Friday, January 22, 2010

fill in the blank friday.

First off. Isn't this puppy so cute! I am so happy it is friday.
I have no energy at all. It doesn't matter how much sleep
i get. It doesn't seem to make a difference.  I am hoping i
will somehow find some energy to make it through the rest
of the day. i wanted to also thank everyone for their
secrets! i think it is good for us to get those feelings out, and
to also help others to know that we are not always alone.
now on to other things..

Fill In The Blank Friday!

I stole this idea from one of my greatest friends Lauren!

1. Today I am feeling: sluggish, exhausted, and so happy it is friday!

2. If I were you I'd: go home and curl up on the couch, order some pizza, and watch movies all day. actually, that is what i would do if i were me and could do that right now. :)

3. Love is: unpredictable, uncontrollable, amazing, hard, easy, complicated, uncomplicated, heartbreaking, life-changing, babies. love is everything. it is definable, and undefinable, all at the same time.

it is also, sean getting my container of cap'n cruch ready for me when i am running late. it is sean, scraping the ice off of my car early in the morning before he leaves for work. it is sean saying the prayer for me at church because he knows i get scared to. it is also him pretending to be excited about clothes and puppies with me. it is sean patting me on the back at night to help me burp when i don't feel well. yes, he burps me. guess that is another one of my confessions. oh well, everytime he does it, we say to each other "now, this is love." oh, and if anything, it proves he will be a great dad, right?

4. I always: have to double check any plugs before i leave the house. and pee. i have to pee all time time, a million times a day so i always leave before i leave too!

5. I feel prettiest when: i am wearing a new, clean outfit. with a meaningful piece of jewelry and usually when my hair is down. i also feel pretty pretty in sweats too. actually i am just saying that so everyone else will feel the same and we can all just feel pretty in sweats togther?

6. If I had a million dollars: i would payoff seans truck and school, put a down payment on house, save a little, go on a nice vacation, buy a puppy, give some to my family and friends, and donate as much as possible.

7. I am looking forward to: having a happy, low-key weekend.


olivia rae said...

hahaha. i think i just laughed for like 30 minutes visualizing sean burping you. you guys are sooo sweet! hope you have a great weekend chloe!! xoxo

The Boob Nazi said...

I want a puppy. People need to stop posting pictures of puppies because I WANT ONE SO BADLY.

Morgan said...

that puppy is the cutest EVER. I could stare at that picture all day!

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Today I am feeling: Jumpy and giggly
If I were you I'd: Possibly be.............idk
Love is: Sincere, funny, unconditional, perfectly mixmatch.....
I always: have to laugh!
I feel prettiest when: Dressed up and comfy.
If I had a million dollars: I would give to family and friends....and keep very little for myself. I enjoy seeing others happy.

Happy weekend Chloe! :)

Patience said...

I love the puppy, makes me want to get another one.

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

I'm glad to hear you're a plug checker, too! I check for so long I end up being late almost all the time!

my name is lauren. said...

Yay! Glad you did this :). I think I may do this again next Friday. It's fun to see what everone else writes in the blanks.

Sorry you're feeling meh. I always wish we lived closer so we could be couch potatoes together. I love that you love being home, watching tv chillin on the couch as much as I do. I get toally judged here on Portland for it sometimes by all the people with the "kill your tv" bumper stickers. Oh yeah...the tv hater here are intense. I figure I'm just getting it all in before we have kids and I can no longer watch keeping up with the kardadhians for fear of polluting their impressionable little minds with such trashy tv. Instead we'll be watching blues clues or something equally annoying or probably better just not watching tv at all.

I also love that Sean burps you. That is serious true love. My stomach was a wreck last night bur sadly my issue was not needing to burp and therfore Craig couldn't help me :(.

I want you to get a pup so bad! Oh...and speaking of which...I think we may end up bringing marley on our adventure cause Craig figured out how to get dogs into Mexico. It would make me feel safer cause she's pretty scary looking (even though she's far from scary). Anyway hopefully you guys won't kind if she visits too. She's real good but can also hang out in the car too. She's almost as easy as having a cat :).

Ok anyway this comment us getting super long so I'm going to cut it short. Oh and I'm still planning to email you soon! Love you chlo! Hope your day is getting less blah!

Selma said...

