Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ugliness or Uglyness?

there has been quite some controversy going on between Sean and i since i posted my last post. which you probably should read before this if you haven't. who would have thought that the word lovely, could be so ugly. ironic? no?

please note that if you don't like grammar and spelling things correctly, you might get a little bored. but when you get to the end, you might be proud of me.

Sean says:
however lovely's is also posessive. as in "today is loveley's day"

Chloe says:
today is loveleys day? (MAKES NO SENSE TO ME? DOES IT TO YOU?)
im so confused.
i hate grammar.

Sean says:
the apostrphy s makes thing possesive (please note that he spelled apostrophe incorrectly)
for example
chloe is sean's wife
without the apostrophy is makes it plural

Chloe says:
i mean, sigh's

Sean says:
no its sighs
no apostrophy


Chloe says:
i'm just gonna' bug you now and put apostrophe's in every'thing
p.s. your kinda a show'o'f'f
but super sm'art. but still a show'off

Sean says:
haha a show off eh?
fine then

Chloe says:
no. a show'off
yeah your a smarty farty

Sean says:

Chloe says:

i win. just because i don't know what gerund means, and what an ad-verb and a noun is, doesn't mean that i am not smart. i don't even like the word gerund Sean, so why would i even want to know what it means? and just because you do, and have to correct people on how they pronounce it, just makes you a show'off!


i made pizza lasnight for dinner. NOT FROZEN.
i did ALL the dishes after.
i also made a delicious oreo pie.
and made Sean use a paper plate.
then...get this..

i woke up before Sean today.
and i even showered.
and washed my hair.
and shaved my legs.
and ate a waffle.
i win today Sean. i totally win.


The Boob Nazi said...

Yes, it could be possessive. But since it's not a noun, that's quite difficult.
I enjoyed the post.

Rachel Leigh said...

I love your hair pieces! You are way more creative than I could ever be. I had to copy. You should come by anyway, even if you don't bring the hair thing and see the puppies. The puppies are supposed to be for sale, but I don't know how I am going to do that... even though I KNOW that I can't have 3 dogs in my little house. They should be playful and fun in a couple of weeks. I will keep you posted so you can come play with them.

Lee S. said...

LOL you do totally win!

and PS...I made a video with you and Sean about gerunds...and I still don't think I could explain it. ha ha..

Matt said...

you do win!!!

Michael & Mindy said...

I love this post. Then again, I love every post.

Rose Red said...

I am with you, I hate grammar, and I hate when my husband corrects me.

I love your hair accessories :)