Friday, July 31, 2009

Ruining the moment..

now i don't know if this is the kind of thing i should be sharing with the internet, but then again 90% of the things i put on this blog i shouldn't be sharing with the internet. so i am just gonna go for it.

sean and i have this ability to how do i put this... "ruin the moment" ??

now i won't get too personal. don't worry about that.
but i will give a few examples. and keep in mind, this goes both ways.

example 1:
Sean moved into our apartment about a month before we got married. it was his bachelor pad and he loved it. it did take ALOT of work though to get the place fixed up. it didn't exactly smell that great because of some questionable furniture and smelly paint. me being the girl that i am, decided to invest in several yummy, smelly things such as candles, plug in air-freshners, and a can of febreze air freshner. one day, admiring the new bathroom, we shared a moment. it was like one of the moments in the movies, where the couple embraces for a long time, in their future bathroom together, and the music starts playing and you know that must mean true love. so put me and sean in that place. in the bathroom. embracing. then--put the febreze can in my hand.

okay. so the hug was great. i like hugs. who doesn't? okay, i know some people who don't. you know who you are :). so sean is way into this moment. and yeah its great and all. but i had the febreze can in my hand. and that was just a moment ruiner waiting to happen. and this was a REALLY long hug. i just couldn't resist any longer. i had to push the trigger.
so it goes like this. pure silence. then..suddenly..






(i don't know how to spell that sound. just imagine the sound of air freshner being sprayed)

Sean: Seriously? Did you seriously just do that?

Me: Ummmmm...(awkward pause) yep.

Sean: Wow. Way to ruin the moment.. i can't believe you just did that.

Me: gosh, i was just trying to kill 2 birds with one stone.

K seriously. you try hugging someone with a can of febreze in your hand. try it. i dare you. you will get trigger happy. its just the way of life. its impossible not to. it will however, ruin the moment.

example 2:
Rewind to... 2 nights ago. My face has been breaking out a little because of a medication I am big deal. okay it is a big deal it sucks and i hate it but oh well. so i have this stuff i put on it called tea tree oil that smells very strong. i hadn't used this before around Sean, and i was a little worried it might freak him out a little. so anyway. i put this stuff on that night and then got in bed. Sean grabs me to cuddle and we are looking at each other face to face. .. he leans in for a kiss...

its just like the movies...

que romantic music...

then he looks up at me and is about to say something.

me thinking he is going to tell me he loves me and would die with out me..

he says this:

" smell like my Grandma Larue"



The Boob Nazi said...

I'm a non-hugger. yo.

Lee S. said...

Seriously you guys kill me!! I laugh so hard when I read these.

Amanda said...

I laughed so hard I think I peed my pants.....just a little he he he ;)

Dash said...

Oh couldn't ask for a better way to play up the last sentence there. Only the Ashby's know what that smell is. LOVE IT!

The Mann Family said...

Haha I'm glad you share these guys keep me laughing!!! You're such a cute couple!

derek and kimber said...

hahaha. I love it. I totally know how those moments go!

Rachel Leigh said...

So funny! I love it!