Saturday, December 19, 2009

"you'll shoot your eye out!"

yesterday right after work, instead of going home, we decided to go to the mall and get one of the names off of the christmas giving tree at the mall. unfortunately/fortunately there were not any left. it made me feel good to see that all of these kids got taken care of and would have a good christmas. well the guy working at the gift drop off desk said that there was one child who got some of the things that he needed, but didn't get anything on his wishlist. he said that if we wanted we could get him an mp3 player and some music to put on it, he would just throw it in the bag with the other stuff. so off we went to find an mp3 player for a child named jessi.

well after we gave the gift, sean said, "i hope she has a good christmas. i wish we knew more about her." i was under the impression the whole time that this was a boy. i said, "well, the paper said he was 16, and i am pretty sure it was a boy." he said that jessi was a girl name. i told him that they guy kept referring to him as a he? so i dunno. we fought over it for a while on if it was a boy or a girl and then we remembered that it didn't really matter and hopefully they would enjoy their gift anyway. i still think it's a boy but sean thinks it is a girl so i don't know.

anyway, sean has really been into guns lately. he has never had one, and never been hunting, but he really wanted a gun. so yesterday he got one. i caved. "but chloe, it is on sale and it's last years model and it will save us money in the long run and we will always have food to eat because i can provide."

 i wish i wouldn't have already done his christmas shopping though. see what happens when i am productive and get stuff done early? crap like this. we could have saved so much money had i just waited til the last minute and paid for the gun or something like that.

also, a lot of his gifts i want to give him now. i am way too impatient to get christmas shopping done early. this is why i wait until christmas eve. i am not tempted to give out gifts early. i decided i am never getting my shopping done early again. its a waste of money and time. ;)

anyway, sean got his gun and he passed his background check and i was really grateful for that because i probably should have done that before we got married but i have a feeling that my dad might have so we are good i think.

well sean was more excited about this gun than the cupcake car. he got a case for it, and some bullets and wanted to go show his mom and dad right away. so we went over there and waited for his parents to get home. the first thing his mom said when she saw it was, "GET THAT THING OUT OF MY HOUSE." sean assured me that she would say "You'll shoot your eye out!" but she didn't. anyway, i have to say i was really impressed because sean has clearly done his research on this purchase. he was asking the gun expert all these questions about scopes and other words that are too big for me to even say. i said, "wait, how do you know what the heck that is? how do you even know to ask that?"

he said, "i have been doing my research chloe."

man. makes me feel a little impulsive. i'm like "OOOoooo it's shiny and awesome? SOLD."

but then we realized that i spend money on cheap things that don't last very long and sean spends his money on more expensive things. that he takes really good care of and lasts forever. he was like, "chloe, you have your car paid off. doesn't it make you want to take better care of it?"

"ummm... no. it's paid off. so it doesn't really matter how i take care of it."

i guess we just think differently about things.

anyway, while we were at his parents, sean kept saying things like, "chloe. listen, this is amazing. it is like an investment. when the world is ending and everyone is scrambling for food, we will be eating steaks."

"but sean, you only have 20 bullets."

"chloe, that will feed us a lot of steak. dear steak."

"wow, you are pretty confident about those 20 bullets. you might only hit like 5 out of 20 targets with that?"

"then i will just shoot people for more bullets."

i said, "sean, if the world is ending and we have to 'go find our own food and prepare it' then i would rather you just use your gun to shoot me because i don't really want to live in a world like that."

he then pointed his gun at me and pretended to shoot me. i'm sure that is how he feels all of the time though so it's nothing new. maybe i should be worried now that he actually has a gun?

anyway, right now he is off shooting his gun. before he left, he woke me up by turning on some music and dancing in the hallway in his lounge pants that he is obsessed with and his cowboy hat on. i had to video tape it. if he is going to wake me up at noon on a saturday morning then he better be prepared for some consequences. he told me i couldn't put it on the blog, but i told him that he just got a really nice gun, so it is only fair. i think i am going to use the whole "i let you get a gun" thing for a long time. milk it for all it's worth right?

here it is. well, it is sideways. i apologize. i was laying in bed when i recorded it and i have tried to flip it on line but it won't let me and says i have to download all of this stuff and i don't want to..

Sean the Rocker

oh and sean? i guess if you want to kill me for posting this, you now have a way to do so.
i hope you and your gun have a great life together.


olivia rae said...

haha aww that video is cute. your laugh is adorable!! you guys are so funny.

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

You two are so funny. I laughed so much reading this!

"oh and sean? i guess if you want to kill me for posting this, you now have a way to do so.
i hope you and your gun have a great life together."

The video was worth it!

Allison said...

I love the video so much, OH MY GOODNESS. HAha, I love that now, whenever Sean refuses to do something, you can just say "Hey. I got you a gun" and he'll have to do it. :D

Michael & Mindy said...

Hilarious. I love how he you were all keep going and he was all I can't and then he went and got the guitar and did it anyway. He is so funny. And I don't even know him? Which...we should probably fix. But seriously, you guys are the funniest couple I know. Not kidding. My favorite part is when Sean says "do you know how hard it is to hold it and play at the same time?" and he's 100% serious. I don't know why it was funny, but it totally was. And I love that you keep your camera right by your bed. Or maybe I don't love that? Maybe I should be grossed out? Ha. I think I might have gone a little too far with that one...

crissy said...

Milk the gun thing for all you can. Ugh..I am married to a gun fanatic. Let's see, he's got...4..I think. Oh, did I tell you, he keeps one of them loaded. Awesome, right? (No.)

Thanks for the laugh. This was way better than plucking my eyebrows and getting ready for a Christmas party. :)

The Boob Nazi said...

