Monday, September 28, 2009


this weekend i accidentally bought some new clothes. and a new purse. when Sean asked me if i bought him anything, i told him that all of the clothes were for both of us. for me to wear, and him to look at. and the purse is for us both too, because he always asks me to carry his wallet and phone. i feel like it's a win win.

i guess this brings me to my question. should i ask Sean if i can buy new things? well i possibly could have, but he didn't answer his phone because he was too busy fishing and golfing and spending money too.. so i think that answers my question. i guess i should add that the reason he didn't answer his phone was because i never acually called it. but whatever, that is besides the point.

also, if the stupid person who decided who had to be feminine and what not didn't exsist.. then i probably wouldn't have bought clothes. i blame it on them. and why do we have to wear clothes? why do i feel so weird naked? maybe if no one ever invented clothes, i wouldn't have this fear. sigh i don't know. and even if i did ask Sean if i could buy clothes ( which i wouldn't, let's be real here) and he said no? i still probably would. because i am just that kind of person. sigh.

i made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies last night. they were delicious. i accidentally already ate 4 for breakfast. i am pretty sure pumpkin is healthy though. so i think i'm good. i told Sean that he can't say i have never made him anything. i like to bake.. delicious yummy treats.. for myself.

last night we had cheesecake over at my mother in laws. i offered to take the dish up stairs, and she just laughed and said that i could leave it by the stairs and she would take care of it. haha. i promise that i am not as pathetic as i make myself sound on this blog.. but i probably am. anyway, i went upstairs and washed the dish completely off, and even started scrubbing it. that's when Sean told me that they had a dishwasher and that scrubbing it clean wasn't necessary.

that is when it hit me. that is why i hate cooking and doing dishes. we don't have a dishwasher. why would i want to cook all the time, when i have to wash all of these stupid dishes by hand? and possibly cut myself on a broken dish, more than one time? life is not supposed to be this hard people.

i mean as if i don't have enough to deal with already such as: 

not having TIVO, being behind on all of my shows, having to take all my clothes out of my extra drawer/dryer so that other people can do laundry, dealing with spouse having all this homework and never spending time with me, having to spend a billion dollars a month on birth control, being a girl, having a fear of being naked, trying to be a professional roller derby queen, not being able to have a puppy or a baby elephant, trying to convince people i am not pregnant (seriously? what is this crap?) commenting first on someone's facebook status and then getting 64 other reply comments in my email. having a loop hole on my new shirt break, trying to do something with my dirty gross hair today, trying to deal with a medusa/witch complex.. i mean the list goes on and on guys.

i forgot how amazing life is with a dishwasher. someday i will have one. and mark my words..i will be the best freakin' housewife in the whole world. but probably not.


The Boob Nazi said...

Asking hurts me inside. But I guess that if you're on a tight budget, especially when you're so young, you should discuss it or something.
Don't ask me. That hurts me to think I'd ever do that.

Tara Bishop said...

A. I love your blog because you write so many funny and interesting posts.

B. I think you need to take a vacation where you: don't have to cook, wash, think, and if it is a good enough place just run around naked with the hubs for a weekend.
....yes... that will help. :)
(and maybe go to a zoo like san diego they have lots of elephants there.)

Rachel Leigh said...

I accidentally buy stuff a lot too. Oh well... what can you do? And, yes you should definitely not have to deal with not having a dishwasher. You should go buy one of those free standing ones, or the little ones you can set on your countertop. That is what I would do...because I am lazy. That is one thing I told my husband when we got married-the place we live had to have a dishwasher.

Maddie said...

haha, so, let me get this straigh:
dishwasher=good housewife?

man, this sh*t will be easier than i thought!

so, what equals good mother? because holding a baby at arms length seems like it will offend some people. hmm.

kayla & tyler said...

haha i love how you said you accidently bought new clothes and a new purse. if I could say that, I would be accidently buying new things (mostly clothes and shoes) everyday!! I usually ask tyler just because it's not just MY money now, it's OURS. too bad tyler doesn't think new clothes are a necessity!! they totally are.

olivia rae said...

oooh first of all, will you please post the recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip cookies? that sounds amazing! and also- i didn't have a dishwasher last year, and i do this year, and it REALLY does make the biggest difference in the world. i feel like the most luxurious queen in the world when all i have to do is load the dishwasher! it's amazing! sooo when you have a dishwasher one day, you'll probably love to cook a lot more!

Michael & Mindy said...

I love it. I ALWAYS tell my husband that "I accidentally bought something." He doesn't usually go for it.

Rachel Leigh said...

oh, and I forgot earlier... if you want pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that aren't super bad for you, but still taste really good, let me know. They are so easy and so yummy but not bad for you. Yay. 3 ingredients, that is it!

derek and kimber said...

ahhhhhh, derek an o lived in a place without a dishwasher.. it was horrible! but than when we bought our house it had one.. don't give up, thre is still hope.!

Michele said...

Just remember your aar ethe best housewife for Sean! You rock.