Tuesday, May 3, 2011

abc survey.. more stuff about us that you probably don't care to know.

i have seen this ABC survey on a couple of other blogs so i thought i would join in on the fun...i will try to answer the questions for both sean and i since this is supposed to be a blog about us... sometimes i forget and call it "my blog" oops... i already have my other blog, but this is OUR blog. sorry sean. i will never forget that again. anyway. i am sure no one will care to read all this. i can't seem to just put a simple one word answer on anything. i always have to tell a story or explain myself. oh well! i actually started this about a month ago. sometimes i get bored.. and lately i have to find things to do so i can stop myself from eating everything that i see. no really. ask sean about last night. i don't know what came over me but i could not stop eating. and i was making the most random concoctions. i made kettle corn then sprinkled cinnamon and sugar all over it. then added cinnamon toast cruch.. and then bits of heath bar. and that didn't hit the spot so i had some chips, peach salsa and marshmallows. i like mixing rice and cottage cheese together too. i know i am insane. and this was all after 10 p.m. maybe i am pregnant? ha... jk. ;) i am going to blame it on all the working out i have been doing lately! and being a woman and all the fun stuff that comes along with that... but i should probably start fueling my body with healthier foods when i get that way. meh. maybe not. most of that food was semi-healthyish.. haha. anyway. here we go!


A. Age: 24. i'll be 25 in june. sean is 25. we are a little over 6 months apart.

B. Bed size: queen. oh how i wish it was a king. sean and i both like our space when we sleep. and if moses happens to make his way on to the bed in the middle of the night? it's pretty crowded. we bought the bedroom set the day before we decided to buy a new house. if we would have known we were gonna get a house that suddenly, we might have gotten a bigger bed since we have room for it in our master bedroom.. oh well! the queen is just fine :)

C. Chore you hate: all of them. but especially laundry, dishes, bathrooms, dusting, picking up clothes off the floor, cleaning out the fridge, picking up dog poop, taking out the trash... oh wait. did you want just one? i actually don't mind vacuuming though. and i know you are thinking that my house is probably a mess. which it is most of the time. but i actually don't mind cleaning. i like things to be clean. but i don't beat myself up over it if it's not. there are a lot of things i would rather do besides clean. so i would say i don't hate it.. sometimes i actually think it's therapeutic. but no. it's not my favorite thing in the world to do. but i like the feeling of it all being done.

i think that sean likes vacuuming the most. actually, anything to do with the yard or being outside. he doesn't think yard work is a chore. i consider it hell on earth.

D. Dogs: my moses! i love him so much. i grew up though with a cocker spaniel named lunch and daphne. then we got a golden retriever named cherry pie. she passed away when i was 21. saddest day of my life. moses is sean's first dog!

E. Essential start to your day: first off let's just say i am not a morning person. never have been and never want to be. i love my sleep. unfortunately i married a morning person. it's just a battle that we have to work through. we all have our trials right? that being said,  i hit snooze about 17 times. moe jumps on the bed and licks my face. sean is already gone at this point so then i decide i should probably get in the shower. this is usually around 6:45 or 7. but 4 days out of 5 i will "accidentally" hit snooze until 7:30 and have to run out the door to get to work because i work at 8. sean wakes up when the sun comes out.. if it's not a work day he heads downstairs at like 7 and watches TV until i wake up 5 hours later. anyway, now that he is out of school we try and carpool to work as much as possible so we probably kinda get up around the same time.

F. Favorite color: right now i am loving peach, white, gray, and mustard yellow. i love navy too. i can never pick just one thing. notice that? i am so indecisive. sean? he says "blue, maybe gray. not sure.. how come?" haha.

G. Gold or silver: it depends... i like them both! sean likes silver.

H. Height: 5'6ish. i think. last time i checked. although some people think i am shorter than that and some think i am taller. guess it depends on the day. sean is about 5'11ish. i think it works out well for us..haha.

I. Instruments: dang. none. sean plays the guitar though.. can i count that? i guess you can say i am a pianist and a guitarist though because i can play twinkle twinkle little star on them. try not to act too impressed..

J. Job title: closer. and no, not like that tv show the closer. i wish. actually i don't even know what that is about. so i guess to be more specific---mortgage loan closer. i prepare the closing docs for mortgages. also i check the closing packages after the borrowers have signed them, set loans up for funding, wire money to title companies and ship the files off to the investors for purchasing. super fun stuff! no really, i enjoy it :)

sean is a commercial and residential loan officer. he is also a credit analyst/underwriter for the commercial department of our company. he mostly does that for now while he is in school and residential loans on the side. when he finishes school he will probably mostly focus on being a commercial loan officer. but who knows!

K. Kids: none yet! hopefully someday though. we both love kids. i guess you can also count mosey as a kid.

L. Live: springville, utah.

M. Mom’s name: mine: staci. seans: vicki.

N. Nicknames: chlo-bug, bug, chlo-bo... in high school i had a lot more because no one could say my name right... cleo, cholie, cholo, shiloh? my favorite is when my dad calls me bug or chlo-bug. he has called me that my whole life :)

seans: seanie, seanathon, shaniqua, pookie. haha. okay those are all from me. and they are mostly inside jokes. from other people? S, scooter, and Ashby. he says in elementary school he got called Seen, and in jr. high Shlong. hahahahaha.

