Tuesday, August 24, 2010

babies, dogs, and my quilt.

on saturday i got to tend my cute little neice addi for a few hours. she is getting so big! 
i just love her. she was so well behaved and i just can't get over how adorable she is. 
she might just make me a little baby hungry. but just a little.. 


then i remember i have a baby. and he is pure birth control. my pup...
here is my baby moe. he is getting so big. okay really, i thought he would be bigger by now.
but still. he is kind of in a naughty phase.. still. but that's okay. he is cute, so we'll keep him.
it kind of looks like he has a lazy eye in this picture but i promise he doesn't in real life.



we got our quilt today! but not the pillows that i ordered. i know this quilt is probably more girly than most couples usually have. but sean wears moomoo's and likes to bake cinnamon rolls so i think having a feminine quilt is the least of our concerns. and he didn't really have a choice in this anyway.. oops. oh and i am planning to paint and do some other things to this room. but here is a sneak peak. oh and that is our new bedroom furniture! no more white broken furniture that i have had since i was 5! 
time for a big girl bed! wahoo!

this picture doesn't do the quilt justice. but i love it. i will take better pictures later.
i need to do a house post still. i'll be honest though.. i worked 52 hours last week, and have 
already worked almost 20 so far this week. there isn't a whole lot of time to spend in
the new house.. let alone blog or spend time online. i sure do love it though. 
and i am grateful for my wonderful job. 2 weeks ago they gave us all one of those
flip video cameras. today? they brought in a massage therapist and lunch. they are so
good to us, and i don't think i could work for a better company.

other news? hmmm..sean starts school tomorrow..sucka!!
 i don't miss school. but then i remember that i still don't have my bachelor's degree 
and probably should just go back because i only have 3 semesters left, but then i 
remember that i hate school, and since when did having an associates degree not
seem to really be that cool? i think it's cool. heck, i think it's cool if you have a high school
diploma. and if you don't even have that? i still think you are cool. 


Heather said...

SO my baby Brooklyn LOVES dogs and while I am scrolling down your blog and holding her she laughs every time I scroll to Moses! It is so cute! I love reading your blog!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I love that quote Chloe, it's so pretty! I wish Dustin would let me have something like that. We have a gray comforter and I really want purple sheets and he said no =-( So mean.

Haha, I'm FINALLY getting my associate's degree and then I am DONE with school. I'm not a fan of school but my high school degree is not getting me far so hopefully this will help!

Sam said...

Aw, that little girl is adorable! I want one! Moe is still a ctuie even if he has a lazy eye in pictures. And I like your quilt. And I like that the hubs doesn't get a say. Just cause. That's how it will be when I move in with my future husband :) You have been busy, busy working away! Wow! That's a lot of hours. My jobless self is jealous.

crissy said...

That is a really cute quilt. But I've got you beat on girly bedding. Our blanket is covered in maroonish-pinkish roses. Sometimes I'm amazed that Cori doesn't complain about it. :)

olivia rae said...

hahahah love this post! beautiful quilt and i'm sure sean with his cinnamon-roll baking will truly appreciate it. xoxo

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

that baby is precious! love your bed spread

ahhh schoooolllll bleeeeehhhhh. hahahaha

miss you.

samnhal said...

I like your quilt, it's so cute. I slept with a quilt all of my life until we got married and we have the most comfy fluffy duvet ever, except it's too hot to sleep with it right now so we have a quilt on our bed. Psh, boys don't get a say in decorating! I would totally buy a purple bedspread and hal would like it! Except ours is blue. Suck. And Sucka boys who start school again!

Rachel Leigh said...

Your quilt is so pretty! And new furniture is always the best! I am in the same boat for school. I just hate it so much. Maybe one day... or not.

Anonymous said...

I am with ya on the school thing - I went to so many different schools in high school because I hated school so much, I thought another one might be better - BUT I WAS WRONG! Then I did 2 terms of a bachelors degree FROM HOME and quit because I hate school so much. Some people were just not created for school work. I don't mind. :)

Love the quilt by the way. Sean wears moomoos??????

kelly ann said...

she is SO adorable! look at her big, gorgeous blue eyes! cutie pie.

um. i think i need to work at your company. like right now. flip cams and message therapists and free food?! sounds good to me.

Jenni said...

you make me smile! I LOVE the quilt!!! Spencer's mom is making us a quilt for our wedding and I can't wait to see it! It's a wedding band pattern and its in grays, blues, greens and cream shades. LOVE it!

I wish I could work for your company!!! I guess it would require moving as well...but hey! Why not? We're only young once right? haha I kid....kinda...

I think you are too cool for school. :)

PS-Don't forget to enter my "Letter Lovers" giveaway! http://jenni-helloworld.blogspot.com/2010/08/letter-lovers-giveaway.html

Alexa Mae said...

i want that baby girl. those blue eyes are to die for. your quilt is adorable! i don't think its too girly at all. girl, you work so hard...52 hours? i would die. xoxo

grant + brittany said...

i'm so jealous that you only have 3 semesters left! the bedroom looks adorable. i love your headboard. i can't believe you worked 52 hours. that is insane. good thing you like your job and company. but seriously you must be exhausted. i love you tons and miss you. love your profile pic too. you are just simply gorgeous. oh and what a cute little baby! i work in the nursery and even though i leave exhausted with bruises... i love the kids. i don't necessarily like watching all of them fall in LOVE with grant and love everything he does but i do love to squeeze them when they let me. anyway i'm just babbling on. make sure you give yourself breaks with all this working. i hope you are still eating icecream for breakfast.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I like that quilt! It's cute!

Michele said...

Way cool quilt and I love your "big girl" furniture. Sorry for all the long hours at work. I hear you are sending around some great emails though:)

Emily said...

I heard about those flip cameras! Awesome! Thanks for working so hard and being so patient. I think your job would be so so stressful.

Your quilt is darling! I love it. I really need to get our bedroom together, it's so scattered and blah.

And lastly, yesterday when I was leaving the office Sean came over to our car to shake Jon's hand and tell us congrats, and in my book that makes him awesome. Thanks for your sweet comments too, it made my day~!

my name is lauren. said...

meh....school is totally overrated. i have a bachelor's and it hasn't gotten me a thing....except for an under appreciated/underpaid job. seems to me that you made the right choice :).

i miss you like mad lady! we need to go back to e-mailling! maybe once we get back from our roadtrip.

oh...and PS i canNOT believe how huge mosey is!!! what happened to your puppy???

Chelsea said...

wow. love the quilt.

JMay said...

Aww, your niece is sooo cute!

Love the quilt too, it's so homey!

@manda said...

Little baby says "I love you Aunt Chloe!"

Amy said...

Wow your pup isn't really a puppy anymore! He's still cute though! Love the quilt!

Danica Keeley said...

Thank you SO much! You are too clever Chloe! haha And thank you for following..it means more than you know. xx