Thursday, December 15, 2011



sean's out tonight for guys night and some christmas shopping. i am guessing that the christmas shopping is for me because i was not allowed to come. boo. we had a ward christmas party tonight but i got home late and didn't want to go alone so here we are. it's just me and the mo here tonight. which i guess is typical since sean is normally in class anyway. it's been a long week. sean finished his second to last semester yesterday. i can't believe that he only has one more to go. it's been a long few years but it also seems to have gone by so fast. life is crazy like that though, eh? i am so proud of him.

tonight moses and i just have plans to watch christmas movies, drink diet dr.pepper, chew on some bones, maybe make some toast or some cookies (or both), and just relax. work seems to be insane for me this time of year. i guess people like to buy new homes for christmas. i get it. it's just hard to be so busy with so many fun things going on at this time of year though. i can't complain though. my job truly is a blessing. it's hard not be grateful for it. especially at this time of year.

i was being a grump today because we were getting a wheel bearing fixed on our honda and found out that we need a new timing belt and some other things that go along with that. like pretty soon because if it goes out then it could affect the engine. i get it. the car is older. it has a lot of miles on it. but we replaced the clutch 2 years ago for a lot of money and then found out that getting this fixed will cost the same plus the cost of the wheel bearing. not even sure it's worth it. but i don't want to buy another car and have 2 car payments. this car is paid off. what to do?

i let it ruin part of my day and i shouldn't have. i didn't intend to but i think i might have made sean feel like it was his fault or something.  i know sean wasn't happy about having to fork out that money either.. but he didn't let it ruin his day. so why should i? gosh stupid hormones. it was not his fault and i knew it. i was just upset about it. the last thing i want to do is spend that much money on a car at christmas time. i was reminded by a co-worker that i am lucky to even have 2 cars. so many people make it work with one. and we could even survive with out a car believe it or not. (shocker i know! but apparently there didn't used to be cars.. and people lived! wha??? ha..) he was right. i am lucky to have everything that i have. it's just a car. i shouldn't feel so entitled that i should have perfect cars and never any problems in life. because then i wouldn't know how to be grateful for anything. i should just be grateful that it's just a car. it's nothing more serious. life will go on.

it really made me step back and realize how lucky i am. and i take it for granted every single day. i am going to work on that. i am ashamed of myself. but i know i am only human. i have an amazing husband who would do anything for me. i have the best dog in the whole world. we both have such amazing families. we both work for such awesome companies and have a roof over our heads. we have food in our bellies and coats to keep up warm. sure... fixing a car is sure an inconvenience. not exactly what i wanted to be spending money on around christmas.. but i should just be grateful that i even have a car, the money in savings to get it fixed, and a husband who takes care of it all and forgives an ungrateful me when i let silly little things ruin my day. i am really lucky and need to be more grateful. sorry.. i didn't mean to get all serious here. just needed to vent a little and make myself accountable to be more grateful. we haven't officially decided yet what to do about the car either... but i am not worried about it anymore. it will all work out. it always does.

on a lighter note, i will leave you with this...

what? another picture of moses? sorry if you are sick of them. but i could never get sick of them.


this picture cracks me up. i like to think he is just "soakin' it all in". you know.. christmas and all. i mean it's not like i haven't made him watch a million christmas movies with me or anything. i am sure he loves christmas just as much as i do.


Devin & Katie said...

such awesome pictures of mo mo! love them. some of my very favorites for sure! especially the top one. and car problems STINK. our tire pressure sensor in the mazda keeps coming on. no matter how many times we take it to discount and get them checked and fill them with air... i think car problems are such a big deal to us because we rely a lot on their convenience. and it's scary to commute on the freeway (especially in all the damn construction!!) in a car that you know isn't absolutely completely safe. i get so paranoid about driving cars! i'm always afraid they will brake down. i'm also afraid they will explode. which i know wouldn't happen, but i freak myself out about it all the time! anyway, i'm just saying i know where you're coming from! you aren't alone! i think i should try to not take having 2 cars for granted either. it's so nice! we're lucky!

kelsey and murray said...

mo is adorable! i am sorry about the car issues, it sounds like us with murrays car, there is always something wrong with it. in fact, we have been spliting up when to get things done on it and we need to get it in for the next round of crap. ugh not fun, but i appreciate your perspective, i too need to be reminded of how lucky we are to have two cars and to be able to use them. it is so hard, especially this time of year, but like you said at the end of the day its just a car and it will all work out. i hope you are having a better day- you are darling!

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

haha love these. he is such a pretty doggie!

michael. mindy. dane. said...

chloe. let's just be best friends. okay? sorry about your car. that sucks. it's always something, right? if it's not the car, there's something else you don't want to spend money on. but like you said, there are always good things too, right? always. anyway. mo is a dog. i mean a doll. ha. who calls a dog a doll? me. because i am lame. anyway. happy friday!

emily+brett said...

i'm going to rename your blog "moses...sean & chloe too" haha. you need a baby:) only kidding. i love all the picks of mosey. and we know all too well about car troubles. we feel the same though. don't want two car payments. actually we just payed my car off. which feels great! when it's cold brett's car ('92 corolla) won't start so he has to jump it with my car. poor brett in the cold.

{Jesica Huffaker} said...

You're only normal for letting the car thing bug you. In fact, I would be worried about you if you weren't letting it bother you. Just remember... when life gets rough there is always Diet DP and chocolate. What more do you need (besides freaking cute Moses and your awesome hubby)?