Monday, July 27, 2009

The Bachelorette

*Warning: Spoiler Alert*
As Sean and I were watching The Bachelorette tonight, our house was full of emotion. Who was Jillian going to pick? Ed? Kiptyn? Reid? Would Kiptyn come back because apparently its now okay to leave the show and then come back? Would the former Bachelor Jason come back? Would Ed decide he didn't want to marry her? Would her ex who was never even on the show stop by to say hi? Every season they say,"Stayed tuned for the most shocking rose ceremony EVER." Well duh they say that every time, and they can because technically its true I guess. Or whatever. I don't know who decides that. Maybe they hire people who do that. Anyway. As I was getting way too involved in this show, I kept giving Sean my opinion.

Me: "I used to like Ed, but something about him bugs me now. I don't like how he left the show on his own terms then came back. It's like last I checked this season was called the Bachelorette. Not The Bachelor. But I dunno. Maybe that's just me. But anyway, back to Ed. I hate how Ed can't look Jillian in the eye. It bugs. Kiptyn just seems like an all around good guy. I hate Ed's freaking ugly green shorts. Sorry but they were way to short even for me. "

Exhibit A:

(You can't tell me that is attractive. Try it. I dare you)

"It doesn't help that he is like 6'8". And Pink and Purple do not go together!! Kiptyn dresses really nice. Not that I am all about style and stuff. But come on. Green bootie shorts? This is national television. What if Reid comes back? I liked Reid. Did you like Reid, Sean? I mean he did "pull some strings" to come back. That is love right there. Sean who do you like? This is a very important decision."

Sean: "I think Ed is pretty real."


Sean: "What? He is!"

As I sit and contemplate what I have just heard. I am speechless. Why am I so affected by this? Who have I married? He freaking likes Ed?! Does he not think that Kiptyn is the man?? Have you seen his abs?? Those are as real as real gets. And REALly nice.

Exhibit B:

Me: "Whatever. Kiptyn is just the whole package. If I were her, I would totally pick him and I think you should too."

Sean: "Well, she likes Ed. This is her show."

Me: "GASP"--It was as if I was hit by a ton of bricks. Sean was right. This show is not about me. It's about Jillian. And she likes Ed. I am just going to have to accept that he makes her happier in ways that I don't understand. I don't hate Ed. For all of you Ed-Lovers. I don't even know why I care. I just want to thank Sean for giving me the pretend slap in the face that I needed to snap me back in to reality.. or out of Reality TV? I don't know anymore..


The Boob Nazi said...

Well, who won then???? Oh those shorts are quite embarrassing for a man.

Staci T said...

I don't really watch this show but, really, not about you? I don't get it. That's just so wrong. Not even I get those shorts and I am happily in the middle (middle aged). Whatever. I know I make no sense. Never mind.

Grant + Brittany said...

oh my gosh. ya that is what i had to tell myself. if ed makes her happy then fine. whatever. i guess she likes green mini shorts. but kiptyn i mean HELLO?!!?!? i was so so sad. and i mean balling my eyes out. which is totally embarrassing because i hate that i was seriously that into it but i couldn't help myself. anyway i was so sad for him i felt like i broke up with him or something. that or he just reminds me so much of grant and oh i don't know. i hope he is doing ok. because he really won my heart. even though grant... won my heart. ... .. . .. ..