Wednesday, November 11, 2009

in our purse.

so after my venting/serious post, i needed to do something different. to get my mind off of it. so here it is.

so i have seen  this done on some other blogs. they take a picture of what is in their purse, and blog about it. it seems like everyone is so organized and has all of this useful stuff in their purses. nothing completely unuseful or random. sean and i's purse? AWESOME. and completely useless.

sometimes i leave my zippers on my purse open, and sean has to remind me to close them.  i can't figure out why. our purse is like my life. i say our, because sean always has me carry his stuff, and that is also how i justified the purchase. plus i just really wanted the purse. anyway, since i pretty much share everything on this blog, i will give you some info about what is in our purse.

of course i have the basics:
-winnie the pooh checkbook (classic pooh)

then i have the ESSENTIALS.
-touch up paint for my lame-a car. it's sparkly gold. i tried to paint my fingernails with it. advice? probably don't do that. old butterfinger.
-my nintendo ds with nintendogs game on it. (jk i took that out, but i hope my labs mo and scout are okay.)
-a bag of starburst full of all the colors that i don't like. there are about 40 and they spilled all over. meh.
-an empty bottle of cortizone 10. (if you cut the bottle in half you can get more use out of it)
-glasses that aren't strong enough anymore.
-sunscreen for my face. for the winter.
-a sample of valtrex that expired 3 years ago. (hey ya never know when those coldsores could come up.)
-3 different kinds of gum that i don't like. (because gross gum is better than no gum)
-an elephant necklace.
-oh wait. make that 2 elephant necklaces.
-a broken bracelet.
-32 tickets for New Moon the day before it comes out! haha it's for work..
-a bunch of completely used gift cards.
-a fake wedding ring.( in case i lose my other one. )
-18 pairs of earrings because i always take them out at work.
-a quiz from my work party.
-a bag of ibuprofen. yes a bag. it's in one of those jewelry bags. so cute! and doesn't make noise like a    bottle.
-a milky way wrapper.
-a frootie wrapper.
-a pair of socks.
-my car registration info.
-theatrical makeup & sprirt gum remover. i don't even know what that is.
-a magnet from my office magnets (courtesy of lee) not sure how it got in there.
-gas X strips. hey, sean and i have issues. mine is burping. seans?
-sometimes my cinemark cup, because it actually fits in there.
-a can of spaghettios.
-and the fake mustache that sean wore on halloween.

yeah, i think that is about it. man, you would think our purse was the size of  a sleeping bag?
the sad thing about this? i only bought the purse like 2 months ago. WTF?

what is in your purse?


Sam said...

omg.. how the hell does all that fit in there?? in my bag is my laptop, my camera, 2 black pens, a mechanical pencil, headphones, laptop charger, cell phone, and tampons. what is not in my purse?? my wallet. yeah i left it at home today :-(

Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

Nice! haha you sound like me. My purses are always HUGE and filled with WAY too much.....

I have all the stuff I need need, and then I have random crap, I just looked at:

more pens than anyone could write with
nail polish
note book glue stick
pokemon glue stick

there were other things, but I wont mention it in case, the CSI decides to read your blog.

Have a good day, chloe bug (ya, i nicknamed you, so what?) hope you feel better. :D

*Lesli* said...

I'm doing this because I need a break from work. I just found your blog yesterday :)

In my big orange purse I have:
billfold/checkbook holder
glasses case with spectacles
hand sanitizer
electric bills statement
2 chapsticks
2 lipgloss
wintogreen mints
a notebook
3 pens
about 10 dollars in quarters
and 2 matchbox cars

Allison said...

That is great! :D HAha. I especially love the spirit gum remover- I know from experience that you NEED it to take spirit gum off of eyebrows.. just sayin'!

Cute CUTE blog!

We ♥ Life said...

hahaha my purse has looked similar to this many times, and then I clean it out and think "what the heck? Where did this all come from??"
Okay, so I just read your posts below and read the comments from Lisa. I don't know why people think they have the right to say rude things and make others feel bad, I'm sure she is just unhappy or or jealous that so many people like your blog. All the sweet, good comments you get definitely outweigh that one mean one though. Everyone loves you blog Chloe! including myself! Something similar to this happened to one of my good friends. Some lame guy actually put a link on his blog to my friends blog and said "check out this blog.." and went on making fun of her blog and saying rude stuff. It was so mean and made her feel bad and nervous of who was reading her blog. She almost went private over it, but then decided she was going to go private over one dumb guy who doesn't even know her. Your blog is YOUR BLOG and you can write about whatver. you. want! Anyway, I'm sorry. But don't feel bad over her, think of all the other people that seriously just love you :) Hope you are having a better day!

samnhal said...

Haha, I get Sean's problem. I have lactaid in my purse for my husband too! Goodness, I didn't check your blog for less than a day and there was craziness! You're blog is amazing and some people just suck. Hopefully all your fellow bloggers rallying around you can make up for her negative, judgmental comment. I love your blog, please keep blogging...and I may steal this post idea.

olivia rae said...

what i'm wondering is... what kind of work do you do to get to carry around 32 tickets to new moon for an early showing? are you guys hiring?

Shannon Murphy said...

ohhh this sounds so similar to my purse!! I love it! glad to know I'm not the only one with useless things lying around from months ago!!