O. Overnight hospital stays: none that i know of.. maybe when i was a newborn? ha. i have been to the hospital for same day surgeries though.

sean almost died from a long boarding accident that caused a severe head injury when he was 17 and he was in the hospital for like 2 weeks. part of that time he was in a coma. so glad he is alive!

P. Pet peeve: drivers that drive way under the speed limit, don't use their blinkers (sean), bicyclists that don't follow traffic rules and seem to think they are invincible. most of my pet peeves have to do with driving. lets just say i tend to get road rage every so often and prefer it when sean drives.. also? i get really peeved when people post updates on facebook or posts on their blog about things that they absolutely hate. and no i am not saying like "oh i hate pickles!" but when people on facebook are doing something that they don't like and they have to call attention to it by posting about. it's just mean. and when they put down other people not directly but by claiming that the way that they do things is the better way. i don't care for that passive aggressive, negative stuff. also when people brag about how much they make or all the stuff that they have. it's not an attractive quality to me. i mean it is okay to count your blessing and be proud of that. but i think some people make it a point to rub it in peoples faces. it's not my favorite thing. i really admire humble people. and that right there is not a pet peeve.

seans: waiting on people.

Q. Quote from a movie: it's not from a movie, it is from the office.. and it's the only one i can think of right now since sean and i have been laughing about it for the past 2 weeks. jim is talking to dwight and he mentions justin beiber. dwight says: "who is justice beaver?"  jim says: ".........it's a crime fighting beaver." here is the clip if you want to watch it... love it.

R. Right or left handed: right. for us both.

S. Siblings: a twin sister (maddie) and then my mom had another set of twins (a boy and a girl) 2 years after us. sam and bailey. bailey passed away when she was 2 months old :( i wish i could have gotten to know her. sam is married to an awesome girl named sarah.

sean has an older sister named amanda. and older brother named brandon. and a younger brother by 16 months, devin. amanda is married to jason and they have 3 kids. makayla, kaden, and addison. devin is getting married in a few weeks to katie. those are our siblings!

T. Time you wake up: sean has alarms that go off around 6. that wakes me up but i go back to sleep til my alarms go off at 6:35 and 6:42. (yes i know i am weird) i usually don't get up til about 6:55 or 7. today? 7:17. oops.

U. Underwear: yes, i prefer underwear over no underwear. i can't say the same for sean though.

V. Vegetables you dislike: cucumbers, fresh onions (i like them cooked) olives, pickles... pretty much i only like lettuce and tomatoes and tomatoes are actually a fruit. i liked almost any cooked veggies though. i don't hate veggies.. i just like fruit more. i am growing to like veggies more though.

sean loves cucumbers, pickles, onions, pretty much every vegetable i don't like. he only hates the ones that i do like. haha. he dislikes tomatoes very much.

W. What makes you run late: sleeping in. moses not doing his "business" fast enough. forgetting that we live in springville now not orem or provo. we work in orem and  i always forget that and misjudge the time.

X. X-Rays you’ve had: i have had about 100 on both of my feet. no joke. and then on my shoulder, and hand.

sean has broken like 18 bones or something. seriously. i can only imagine that he has had a million x-rays.

Y. Yummy food you make: rice krispy treats, muddie buddies, carmelitas, chocolate peanut butter chip cookies, oh wait.. you said food? hmmm. lately i cook a lot of egg sandwiches on wheat english muffins or wheat bagel thins. i think they are pretty good :) i also made some chicken enchiladas a couple of weeks ago. white chicken chili soup, oh and i can make a mean philly cheese steak :)

sean makes amazing tacos, spaghetti, steak, potato salad, cinnamon rolls.. pretty much every thing he makes? i like.

Z. Zoo- favorite animal: ELEPHANT. hands down. sean says "the bears and the elephants". aww... i knew i married a smart man :)

the end.

oh and here is a picture of us from back in the dating days. just for kicks and giggles. this was taken at a bowling alley in fall 2008... my how times flies!


man. this picture really makes me want a huge diet dr. pepper. right now.


Caitlin said...

Awesome! I am totally doing this too.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I don't know how you guys deal being in bed when Moses joins. Monte is only a little dog and our queen always feels crowded!

Anonymous said...

Haha! This was fun! :)

Diana Smith said...

This was fun to read! Thanks!

Kara said...

hooray! i haven't seen this yet... but i'm going to do it too :)

p.s. -- i am also 24 and will be 25 in june! go us!

Elise Halladay said...

Cute post Chloe! Loved the pet-peeve stuff. I am the same way with driving!!

Matt said...

Hey Bug, Love you ;) FYI: BUG is the best nickname for you.


michael. mindy. dane. said...

i loved reading this! i laughed out LOUD at sean being called shlong. haha. and typing that? i just laughed again. no wonder i work with 13 year olds all day every day.

also, i loved sean's comment on his favorite color. id on't know why. i just pictured you two watching tv and you asking him and him being into espn or sports center or something and answering like that. maybe that's because that's what it would look like at our house. anyway. i just liked it for some reason. i'm bizarro

samnhal said...

I love how so many of these involve sleep and sleeping in. I'm totally that way, and Hal is fully a morning person. Every day on vacation, he would be up, showered, dressed, and have eaten by the time I woke up. I love hitting the snooze button. I shower at night so I can sleep in. You had a dog named lunch? That is awesome!