Monday, October 12, 2009

false pretenses

so over the weekend, sean got a zit. GASP! i know. mr. perfect is maybe not so perfect eh? just kidding, he still is. but whatever.

he wouldn't even let me touch it. so selfish he can be sometimes. his mary kay velocity facewash just isn't cutting it anymore. yeah i used that stuff when i was 12. pretty sure it's for teenage girls..

anyway, i offered him some of my tea tree oil...

sean: ew! no thanks!

me: you really think it smells that bad?

sean: yes. i really think it does.

me: but i just thought you said it smells like your old grandma!

sean: i did, and that is not a good thing.

me: well what did she smell like?

sean: tea tree oil.

me: so all the nights i wear it? you just want to freakin throw up something?

sean: well i didn't say that... just in my mouth. a little though.

pshh. whatever sean. i just ordered tea tree oil everything. shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, candles, bath salt, air freshner, laundry detergent, just you wait. i'm going to make you like it. okay, i haven't ordered it yet. but i'm sure i can find it. and if not, i'll invent it. okay i probably won't because let's be real here, that would take waaay too much work for me. but whatever.

side note: i don't even like the smell of it. but still.

sometimes you just have to prove a point right?

when sean and i were dating, i believe he sucked me in under false pretenses. he would hang out with me until 1 or 2 in the morning. while he was in school. he would stay awake the WHOLE time. i was the one who always fell asleep. he watched all the Will Ferrell movies with me that i was in love with. oh and did he laugh. he ate all the rice krispy treats that i made. he was interested in all the music that i was interested in.

then we got married.

then i discovered the truth. sean was not a night owl. he told me he REALLY struggled staying up that late with me. he usually went to bed around 10. and he also shattered my world when he told me he didn't really like Will Ferrell. he was fake laughing and enjoying it. and rice krispy treats? not his favorite treat too. and we do not really have the same taste in music.

oh well. that's okay sean. i really don't love fishing all that much. there. i said it. i feel so much better..

the things we do for love right?


Lee S. said...

ha ha ha!!! can you sue for falsifying information?! and thats too bad about the tea tree oil....i love that smell and it does wonders for the skin!

Anonymous said...

hahahahaa... i use tea tree oil for zits too... and have bought the shampoo and conditioner before too. HATE the smell but for some reason i keep buyign it? haha. gah your posts make me laugh out loud no joke :)

olivia rae said...

hahahaha. tyler and i aren't married and he still already falls asleep at 8 ever night. i have SO many pictures of him passed out with his mouth open. haha. and i like tea tree oil!!

Maddie said...

LOL, way to be honest! fishing on a chilly day sounds like zero fun. maybe on a nice, relaxing warm day, it would be better.
oh sean, at least you're good at pretending you enjoy the same things. suffering through things you don't love so much for the person you do love is very admirable :)

Michele said...

Oh the BLISS of marriage!

Michael & Mindy said...

I can't believe he lied like that. What a liar. Next thing you know he'll be saying he doesn't like The Office. The truth sucks.

Andrea said...

I am offended that Sean keeps talking about how Grandma LaRue used to smell!

Anonymous said...

oh don't worry he just is playin around.. some people like the smell of tea tree oil, some don't!