I absolutely adore that Sean burps you. I had to laugh so hard. That's love! yay! And yes, he'll be a fantastic dad, and you'll be an amazing mother. :) Welcome to the double check world. I do that, too. Including the pee-moments. I could go like every 20 minutes, even if I don't I feel I need to. Weird. :( haha.
I think today is a day we all feel just sluggish and just meh... but the puppy you put up is so super cute I want to grab it right out of this internet and have it sit next to me and look at me with its cut little blue (!!!!) eyes! :D Of course, including the glasses. how sweet is that?!!!

And yes, let's all feel pretty pretty in sweats!!! :D Woohoo!! ;) hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Happy Friday girl.


Mary said...

i love feeling pretty in sweats.
i also have no energy at the moment. in fact, i have so little energy that i am pretty much just staring at my roommate as she tells me about her entire life. i have no energy to respond. oh well.
and i loved your stories about what love is :]

Michelle said...

yessss I love that Sean burps you... because if that ain't true love, then I don't know what is.

And your suggestion of ordering pizza and watching movies all day sounds deeeelightful! But add some hot cocoa and a fire to that and I'm totally there.

I need someone to do that with me!

Caroline said...

Oh my that puppy is adorable and those glasses look like the glasses I wore when I was 5... yes I know I had great style. I have been wanting a puppy for so long but with school, work etc the hubby says I have no time for a darling fury bundle of love a PUPPY... and he is probably right but I won't admit that to him. Chloe... I too, have to check my appliances when I leave the house, the oven, the lights, etc.. yes I am constantly checking. Goodness, I love the way your write... I laugh every time I read a post of yours!! Love love your blog!! xo

Michael & Mindy said...

I didn't even know I was supposed to leave a secret in that last comment. Hmm. I'm wondering if I have one? Yes. Here is one. But it's not really a secret. But I'm telling you anyway..I've always been a total chub and when I was in 5th grade I always got picked last for basketball at recess. And I didn't even like basketball! I totally hated it. But my friends all played so I did too. One day I was like "How can I get better at basketball?" to one guy friend and another guy friend said, "Practice a lot, focus, and skim off a few pounds." The first guy friend (the one I asked) was like, "No she doesn't!" Just because he is a way nice guy. But yeah. I felt like such a fatso and wanted to die. I told my sister who was friends with his sister and she told his sister and she yelled at him, but he still said rude fat things to me. What a jerk.

I hope you have a fun weekend! I miss you. Even though we don't hang out or anything? I know. I'm bizarre. Anyway..

I am Stacey... said...

Love it that Sean burps you! Josh doesn't burp me, but he definitely encourages me to burp. I'm very proud of the fact that I can burp louder than he can. I think he's actually kind of proud of it, too.

I was feeling uninspired on what to write on my blog today, but now that I see you used Lauren's idea, I'm going to do it too!

xoxoKrysten said...

That puppy is SO DARN CUTE! I adore my little Monte with his sweet little curls and fluffy tail but that cute little ball of wrinkles is DARLING!

Randi Lee said...

awww, what a cute pup!!! Have a great weekend Chloe!

handmade charlotte said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh I want that puppy and the cute glasses! i can not give anyone advice! but i love your site!

mart and lu said...

you have such a great sense of humor...lifts my spirits. you should certainly get a cute pup like that. how cute would that be.

Maddie said...

that pup just kills me! you guys relaxing so far?

FJ said...

that puppy is sooooooo cute! Happy weekend to ya! :)

Diana said...

oh yes to #3!!!

have an awesome weekend chloe and sean!!

cerealjoe said...

Such a cute puppy! Cute pictures on week-ends are the best.

Nahl said...

I hate countries which are one day behind us-cuz whereas my Friday has already ended, other's is just starting and that's unfair! :(
I did the fill in the blanks at Lauren's blog's a nice way of knowing tidbits about each other.
Anyway, it's been long since I've commented here..and I'm really sorry, just been too caught up. Just thought I'll drop in a hello and tell you I miss reading your posts! Hope everything is going well with you sweets.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Hope you had a great Friday!!!

J*me said...

I love the picture of the dog....I had to tell you what my daughter said when she saw it(shes two) she smiled the cutest little smile and said"mommy I want to hold it" I said sorry hunny its just a picture then I started to scroll down and she flipped she wants me just to leave the picture on the computer:) kids lol!!

Sam said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comment yesterday (and today of course!) I'm glad you still like me :) Don't feel like you need to comment to make sure I still know you like me, I'll remember! lol

I hope you're feeling better about your blog woes!