Thursday, February 9, 2012

day 9 : front door


this is old. not the greatest picture. this was just a few days before we bought our house. i know i'm probably cheating using old pictures but my camera is dead. to be honest i think it's pretty impressive that i even tracked this one down! 

even if my camera wasn't dead i probably wouldn't take a picture of our front door. i don't feel like doing anything. i found out today that i need my tonsils out for sure. and my adenoids. i have tonsillitis pretty bad. i get it often. i also have fluid in my ears. i can't hear out of my left ear. my nose is so stuffy and i really just want to be done with this. i guess my tonsils are blocking 80% of my throat/airway. i am so done being sick. so next friday the 17th they will be gone. my doctor told me to expect to be down for 10-14 days. wha??? i don't know if i can handle that. from what i hear, the recovery is really painful as an adult. i'm hoping that i won't be out for too long though! my job is really busy at the end of the month and i feel really bad being gone. plus sean is sooo busy with school and work. i don't want him have to worry about me. i really hope this will be worth it. i have to pretty much be on a liquid diet so if anyone has any yummy recipes for smoothies or any recommendations for shows to watch while i am down let me know!


Erika said...

I didn't know you lived right there (I don't know the exact house, but the community)...I thought you live in Fieldstone. You're right by me...Kind of.
I'm in the twin homes right by the BIIIG house your dog walker lives in.

Anyway...I'm so sorry about your tonsils. That sounds super awful. Please let me know if you need anything. I'd love to bring you a cup of Sonic ice! Or, anything really. Don't hesitate asking, really!

Anonymous said...

Aw Chloe that's no good! I'm sorry you're sick, but praying that this surgery helps and makes all the difference in the world! I foresee lots of blogs and pinning in the not too distant future! ;) I'll see ya round those parts!

dutchishgirl said...

Good luck! Getting tonsils removed does sound really bad butIi'm sure in the end it will be worth it