Wednesday, December 1, 2010


sometimes i just want to go here again.... 


....and never ever come back.

sometimes i really just don't like myself. 
and that is normal i suppose. 
but lately it seems more often than not. 
sometimes i feel like i am the only person in the world. 
people are there. and they see me. but they can't hear me. 
i can't make anyone understand what i'm feeling.
sometimes i let it get the best of me. i let it ruin my day.
i let it ruin my whole week. and sometimes my whole month.
sometimes i feel like i am in a movie. and everyone is acting.
why do we all seem to think that everyone elses "movie" is better than our own?

 and then..

 sometimes i forget that i am married to the most 
incredible man in the entire world.
and then i feel selfish for ever feeling the way that i do.
i am incredibly blessed. and i need to remember that.

here's hoping 2011 is better..
and that i can be more grateful for the blessings in my life.
i don't expect anyone to get what i am talking about. 
and that is fine. i am learning that i need to be fine with that.