Saturday, December 17, 2011

saturday afternoon and evening.

remind me to never, ever go shopping on the weekend before christmas ever again. i'd rather wait until christmas eve because in my theory most people have all their shopping done by then and only the procrastinators like myself are out scrambling around. shopping today was a madhouse! sean and i both went by ourselves and i think we both got EVERYTHING done. finally. i can't believe it. i am relieved yet still stressed out about it all. i feel like when i shop under stress i just spend too much money. oh well. it's done and i think we did alright!

i almost got in a fight with a lady in a minivan in the mall parking lot. she though i cut her off at a 3 way stop but she didn't realize that she had a stop-sign and i had the right of way because i was there first. she acted like i had just done the most horrible thing to her. left me some awesome hand signals and saw her mouth some words to me. she had kids with her in the car. i honestly couldn't believe it. what is it with people at this time of year? what happen to just being nice to people? i love christmas time. but i hate when it makes people act that way!

other than crazy shopping today we went to my niece makayla's piano recital. she did amazing! i forgot to take my camera in and only had my phone so i didn't get the greatest pictures but that's okay. she is so talented for a 9 year old. it amazes me. i wish i could play the piano! i honestly hardly ate anything today until tonight when i stopped on the way home to get some slab pizzas. i got home and we ate it and wrapped presents. when i walked in the house i found the sign below on one of the bedroom doors upstairs. haha. sean is so funny. moses wanted to go in there with him so bad but he takes his present wrapping very seriously. not even moses was allowed to see what i got from him. we ended the night with a moses/chloe stare down. i didn't win. sigh. i'm exhausted. i think i'll call it a night..



{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

I hear ya, I hate how people act around Christmas. We went to the mall today, HORRIBLE mistake.

Maddie said...

Haha, Moses, sitting on the floor outside the door. Priceless. And oh Sean.. Do you two think you'll be able to keep your presents a secret this year?? ;)

michael. mindy. dane. said...

100% agree about shopping and spending too much under stress. i tell michael every day, "no more presents! no more spending money!" and then we remember someone or something else. and spend more. oh well. that's part of the fun, right? love sean's sign. so funny.