Sunday, November 22, 2009

the cars and the trees.

so, it has been a pretty busy weekend. Sean and i went and saw The Blind Side on friday night.
we both LOVED it. really, it was such a good movie. i had no idea that it was based off of a true story until the end. i mean i kind of figured, but i thought maybe it was based off of some true events.
i had no clue it was all true. i felt really stupid after searching for this picture and
 seeing those words on every single picture practically. anyway, it was really good.
i have not seen Sean enjoy a movie like that in a long time.

i also saw New Moon this weekend like almost the rest of the world. and yes i did eat at In-N-Out. i still think EZ Take Out was better. anyway, back to New Moon.  i liked it a lot better than Twilight. i still wasn't "in love" with it or anything. i felt like the books were a lot better.

i have to say that my favorite part was Jacob. i have never been a fan of Edward. ever. he is too serious and pasty white just on his face and he has way too much make-up on and i don't believe that his lips are really that red without lipstick, even for being a vampire. and when he took his shirt off i was like "oh, maybe put that back on?" i know that a lot of people are team Edward and i still hope you like me and i still like you and don't judge because i really don't care that much about these books or movies.

i have always been a Jake fan. i mean "Team Jacob" to be politically correct or whatever.  i know he is only 17 but i don't care. i would totally go to jail for Taylor Lautner. and if your worried about Sean? don't be. he said he would choose Jacob over Edward any day. i am glad we have the same taste in men. it makes things so much easier and less complicated.

 i came home and googled "taylor lautner shirt off"
don't worry, i wasn't the only one who had googled this. it was in the top
searches. i showed Sean pics of both men shirtless. i told Sean that
if he ever leaves me? Taylor is my back-up. i will have to wait til he is legal though.
and he might want to wait a while to have babies..
and at that point my eggs might be kind of old. oh well.

well, i am sure a lot of you are wondering what went "down" at my house this weekend. i have so many cool pictures of it, and wish that i could show them, but was told we would be sued if these pictures went up before this stuff got aired on tv. so i will try to explain as best as i can. which makes me kind of sad because i probably got a lot of people's hopes up with this "exciting news".

anyway, we have a HUGE tree in our backyard. HUGE enough that i have to capslock the word HUGE. anyway, my dad has been planning to get it cut down for a while now. it is so big, and the roots are starting to affect the foundation. also, there is a new home development going in behind our house and if we are ever going to chop the tree down? now would be the best time, right?

well the way it ended up going down, wasn't exactly the way my parents had envisioned it. they thought, "let's pay $1500 to get the tree taken down. they will clean it up." end of story..

well thursday night, my dad got a call from the guy who was supposed to chop the tree down. he had gotten a call from MTV and they were looking for a HUGE 100ft  tree that they could use for a new show they are filming called "Megadrive". i don't know how much details i am allowed to give or anything, but basically in every episode of this show, they want to completely destroy a smart car. you know, those little cars? so anyway, they wanted to put a smart car in our tree and chop the tree down. it was quite an event on our neighborhood. they dropped the porta-potty off at 9 am. they had an ambulance on stand-by. we waited around all day, watching them tear our fence down, and get everything ready. they had a HUGE crane come and we had several people stop by wondering why we were had a car put in our tree. it was pretty funny.

anyway, someday when i am allowed to post the pictures, i will. we have it all on video too. it was quite a way for a tree to go down. although, i still don't think that justifies destroying a $14,000 car for every single episode. but what do i know? it was worth it for us! here is one picture that i think should be okay to post. this is sean and i in our backyard, before the tree went down.  look for my parents house on MTV someday!

i promise someday i will post more pictures.
they said if they saw any up they would sue me.
not like i have a lot to lose, but whatever.
they can have my POS car Chuck if they want.

oh also? i got to meet "baby dwight's" dad Pete. it was awesome!
i got to meet her too. she is so cute!

i hope everyone had a good weekend!
{sorry if this news wasn't as "BIG" as i made it seem. it was fun though :) }

edited to add:
so the premise of this show isn't just to smash a smart car! i felt like i needed to add that it is kind of like the show Nitro Circus. it is by the same producers. basically, this comedian Johnny Pemberton can't pass his driving test so in every episode he is put in monster trucks, tanks, or submarines and does crazy stuff.
we don't know much about it because it hasn't aired yet. but anyway, they just destroy a smart car in every episode because he hates the little ones and likes the big stuff. that's what she said.


Sam said...

THAT'S AWESOME! Can I have your autograph?? lol. Cute pic of the two of you, too!

I really don't get this show. I'll be curious to see it and understand what the point is. Is there supposed to be some serious underlying message? Or is it supposed to be just another trashy MTV show? Regardless, I'll watch.

Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

The movie looks good. I want to see it for sure. I love sandra bullock.

I saw your tweet about this that is NUTS! I can't wait to see more.

Thats the cutest pic of you guys. your adorable and I love your bangs..

Michael & Mindy said...

I am feeling pretty cool right now being the second commenter. I came to your blog to tell you that you hadn't updated in 27 years, but then I saw that you updated today. It just hadn't show up on my blog yet. Which is how I am the 2nd commenter I guess. I am pretty stoked about your "BIG NEWS" even if there aren't any pictures of the even. But I like pictures of you and Sean better than pictures of a smart car anyway. And I don't mean that in a creepy way. But you guys are so cute.

Another thing. I didn't know you went to New Moon but I'm glad you did and I'm glad you gave us a movie review. I like to know what I'm getting myself into. Now I need to go to it. And I need to go to Blindside. Maybe you shouldn't go to every movie the second it comes out so we can go together once in a while.

