Sunday, January 2, 2011

before and after.

so we have lived in our new house since july.. and we didn't put anything up on the walls for quite a while. part of the reason was that we were trying to get our sod laid before november. i think another reason was that we were just kind of nervous about it. we have hung a few things in the last month or two, but i finally decided i was tired of it being so bare. also, after my last post about my dream room i decided it was time to get to work. i still have some work to do... but here are some before and after pictures. also, our next purchase will be a new kitchen table and chairs. i already have them picked out, i just need to save up!

here is our dining area. the before picture was actually taken in like august. since then we had a clock on the wall and a few other things. but for some reason it just didn't seem quite complete to me. after being inspired by my brother sam and his wife sarah's cute little apartment, i decided we needed a table and mirror there. it is kind of hard to see with the table in the way. but i think it turned out pretty cute and it really opens that area up. it looks so much bigger!




our family room is shared with the dining area which is open to the kitchen. our house is very open concept. so these pictures below are taken while standing in the dining area. does that make sense? sorry i probably don't need to explain, but i would get confused if i hadn't seen it in person.





i had originally planned to go with the yellow theme in my previous post, but after going to ikea i went with some blues, browns, and grays. my grandma dallyne made that beautiful blanket on the couch. i love it. she is amazing! now i just need to find some fabric for some curtains. i am going to attempt to make them with the help of my friends and family..








i didn't do a whole lot to the kitchen but added a few little things. i love these little vases! all in all i think it turned out pretty cute! once we get our new kitchen table i think it will feel pretty complete. it is going to be bar height, and it is the same color as the mirror and table behind it. it's a perfect square and can fit 4-8 people. i can't wait to get it.

now that our 1/2 bath, bedroom, and family room are complete, we just need to work on our entry way, office, and spare bedroom. right now they are just full of junk. especially after christmas. (a post coming on that after this one) all that is in our entry way right now is that mirror i got from the antique store. now we just need to find a hutch or table to put in there. preferably one that has storage and hooks for coats! anyway, i am no decorator, but i have been having fun with it. i think sean wants me to stop though because i keep spending money on the house. but oh well, he spent our money on the outside of the house (yard and sprinkler system) so i think its my turn to spend it on the inside. am i right? oh and i promise we aren't made of money haha. i think part of the reason we haven't done much to the house until now is because we were saving up to do decorate. at least that is my reasoning for it. oh and also? ikea is awesome. but also... i hate it. i can't believe i got out of there alive and with any money left.. i think they purposely make it the way that it is so you will be in there forever and decide that you don't want to come back for a long time so you will just buy way too much. the end.

p.s. thank you so much lee for helping me do all this and putting up with my craziness at ikea! you are the best!


Lee S. said...

It looks so great! Love how the mirror and side table turned out! And you are was a lot of fun :)

Staci T said...

I love it Bug! It looks amazing. I think i'm jealous. It looks very cozy and I think you did a great job. I think when spring comes and all the snow is gone, and you can see haow great your yard looks too, Sean will be very proud of both inside and outside. Nice work1

Anonymous said...

Ooh I love how it all looks! Especially that BEAUTIFUL blanket your grandmother made! Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. And I simply adore that photo of you and Sean on the side of the page :) You're gorgeous!!!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Oh you did such a good job! Want to come over and do our place?

michael. mindy. dane. said...

stop it! i have that same gray rug from ikea! i have it under my kitchen table. ah! great minds think alike :) and i think now i want to decorate...your house looks SO cute. i want to see it in person. i love it. i need to do some sprucing up to this place. i think i'm waiting to paint and then i'll hang some stuff up. anyway. love your house!

kelly ann said...

oh my gosh CHLOE!!! i don't know how i haven't seen your recent posts! (google reader is just dumb sometimes) i was seriously missing reading your blog... :( so glad i have lots to catch up on!

your place looks GOOD. :) <3

kels&murr said...

i am loving this!! you have such a darling little place!

Caitlin said...

Your place looks great! Our dinning areas could be twins! I just got the same rug from ikea thats in your living room, talk about a steal!

Michele said...

Super cute! You are doing a great job turning your house into your home:)

@manda said...

I adore that little table and your new mirror! Adds so much warmth to that room. So nice Chloe! You have done a lot :) Awesome

Diana Smith said...

I love what you have done! you sure have an eye for decorating!

Elise Halladay said...

Super cute!! I love spending money on the home. You totally should decorate my place... you are so much better at it! Very cute

Chelsea said...

what a cozy home!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Your house is looking great!!

Jenni said...

Oh my goodness I wish we had an Ikea! I just love Ikea and it would make it sooo much easier if they would put one in here! Ok, enough rant...Your place is BEAUTIFUL! So homey and warm! I could easily curl up on that couch :)

samnhal said...

Ikea is like costco, you can't get out of there very cheaply. It just makes you want everything. As soon as I saw that rug, I thought it was from ikea.

Rhiannon Nicole said...

Ohmygoodness your living room reminds me so much of my own!! We have the same carpet too hehe Happy New Year to your cutre little fam jam :) xo

Rhiannon Nicole said...

Ohmygoodness your living room reminds me so much of my own!! We have the same carpet too hehe Happy New Year to your cutre little fam jam :) xo