Thursday, October 29, 2009

i love you, you love me.. you love me, right?

halloween has been frustrating this year.
sean and i had half of our costumes,
so we decided to be cheap
and go to DI to get the rest.

i practically had to rip some women's shoes of sean's feet.
he wanted to "get them for his costume"
but i wanted him to get some that i could actually wear too.
(since we have the same size feet)
we struggled finding stuff for our costumes.
we still don't know what we are going to do now.
but we thought we would see what else they had there.

i really wanted to splurge on this costume 
but sean tried to tell me that 
it didn't fit right or something. 
??? WTF.

the tail was my favorite part.

i have never gone into a dressing room with a guy before.
i'm sure people thought we were a little weird,
just 2 people, walking into a dressing room
with a child size barney costume.
taking pictures.
laughing hysterically.
oh and can i just tell you it was packed?
don't put off your halloween shopping people.
it was a madhouse.

oh and i thought sean looked very handsome today.

happy halloween!

anyone got any fun plans?


Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

I do love you. you're to friggin cute. i wanna meet you, i think we would be the most hilarious and weirdest people together.

that barney costume, made me almost pee my pants, that is friggin HILARIOUS. you so should have gotten it! hahaha

lauren said...

oh my gosh! i literally laughed out loud when i saw the ferocious barney picture. sean was so wrong.... totally perfect :). i just made my costume out of random crap i had lying around my house during the last 20 minutes. pretty sure it won't be as cool as yours, but i'll blog it so you can get a good laugh. happy halloween!

Kjrsten said...

please say barney came home with you!!! if not for halloween I could come up with at least 3 other valuable uses for it. like if you ever get called to serve in the nursery, definitly would come in handy there... or a future in performing at childrens parties!!! Or how about just a little bike ride around town in it, just for fun, but only with a helmet of course, barney is always safety first!

anna said...

i'm with kjrsten, barney bettah be hanging in your hall closet! although i was thinking you could zip yourself into that beauty AFTER halloween and go around the neighborhood looking into people's windows and singing "i love you, you love me" in a crazy voice.

Selma said...

I love Barney!!! Had to laugh out loud when I saw your picture and I'm sure I scared some folks around me while doing so. My favorite part is the tail, too!!! Way too cute! Barney I mean, not the tail. ;)
Happy Halloween!!!

olivia rae said...

awwwww!! hahah i think i might give up my left arm for that barney costume.. i can't believe you passed it up, it looks amazing on you!!!! have fun!!! xoxoxo

Staci T said...

You are right, Sean does look handsaome. Shoulda got the barney costume. Brings back memories of certain dinasour costumes that you and maddie wore for 4 years in a row. Nice.

Maddie said...
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Maddie said...
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Michael & Mindy said...

Oh. My.

That Barney costume is hilarious.

The Socialite said...

what is he talking about? that costume fits perfectly! ;)

Halloween shopping right now is pretty crazy and I have to go back out there today! or maybe tomorrow even! wish me luck!

Have a great Halloween!

Elise Halladay said...

Ha ha ha. Totally loved the barney outfit. I am going to be Sally off of the Nightmare Before Christmas. That is my all time favorite holiday show... ALMOST my all time favorite show period. But I didn't cave in and buy the generic costume online. I made my own up and its my own take on Sally. I will post pics. And I am not sure if you have ever heard of the show Dexter on showtime... but my husband is being Dexter. Pretty sweet.

Rachel Leigh said...

I liked the Barney costume, I totally would have worn it anyway. Have a great Halloween!

Machelle said...

I should have sent Ty with you guys for costumes, he doesn't have one yet. and I absolutely LOVE Halloween, like more than christmas. so I had my costume at the end of uh. cough.. September. never too early right! lets do somethin together that night, at least for a little bit! we are just gonna party hop this year :) love ya!

The Hopkins said...

Oh my heck this barney costume is the funniest thing ever! And the tail... freaking hilarious. haha. and I love the face you are making while wearing it. I love D.I. for costumes, you can always count of finding the most random stuff.
Hope you have a happy halloween!!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Please go as Barney!!