Monday, March 9, 2009

The Little Princess Bowtique

So, a few people have asked me about the hair piece that I am wearing in my Bridal pictures. My WONDERFUL, soon to be sister-in-law Amanda, made if for me! We found some awesome vintage flowers at an antique store in Provo, and she created this:

I loved it so much, that I asked her if we could make some for all of my bridesmaids to wear at the wedding. She is so talented I love it. She was totally up for making more and even let me help her make a few! I am so excited to work with her and make more for her upcoming open house. She makes the CUTEST hair stuff for little girls, check out her site: Here are some pictures of some of the ones we made for my bridesmaids:

Soo Cute!

I made this one! I know, shocking!

Love this one!

My Sister Maddie took the pictures, check out her photography website here:

I have so many pictures and things that I need to put up about this past weekend and some others. We were able to go to our friend Bert and Ashlee's wedding and reception this weekend and it was AWESOME! Congrats guys! I have lots of pictures from the past month or so on my camera, but I just haven't gotten around to uploading them. I probably won't until after the wedding. But we will see! I feel like I have been blogging alot today, between Sean and I, there are 3 posts, so don't forget to keep reading! :)

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kayla & tyler said...

Your hair thing that you soon to be sister-in-law made BEAUTIFUL! you look so classy. all your jewelry and stuff, i love it!