Friday, December 5, 2008

It's Friday!

Yay! It is Friday and I am so happy! We have a busy weekend! Yesterday I went to Target to get stuff for this weekend. I had to buy 4 white elephant gifts, 2 regular gifts, 6 gifts for my girl pals, some mascara, lotion, soda pop, moisturizer, and a partridge in a pear tree!! It was ridiculous. I hate shopping. It wasn't even that busy but I still found myself frustrated. On the positive side, I left Target spending under a $100?? How is that even possible? I spent 99.49! It's a miracle! I think I deserve an award for that. Or at least some candy. Or some rolls from Texas Roadhouse ... mmmmmm. Anyway. We are off to a work Christmas party tonight, after we are heading up to the Lazer Floyd show at the Clark Planetarium and then The Pie after! Tomorrow is a whole other adventure. I will try to get some cool pics up! I am peacin out!

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Preston & Shawnee said...

Hey Chloe! I found your blog through Kayci's and wanted to say hi.. and CONGRATULATIONS on the engagement! You two sound like you have a lot of fun together. Anyway, keep in touch.
P.S. This summer we were obsessed with Texas Roadhouse. LOVE IT!