdy confession for you... Troy and I had a similar bonding expierence with the Neal Diamond Barbara Streisand duet "You don't bring me flowers." Yikes I know sooooo scary!!!!

sarah said...

that was such a sweet and heartfelt post!! i really loved reading your secrets, and since we're all sharing here, i'll give one, too. you are not the only one who had some "maintenance issues" in 5th grade. i had a crazy unibrow that i was pretty unaware of until some mean kids decided to fill me in, in the not-so-nice way. it stung really bad. so i can sorta feel ya on that.

btw, i love your blog and am following now! have a great day :)

Tara Long said...

You are so funny. I love your blog!
I think it is safe to say we are all (women, i mean) very similar and hide the same kind of "flaws."
I also have "man hair" as I call it. All. Over. On my chin, cheeks, upper lip. Arms. On my belly. I hate it so much. And the belly hair gets darker and longer when I am pregnant. It is hot! I try to pluck it but then all the other hair around seems so noticeable and then it just looks more retarded. There is just no winning.
Oh this brings me to a great story.
I think I am going to have to do a confessions blog now.

Rachel Leigh said...

We are the same:
N'sync was my first concert too, and I still listen to them occasionally...
I got a job at a telemarketing survey place too and only worked there 2 days! That was hilarious that you did that too.

and I have a mustache and I am not good at taking care of it. I had that burden too. glad you were brave and said that to that kid!

Amy said...

I can relate! And that may be because I was present for some of those "experiences". : ) Confession- that NSYNC concert was not my first concert but one of the funnest!! (I know that's not a word but oh well)I think people thought we were high. Eh.

And you could also add your first REAL kiss to the list. The one where I dragged you, literally into the room. He he. Sorry about that!

Allie Garcia said...

i seriously love how all of these beautiful girls came out of the woodwork to confess about their awkward facial hair. im in. tweezers are my best friend. i love your honesty, girl. way to put it all out there. what a wonderful world it would be if everyone would just be real.

Michael & Mindy said...

I don't even know where to start with my comments. I have so much to say. I'll say what I remember now, and then I'll come back later. Probably like 980 times.

I didn't even look at the numbers on my keyboard, I just pushed random ones and came up with 980.

I wish I needed time to catch up on blogs. I have like 2 updates a day and I read them and then I search around to find other interesting blogs. You are a popular blogger so you have more blogs to follow. I need some of your faves. Like, there are some I read but don't necessarily LOVE, ya know? And these are people I don't know. I like the ones of people I do know. But if I don't know them, their blog better be dang entertaining to keep me coming back. Take your blog, for example. Srsly. That is whe we are real friends and not just blog friends now, because yours rocked so I kept coming back.

I'm watching American Idol so I kind of can't focus on this comment..

I loved the first kiss story. Mine was so not that cool.

I can't believe Maddie doesn't like sweets. Who is she??

The plastic container with Cap'n Crunch? Do you add milk or just eat it dry or what? Because doesn't it cut up your mouth. It is one of my fave cereals, but I have to have the milk. If I haven't eaten it for a long time it cuts my mouth up. But I've eaten like 3 boxes in a row lately, so my mouth is getting tougher. I don't mean 3 boxes at once, but I mean one box after another--one giant bowl every day.

I wish I knew what else I wanted to say, but American Idol is distracting me and I'm having contractions and feeling way full because I ate too much chili and those 3 things are making me not focus. So I'll come back later..

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I too feel VERY VERY far behind in reading blogs. My reader is screaming at me!

I also have to admit...I went to an NSYNC concert too and loved every minute of it.

The Huffakers said...

Pretty sure we were related in another life (like sisters or something). NSYNC was my first concert too!!! I think you are amazing for putting this all out there. Btw, meds are overrated (unless its good Michael Jackson stuff hahaha) been there too!! Sorry about your sister. I know you were 2 but that never goes away... been there too. You're awesome chica... I don't care what anyone says. :)

olivia rae said...

awww chloe!! that guy sounds so dumb. i can't believe how heartless high school boys can be. i feel bad for my 16 year old sister. i hate that that kind of stuff has so much power that we STILL remember those things! you're so open, love reading all your confessions! oh and i HATE pickles, onions, and olives too. and ketchup and mustard. basically all condiments...

crissy said...

