Monday, March 9, 2009

20 Things Tag

I was tagged! Here are 20 random useless things about me: (Don't forget to read Sean's cute post below though)

1. I have the biggest sweet tooth of anyone you will ever meet. Seriously I do. You probably think I'm just saying that or exagerrating but I am not. I regularly eat candy for breakfast, I will never go a more than a couple of hours without eating chocolate or something sweet. In fact if I could, I would just eat candy/brownies/ice cream/rice krispy treats for every meal. All day.
2.I have a long tongue. I can touch my nose with it.
3.I LOVE to be lazy. I know its not the most productive way to live life, but I am fine with that. Nothing makes me more happy than sleeping in, laying around all day doing nothing at all.
4.Even though I am lazy, I love adventure. I am up for anything. I love roller coasters, sky-diving, anything that gives me that rushing feeling. I will try anything once.
6.I have a tendency to be OCD about things that most people including my own family have no idea about. They are really random, useless things, and come in phases. I used to have to physically check every single license plate I drove by, or passed. I had to check to see when the registration expired. I have no clue why? What am I a cop or something? Geeze. I always tried to make myself feel better about doing it by saying "Man if there was a job where someone had to do this, I would be the best person at it ever!" I used to speed up, slow down, or pass cars just to see their license plate. Why can't I be OCD about cleaning or school or something? Yeesh.
7.I will eat anything but pickles, olives, cucumbers, fish, and mac and cheese. Maddie's favorite foods.
8. Dad is right, butter does make everything better! Yum
9.I am very impatient and impulsive. I hate waiting. If I want something, I have to have it right away. Even if it's very inconvenient timing. But, I am very patient when it comes to people. I am not flighty about my friendships. Once your my friend, you are always my friend.
10.I want a baby elephant and a puppy so bad. I miss my dog Cherry Pie and would give anything to have her back.
11.When I was little I used to think I could never die, and that people had control over that kind of stuff. I didn't understand til I had surgery when I was 11 and thought that I could have control whether they put me under or not.
12.I broke the law when I was 5 years old by stealing people's mail and ripping it up into shreds and putting it back. I don't get what the big deal was, I was just trying to help the mailman! So sue me! Actually don't..thats the opposite of what I am going for here..
13.I have eaten kangaroo and it was delicious.
14.My favorite channel is Discovery Health..not gonna lie though I watch the new 90210, The Bachelor,and One Tree Hill faithfully! I love TV. My favorite show will always be The Office.
15.I hate driving. Bleh. I am so glad Sean LOVES it and his truck.
16. I never thought I would fall in love and get married as fast as I did. I wouldn't change it for anything though.
17. I have the best fiance in the world. It's fact. Seriously, look it up.
18. I hate planning..yucky blah. This goes along with why I am so impulsive. If I wanna go on a trip, I wanna go on it now. Not in 3 weeks or 5 months. Now. If I want cookies, I dont plan to make them, I make them right away. If I want a hair cut, I have to do it that day. I cant "plan" for these things. I was born without the planning function.
19. I ALWAYS have to be drinking something, whether it be water or DDP. I drink at least 64 OZ of Diet Dr.Pepper a day. Thats usually on a day I try to "cut back". Don't worry though I drink at least double that in water.
20.I love staying in hotels, and can't wait to go to Vegas this weekend!! Oh and get married too.. ;)
21. For good luck... I love Sean more than anything!!! And my family too. I have the best parents and brother and sis in the world!

I tag everyone who reads this!


Staci T said...

I especially like the "broke the law" one. You forgot to add that you wanted t make puzzles out of all the pieces of mail as gifts for the whole neighborhood. You guys were such a hoot!

kayla & tyler said...

Haha, cute! I assume you and sean are going to Vegas on your honeymoon!?? that's where me and Tyler went, it actually was way fun!! it wasn't the typical mexican cruise honeymoon everyone does, but we had a blast! SO ENJOY!