A gun? Scary!

kelly ann said...

that is just... epic.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Glad he was able to get something he had been wanting for a long time!

Rasha (andthisiswhatshesaid) said...

hahaha thats funny.

Allie Garcia said...

i just made omar watch this because im pretty sure that they are soulmates. i kept going, "what do you think hes going to do next???" and he knew!!!! what a freak mind connection.

my name is lauren. said...

here come another list!

so...that's so funny that sean just got a gun, cause craig was just talking about how he wants one today. he wanted to go to the pawn shop, but i kind of just changed the subject. he's wanted one for the last year at least, but i keep trying to put it off. i'm not a huge gun fan and i'm trying to convince him that our guard dog marley is way better than a gun anyway. good logic, right? anyway...i read craig this post and he was laughing at sean's logic. he agrees and thinks deer steak sounds awesome...even though he's never hunted either.

also.... are the exact same about our spending habits. craig buys big laptops and cars and motorcycles. i buy a bunch of little crap that i lose or forget about or that goes out of style. new shirts, lip gloss and shoes are my weaknesses. also...just random crap that sucks you in at the grocery store. craig is so frugal about all the little things. i'm sure i spend just as much money as he does over time though, even though it doesn't seem like it.

also....that video of sean is hillarious! it was weird putting voices to your faces though...they didn't sound weird or anything...i just never really thought about what you sounded like before...if that makes any sense. anyway...i hope he doesn't kill you for posting this, because i would miss you and your blog. sean...don't do it!

love you chlo!

Ams said...

Chloe you have me crying over here... you know you're hormonal when!!

The couple who laughs together is happy forever and ever :) Always laugh... (and seriously, with dance moves like that - you'll be laughing ;) )

You two are awesome!

♥ Katinka said...


Tolman Family said...

Skyler is getting a gun for his birthday... I didn't want him too but he talks about how much he wants one and how great it would be if he had one sooo much that I got sick of it and have given in.

The Huffakers said...

I love this story! I pretty much had a similar thing happen with my hubby. He got his gun in August though. He couldn't wait until Christmas... bum. I never have good presents for him cuz he buys them all himself and he's hard to shop for. So, I don't haha!!

CupcakeSniper said...

Alex got a handgun like 2 months after we got married..he said it was to "protect" us and then...he's been wanting a rifle so he went with his dad to go buy one but his dad got it for him for christmas. So now..we've got the handgun and the rifle and now he says he needs to get me a little one for my little hands men and their toys!

That is the funniest video! I'm sure it was well worth being woken up for that ;) love your laugh! you are adorable! <3

my name is lauren. said...

i thought you'd like my little reference to your post :). i seriously kept thinking about you... "in my own little corner in my own little chair, i can be whatever i want to be!". take that sean! of these days we're going to meet and i pretty much have our hang out time planned out.... will ferrell movie marathon + chai tea. craig will have to get a gun and then he and sean can go shoot things while we're hanging out and doing much cooler stuff. it's going to be awesome. get excited :).

Selma said...

Gun aren't really my thing but hey, that's ok. As long as others have responsible fun with them I'm good. :D Loved the video... Great post!
And girl, I left ya something on my blog.
Happy Monday!!!!

I am Stacey... said...

That video was amazing! I loved his dancing in the hallway.

Josh really wants a gun. Guns freak me out, though, so I told him that if he wants to get one, he has to get a safe to put it in. And he'll never find the motivation to save up money for a gun AND a safe, so I don't think he'll be getting one. Thank goodness.

Caroline said...

I love the fact that you also think like me... buying gifts early wastes MONEY :)!!! Loved the video and this post.. I literally LAUGH myself silly reading your posts... LOVE THEM!! Thanks for making my day!! Hope you have a wonderful week!!! xo
Oh and I saved you a cookie from my blog!!!

my name is lauren. said...


i totally am hoping you get a dog for christmas too! they are the greatest and you guys would have so much fun with one!

and i also love the nickname gus you came up with. i think that might be just the nickname that might sell craig on naming the dog augustus :). love it!

hope you have a beautiful, wonderful day!

Jenni said...

hahaha oh my goodness I am the same way! I get distracted by shiny objects and feel I need them! Pretty stacks of folded sweaters? One in every color, please! And a car that is paid off?! Time for a new car! Right?

samnhal said...

Oh man I can relate. I went through this exact thing just over a year ago when my husband bought his 9mm, even though he already had a shot gun and now he wants a pretty sure it never ends as he might even have a rifle at his parents house.
I hope he didn't really point it at you and fake shoot you, my husband would have died. "You never even accidentally point a gun in someone's direction, even when it's not loaded." I only let him get them because he's super safe with them. Have fun shooting it, assuming you can shoot it.

What kind of gun did he buy?
P.S. Milk it for a really long time!

samnhal said...

P.S. who needs to take care of your paid off car when you're getting a cupcake car?

We ♥ Life said...

Oh my gosh this is so funny!! Preston ALWAYS does that dance where he puts his hands on his hips and kicks his legs one at a time up toward his butt, you know which one I'm talking about right?? I've got to show Preston this video. Cause I make fun of him every time he does that dance. He's reminding me a lot of Preston in this video cause he plays the guitar like that too ha.
I love this. You guys are so cute. And I'm glad Sean loves his gun :)

missy. said...

hilarious.. "i have 20 bullets!" he sounds so confident. men ha.

i tagged you love!

xoxo said...

aw that wasn't so bad, I've seen worse dancing i.e myself trying to moonwalk. I don't think you have to fear for your life :D

Michael & Mindy said...

I have some toffee for you...