I have a Cindy Crawford mole (mines not as big as hers, though) and I grow some darks hairs around it. I don't know if anyone has ever noticed, no one has ever mentioned it, but I am very aware of it. Because there are only a few I usually pluck them, but sometimes shave them, because that doesn't hurt. I hope shaving them doesn't cause more to grow :s
I have another mole on my left arm, close to my shoulder. One great big, long, dark hair grows from it. It's weird.

My legs (hip to ankle) are covered with weird red bumps, have been for as long as I can remember. One of my aunts and some of my cousins used to tease me about them all the time. I am very insecure about them.

I really hate being naked.. it's part extreme insecurity and dislike of my figure, its part that I find the act of undressing (and then re-dressing) to be very tedious. (That's probably the fault of the fact that I wear a lot of clothing. I'm the queen of layers.)

When I was younger (10-12ish) I used to hang out and play with my younger sister and her best friend (they're 5 years younger than me) because I didn't have anyone to play with.
We would watch the Spice Girls movie and then dress up and pretend we were them.
One day we took our skimpily clothed spice girl selves outside to play. The friend lived right of the corner of a not busy street, and we ended up playing there. I was standing around, pretending to talk on a cell phone, while my sis and her friend were a few feet behind me. Then this red Jeep full of guys passes by, and one of them thinks it's funny to call out to me "Hey! How much? How much?"
Even at my young age I knew what he was refering to, and freaked out. I went and told my sis and her friend that we had to go inside right then, with no explanation. I was so embarrassed and shaken up. I refused to play spice girls ever again.
That experience is the only thing I can think of to explain a discomfort around pretty much any male I've ever known. (Except my dad, brother, and other family.)
Sometimes, when we would drive around Cori would shout obscene things to girls he saw walking outside. He only did it like twice, because I gave him hell for it, told him my story, and he hasn't done it since (at least not around me, and I really hope not at all.)

JoJo and Ralph said...

I am really old and so here I go dating myself... my first concert was Depeche Mode in 1986. Does anyone even know who they are? But I will admit that on my Pandora Stream List righ now... I have The Mamas and the Papas. That is embarrassing. And I know EVERY word to EVERY song on ALL THREE High School Musical soundtracks and I sing them very loudly in my car when I am by myself. PS when I was in Cali last Summer, I was walking on a trail in Newport Beach and Zac Efron ran past me and I squealed like a school girl and told him I loved him. SHHHH don't tell my husband, he will make fun of me until the day I die.

derek and kimber said...

Where are these 25 cent refills? I must know!!
I love your blog. I hope you know it makes me happy! I often get caught laughing out loud.. than people look at me like i'm crazy. Eh, Who cares. haha.

Selma said...

Woohoo...there's something waiting for you on my blog. :D Have a terrific day! :D I'm so going to bed right now. Can't think straight, can't do anything but to think of my very warm and comfy bed! :) Night!

Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

I HATE waking up early too! I will never want to wake up early as long as I live I dont think. The only time I did wake up early was on Christmas morning when I was VERY young, but as I got older I realized there was no point in rushing to get up wand waking my parents because I knew the gifts were not going anywhere, ha ha!

Oh and I am a contact wearer too! It sux! I have days where they just don't want to go in right - SO annoying! Oh and I like the Dixie Chicks myself, really loved them when I was in HS!!

Andy Tan said...

I love reading your posts. Glad to have stumbled upon your blog. will definitely stay tuned!


Amanda said...

My first concert was NSYNC too :)

I dont' have many deep, dark secrets, although one thing that nobody knows about me or can even recognize is that I have really really terrible social anxiety. Going out to a restaurant, bar or party where there are lots of people (especially people I don't know, although I get anxious with people I do know, too) makes me so uncomfortable that I normally just decline. I'd rather go home and sit by myself than go to a party even with my husband! I hate situations where you have to make small talk. I take a very low dose of anti-anxiety meds. It helps a lot and doesn't make me feel numb or "out of it". It really makes me feel normally -- except when it comes to social situations.

Murdock's mama said...

I just found your blog...love it! totally a follower now! :)