Sunday, July 26, 2009

Baby Run..

Sean and I played on a co-ed softball team this summer. We took 1st place in our regular season and 2nd in the championship game. It was a tough loss, and the only team we had lost to all season. We didn't play our best, but that's okay. I messed up my knee sliding into 3rd. And I got out. Boo.Whatever. It was fun though and we are playing in 2 more leagues this fall. They start next week! It should be fun!
Team Wootah
Why didn't anyone tell me that I look like a pastey white vampire? And no, not one of them sexy ones.
My beautiful knee

Yeah, don't slide in recreation softball. Not worth it.

My baby brother Sam turned 21! I can't believe it. He is turning into such a great man. I feel so lucky to be related to him and couldn't ask for a better brother/bestfriend! Lee made him an AWESOME oreo cake. Check that thing out. MmmmMmmmm. Yes, I did eat some.
A while back I suprised Sean with George Strait tickets. I had no idea how much he liked George until we got to the concert. Even though he kept shhhshing me so he could sing along with George, I still had a blast. It was fun to watch all the crazy drunk people too.

Stuck in traffic on the way up..
Chillin on the grass, waitin for the concert to start..

Way too excited face.

Thinkin of George..

I was really tired. I went to Harry Potter the night before and didn't get to bed until 2.

Here is Sean's rendition of "Run"

(Would not upload. Will add later)
I think Sean loves George more than me.. :(


The Boob Nazi said...

Wow, you are pasty.... :)
And I so didn't know Sam was 21! He's like an old man. I always thought he was much younger!

Michele said...

You are guys have had an awesome summer! That is funny I can totally see Sean sshhing you so he could sing. What a crack up!