Steven and Emily said...

Dear Chloe,
I do not know you (except for that I blog stalk you like crazy... creepy???) Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I think that you are SO SO funny. I love it. Your sense of humor is so great and different! It really brightens my day to read your blog. You just seem so honest and it's refreshing to read.
So... in my nasty purse that I have had since I was 17 is:
1. Expired birth control pills (so sad I forgot to take them. Thank goodness for "alternative birth control"... even if husband hates it.)
2. Expired coupon to Chick Fil A
3. Ipod nano (love)
4. gum
5. coupons to Fry's that I will forget to use before they expire.
6. lip gloss
7. 2 spoons...
8. and the list goes on and on...

CarrieBradshaw* said...

haha! Wow. that's all I can say. This tells me much about you :) my favorite is the mustache for sure.

My purse?
Well it's more of a rug, turned into a purse. and I pretty much have the essentials:

wallet, phone, gum, keys, you know.
Then it's also stained with purple tea I spilled on it last night. Lovely.

my name is lauren. said...

*3 pens
*border's gift card i totally forgot about
*this bird nest thing i bought for a craft project
*classroom lesson plan
*7 old grocery lists
*2 sunglass cases
*permanent marker
*pottery barn catalog
*cough drops
*puppy tissues
*a latex glove full of acorns (a random gift from a child in my class)
*love (sticky) note from craig
*4 lipglosses
*a necklace i bought 2 months ago & couldn't find once i got home

ummmmm....thanks for inspiring me to clean out my purse....

and p.s.
how the heck did you fit all that crap in one purse?

to quote the great will ferrell: "i'm not even mad....that's amazing!"

Sara said...

LOL wow that's a lot of stuff!! I have pens and a moleskine, my camera, my phone my keys and eyeliner in my bag/purse for basics!

Michael & Mindy said...

I love it! And I love that you call it "our" purse. Too funny. I am the opposite. I make Michael carry my stuff because I hate carrying my purse because it is so full of crap. It's also ridiculously large and a bottom-less pit--drives me crazy! Mine is full of crap, but definitely nothing as exciting as yours! And what are you thinking buying a bag of Starbursts that isn't all pink and red? Hello!

grant + brittany said...

can of spaghettios is the best one.

The Socialite said...

Yikes! That is so much stuff. You're going to be an awesome mom one day, you're so prepared! haha Candy, spaghettios, medication, socks?!

my name is lauren. said...

ha! socialite is right.....

you're totally going to be that mom like michelle pfeiffer in "one fine day" who makes her kid a super hero costume out of all the random items she has in her purse!

oh man! i'm already getting excited for little chloes... it's going to be awesome!

Tara Long said...

What a fun post! And I missed all that commotion from the last one til now but, like I said in my first comment, I LOVE that you are yourself and you are TOTALLY relate-able. And even inspiring in a funny way. I feel so lazy and like I am a terrible wife all the time, cause I hate dishes and I will leave them for a day...or two sometimes and I would much rather watch a movie (or tv if I could) than do ANY kind of house work. Plus ever since I started reading you blog I find myself "thinking" in blog posts. It's weird. I will be doing something and think ooh, i could blog this and I will write the whole thing in my head. . .then it just sounds dumb or I am not brave enough to post the thoughts in the end. So I admire you, and I wish I could be like you.
Oh, yeah, and I have been meaning to tell you that showering everyday is SO over rated! Plus experts say its bad for your hair. lol
That makes me feel better anyways. Hope you have a great day!

my name is lauren. said...


i love that you finished my will ferrell quote :).

maybe one day i'll convince the husband to take a utah trip (he could be enticed by close are you to park city? :) ) and then we can be lazy and eat junk food and have a will farrell movie marathon :)

shirah said...

i had everything i needed in my purse today except an umbrella.

then it rained.


Michael & Mindy said...

I won't be thinking "what was I thinking?" Give me a break. That is what YOU will be thinking. We do need to hang out. Just last night I was talking to Mihael about not having people to hang out with. It seems like it shouldn't be a big deal, but it is, ya know? On Tuesday when we were ordering pizza to watch Biggest Loser I said we needed some people to watch it with and Michael was all, Call Sean and Chloe! He totally wants to hang out with you guys. But I didn't call/text/email/messenger/facebook/blog comment because I don't want you to think I'm a freaking crazy asking you to hang out every 5 seconds. Even though I am kind of a crazy. Well. Not kind of. Totes a crazy. But anyway, crazy or not, we should still be friends.

Rachel Leigh said...

LOL! My purse is so the same! It's amazing how much crap we haul around everyday! I just went back and read the mean comment... I am sorry! You are the best! And that is so great you have so many people that love your blog (AND YOU) to stick up for you. I love your blog because you say everything I wish I had the energy or balls to say. Love you! And I am not creepy, but I totally had a dream about you the other night... so funny! It's cause I read your blog everyday! i'll have to tell you about it!

nick and camie said...

Valtrex is the best!!!... saves my life over and over and over.

staceylafayette said...

That is amazing! Doesn't your shoulder get sore carrying all that stuff around?

anna said...

show me the spaghettiOs. you don't even have kids yet? girl, you are in trouble!! just imagine adding butt paste and half eaten fruit snacks to that loot!