Tuesday, February 28, 2012

day 27 : something you ate


okay this is a lie. my camera was dead yesterday. sorry! 
i actually made these tonight as thank you gifts for all our sweet neighbors.
they brought us treats and food and took such good care of us while i was sick.
sean's work even got me a beautiful clock as a get well gift! how cool are they?? 
don't worry, i was able to enjoy some even though it hurt my throat. i can't pass up cookies. 
actually i think they will probably help my throat. maybe i should go have some more..

p.s. i finally found some parchment paper. i know, it's probably everywhere
but i could never find it. i used it tonight.. and it is AMAZING. the cookies
turned out perfect. i will definitely be using parchment paper all the time now.

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