Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the cake and food.

10. the cake/food: i love food. so tell me about what you had at your wedding!

the food at our reception was catered by arlington house. a woman named edy buss owns the company and she is awesome! we didn't end up having a dinner at the reception. we just provided a dessert bar. it was right up sean and i's alley! i love sweets and he loves cheesecake so we made sure to have lots of cheesecakes. it was so yummy. there was also lots of fruit and grape juice. my only regret is that we would have been able to eat more of the food! edy saved us a doggie bag and handed it to us as we left. apparently there was no food left. i am so happy it all got eaten! it was amazing. we took the food back to our hotel but they didn't have a fridge. we tried to eat as much as we could but unfortunately some of it had to go to waste. it was soo yummy though.

the cake was made by girl named brittany mcmullin! she lives in st. george and is my cousin makinzy's cousin. make sense? anyway, she offered to bring it all the way to provo. how cool is she? the cake had three different layers and each layer was a different flavor. it was red velvet, chocolate, and lemon. we didn't really get to try the cake, besides feeding and smashing a piece into each other's faces. but we hear it was AMAZING. it was a hug hit. it had a buttercream whipped frosting. i think fondant cakes are pretty but i wanted one that was really yummy and easy to eat so that is why i went with this one! check out her blog here. she is amazing.

sean ordered the elephants on top of the cake from russia. my friend lee made them in to a bride and groom! i loved it! i still have them sitting on a shelf at my house but their little accessories came off in our move so we need to glue them back on. i love them know. if you didn't already know i have a little obsession/fascination with elephants. just a little one though... ;)

lees mom was our florist and she was amazing. she went above and beyond what i expected. i didn't have to worry about a thing. she took care of so much. her and lee even helped decorate the cake with flowers and stuff. they did so much. i am so grateful to have such amazing friends. i consider them family.

we toasted with dr. pepper for him and diet dr. pepper for me. it was perfect.












michael. mindy. dane. said...

wow. the food looks amazing. i wish we would have been friends earlier so i could have had some! haha.

Claire said...

that cake!!! YUM! loving your blog :)x

{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

yay, i love this chloé. :) makes me instantly happy and hungry. hahaha.
missed you girl. :) love this wedding challenge thing. haha.

Amanda said...

oh my gosh this looks so good! so tasty, i'm hungry now!!

Amanda said...

oh and we had breakfast for supper at our wedding, so good! waffles, eggs Benedict the whole thing!