You are on crack right now thinking EZ Take-out is better than In-N-Out. Besides, EZ Take-out went out of business. And I went there once and I know In-N-Out is better. Okay. I didn't eat the food. I had a rootbeer float. And I just almost spelled rootbeer like rootbear. But Michael said that it was "okay" This isn't saying a ton because he says most food is "okay", but...he loves In-N-Out and he is a huge burger lover and burgers are actually his favorite food and so I trust his judgment on the burgers at EZ and he says In-N-Out is better. And it is taking me 8 weeks to write In-N-Out with all those dashes, so from now on I will refer to it as INO. And not like Ino like Rhino, but as in I-N-O. But without the dashes. Because they take to long to type. But we went to INO in Draper and stood in line outside in the cold for about 15 minutes and then in line inside for about 5 minutes and then inside hovering over some people eating so we could have their seats when they left for about 10 minutes. Or maybe it was 15? And then LUCKILY some people got up right as our number was called, so we snagged their place. Then it took about .5 seconds to eat because I was starving and regretting the fact that I got a single burger instead of a double. Duh. As if I'm not eating for 2. And anyway, all the wait time, which I am way too lazy to add up, was totally worth the wait. It was amazing. And it wasn't my first time or anything so I'm not freaking out over nothing. And I have always loved INO and would say it was better than 5 minute burger at EZ any day. And especially since EZ went out of business. Which is probably because they knew INO was coming. Which is probably what is going to happen to Chadder's because really..who is going to go there when they could have INO?

Michael & Mindy said...

Freaking Rasha. I guess I am the 3rd commenter. I guess that's what I get for leaving a 9 mile long post.


Let's hang out this week.

Michael & Mindy said...

PS, that annoying word thing I just had to fill out was "agasm" and let's just say it might have sounded like something else at first glance.

And let's pretend I didn't write "feel" instead of "fill" before I realized I was an idiot.

Jenni said...

hahahaha I am dying here! that has got to be the LAMEST tv show idea i've ever heard of!!! haha, but thats awesome that you get to see it happen and hopefully get to be on the show!! haha, and I assume your parents didn't have to pay to get it chopped down? (major bonus!!)
I am totally with you on new moon. I HATED twilight, but new moon wasn't too bad. At least they explained what was going on for people who hadn't seen it (IE: Spencer) haah, the last one he thought Jasper just rode the short-bus. He had no idea why he acted so wierd! :)

courtney said...

haha awesome!

Allie Garcia said...

wtf? thats so awesome!!! we live in VEGAS and nothing that cool happens to us. you go girl. way to be a rock super star.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Ohhh I want to see The Blindside, and Twilight too...I am waiting to go with my sis on Thanksgiving night..ahhh can't wait.

Ummm you are ADORABLE! And basically going to be famous, so remember me, k?! :)

my name is lauren. said...

yay for being famous! ok...a couple of things.... look super cute in that pic. you look just like zooey absolute biggest girl crush.

second...glad you wrote about blindside. i totally want to see it, and having a review from my movie twin is all the confirmation i need to know that i must see this.

third....we should definitely be honorary sister-in-laws. if you ever visit oregon you best believe we're hanging out...and same for if i ever go to utah!

glad you had a good weekend!!!!

Selma said...

I want to see both movies. I'm kinda behind on those. :( And yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing you on MTV...haha...that'll be tons of fun. ;)
Happy Monday! :)

Michele said...

I am so glad that Blind Side was so good. We are planning on seeing it on Thanksgiving. As for New Moon I am with ya sister, I have always been a Jacob fan and those abs didn't hurt either:) As for the MTV show in your back yard, how cool is that! Can I have your autograph? Don't forget the little people now that your big time:)

jolly said...

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chloejessica said...

I almost went and saw the Blind Side, it looks good. And my bf is dying to see it. I didn't see New Moon. I may be the only one who didn't. And that is crazy about your tree. But cute picture of you two! :)

Randi Lee said...

haha, I love it! I can't wait to see pictures!!! What an interesting call that must have been! A smart car... in a tree. haha!

Tara Bishop said...

Go Team Jacob! Ha ha, I have never read any of the books and I just recently saw Twilight. Have not seen New Moon... going to have to wait for the dollar theater on that one. :)

Awesome tree story! That sounds exciting to me.

kayla & tyler said...

BAHAHHA!!! i loved when you said, oh maybe you should put that back on?! and yes i would much rather see Jacob's shirt off than edwards. I don't really like edward, he is weird when he delivers lines like "I can't be with you anymore" or whatever it is. I haven't seen it yet, but i'm going tonight, YAY! jacob is hot, edward is not. that's it. OH and that's awesome that you guys are all famous now!

CarrieBradshaw* said...

I love how the economy is suffering but MTV still feels it appropriate to throw money down the drain by destroying cars.

But how awesome you got your tree cut down for free!

Shannon Murphy said...

ohhh that is so awesome! You ARE famous! That show sounds weird though... don't know if its ever something I would actually watch, but now that I know it was in your backyard, I will most definitely watch it! Can't wait!!!! p.s. that picture of you guys is so cute!!!!

Stacey said...

I love it that you ended with "that's what she said"!

The Socialite said...

MTV is so crazy and random! Can't wait to see the pictures.

Maybe I'm the only person in zeee world, but I've never been to EZ Take Out or seen Twilight! GASP. I know L-A-M-E sauce allll over me.

samnhal said...

That is so cool! Maybe you'll be in a shot of it, and then you can be mega famous. I must say, I agreed with you that Edward needed to put his shirt on...pastey white and lots of hair don't work well together with his lipstick...or his unwashed hair. Are you team jacob for the books also? I'd say maybe for the movies I like jacob better, but not in the books.

grant & brittany said...

man. i wish we could post more about it. you looks so beautiful in that picture with sean. i want your hair