Tuesday, July 19, 2011

from the garden.


last night we picked some of the veggies from our garden. they are HUGE. keep in mind that i should get no credit for this garden. it is all sean. he is obsessed with our yard. and our garden. and i love it. he gets so excited about it. nothing makes me happier than to see sean excited about something. vegetables though? i wish i could grow cookies. anyway. last night we made a delicious bowtie pasta with slow roasted summer squash, zucchini, and bacon all tossed together in with whipping cream, garlic, and basil.

while that was cooking i attempted to make zucchini bread for the first time. i think that it turned out pretty good and i will definitely be making more in the future. oh and we won't talk about how at midnight i threw all of the above up. yeah. not as good coming up. i think my body was like "woah chloe. you have had way too much vegetables and healthy stuff today. where is the sugar? REJECT." or more like EJECT. anyway. i am feeling better and the food was still delicious. oh and do you like how i said we won't talk about it and i totally talked about it?

moses is just so cute. i can't not take a million pictures of him. we left him alone inside the house other night for an hour and half. he was such a good boy. he didn't tear up anything. there were no accidents. i am a proud puppy mom.

those are sean's new cowboy boots. we are headed to colorado this weekend to spend some time with his brother brandon. we cannot wait! we get to bring moses. it is going to be awesome. we don't get to see brandon too often so this is something we have been looking forward to for a while. he is a sous chef at a black mountain ranch near mccoy. how cool is that? anyway sean insisted that he needed some cowboy boots. happy early christmas sean! haha jk.. but not really. ;)

tonight i had softball practice and sean spent the evening grilling steaks and more squash with our buddy tyson. when i got home we watched 127 hours again. that movie is amazing. i highly recommend it. anyway, i tried to snap those pictures during an intense moment and sean was making fun of me. i always know how to ruin the moment. it's one of my greatest talents :) but i happy with how the pictures turned out. his smile still gets to me.


mama boss said...

those veggies are huge! go sean! (and go sean's cheerleader! ;)
your dinner sounds delicious, but not the return part... ha, love that "woah chloe...way too much healthy stuff today. where's the sugar?" you are awesome.
and...uh...if you've got, like, 5 minutes to spare...and are near denver...you should come and say hi. because that would pretty much be awesome. :)

kaysi van dyke fox said...

that zuchini bread looks so YUM!!! im so jealous you have a garden! we dont have a yard and it kills me!!

Anonymous said...

Those cowboy boots are awesome! Can't wait to see pictures of Colorado - I LOVE that state! :) And I would love me a big slice of zucchini bread!! :)

The Lewicutt's est 2006 said...

orrr maybe.. baby? ;-)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I love Sean's cowboy boots!

Summer Athena said...

i miss fresh veggies out of the garden and i love your new layout and the header photo is one of my faves. xoxoxoxoox

missy. said...

i am not a yard person unless it involves me in a lawn chair with a drink in my hand. props to your hubs for enjoying that kind of stuff.

{Jesica Huffaker} said...

Wow those veggies are awesome! But I'm with you I wish we could grow cookies or brownies. Btw, I was wondering what you know about Lehi, Utah. We have a job possibility there but know nothing about the place so if you know anything let me know! You can either leave me a comment on my blog or shoot me an email to brockandjesica@gmail.com. Thanks!

emily+brett said...

my mom and i made zucchini noodles with alfredo sauce the other night. it is another good way to use zucchini. have you ever had pizza factory's zucchini noodles? that is where we got the idea. we just used a madalin to cut the zucchini into pasta size stripes (you can do it by hand too) and then blanched them in salt water. really tasty!

i was really hoping to see you at grandma white's while kevin and lindsey were in town:( wish i had your phone number. we need to get together sometime!!

michael. mindy. dane. said...

:) this post just made me smile. the bread sounds yummy! i used to make that all the time and throw in some chocolate chips. so good! we don't have a garden yet. maybe someday..but i think a lawn would be good first?

your pasta dish sounds way yummy, too! i think i'll make pasta for dinner! sorry you threw it up :(

let's freaking go to yogurtland! i haven't stopped thinking about that dang red velvet lately!

michael. mindy. dane. said...

ps, the new header is amazeballs.

Ashley Eliza said...

zucchini bread=awesomeness. yumm. i'm like drooling over here. i need to be domestic and make some.

and i think i need to try your pasta recipe too. it sounds fabo. and very summer-ish.

you rock chloe!