Tuesday, July 20, 2010

house updates and an uncomfortable situation.

today we had our final walk through on our house. just a few more things and the house will be ready to go! we are closing on Wednesday morning and couldn't be more excited! here are some pictures that we got. it looks pretty boring since there is nothing in it yet. but i will make sure to update once we get all moved in. although, i am not very good at decorating and stuff like that, so it might not be as cute as people think it could be. haha. i will for sure try my best though.







it is kind of hard to tell what all these rooms are since there is nothing in them. and i am too tired to explain so just wait until we put stuff in them and then i will probably not have to explain which room is our tv room and which room is our office and bedroom. sound good?

anyway, after having such a neat time at our walk through, no really it was pretty neat and i think it finally hit us that we are actually doing this.. anyway, after doing that we came home and watched lame-o frank on the bachelorette (oh and spell check on blogger says that bachelorette is not a word? wha??) and actually i don't even really like Ali, so i am not sure why i care but i really have to say she is good at standing up for herself and did handle it with class because there are a lot of d-bags  losers on that show but now i am rambling.

anyway, my whole point was that mosey started crying and smelling like he might have to go to the bathroom. so i took him out. and he decided it would be really funny to run to the neighbors next door. they have a little gate, and a fenced yard, so it's not exactly easy to get into their yard and judging by the fence and gate i am sure they don't really want other people and dogs going into their yard but he did anyway. and he was making the rounds. do you know what i am talking about? how dogs do that circling thing around the yard like they are trying to find the right place to do the duty? and i was like,


in slow motion. i tried to grab him. but he kept getting away and teasing me with an almost urge to poop. keep in mind this is the same neighbor that mosey jumped on their little 4 year old and it was crazy. oh but it wasn't the same one that mosey jumped on at our game on friday night after his collar broke and he got off his leash. and he jumped on a kid with his cone on and the kid cried for 20 minutes and we still had a game to play. no it wasn't that kid.

wow. what a tangent. back to the story. so he kept threatening me with pooping on the neighbor's lawn and i think they hate us so i was like "this will not be good" so i picked him up... and didn't notice that he decided to poop anyway while i was holding him. and he made a lovely trail all the way from the neighbors house back to our house with me carrying him. i should have just left him on the neighbors lawn. he pooped in 5 different increments. all while i was holding him.  and some landed on my foot and now i smell like poop because i tried to pick it up off the neighbors driveway, but have you ever tried to pick up melty poop off off hot cement?

anyway, what makes this story even more awkward is that i didn't want to face the neighbors anyway, because last week on thursday we practiced softball and came home and sean and i were sweaty so he was like "i'm throwing these clothes in the wash" and i was like "cool, here are mine" and so i took my shirt off and then got side tracked with some packing and decided to get rid of some old underwear that i don't wear anymore and i had a lot of it. so i was doing that and i picked it all up in no bag and just decided to take it outside and dump it in the trash. and then as i was walking back inside i realized that i didn't have a shirt on. not sure which is more embarrassing. carrying out my old underwear that i have had since high school or not having a shirt on. yep. we are those kind of neighbors. i guess they are lucky we are moving soon. and i should probably go back on some medication...

phew. that was one big run on messy sentence. and i don't even care. if  you made it this far, then bravo to you! i am impressed. i am going to bed before i do anything else to embarrass myself. i promise it was a good day :)


my name is lauren. said...

what???? i'm guessing that you had your holy underwear on though, so at least you weren't totally nudie :). i love that story about moses. sounds like something marley would do....for real. marley has this weird thing where she won't poop in one spot. she poops while she walks and leaves little trails. we've tried to teach her to go in one spot...unsuccessfully. oh well...we still love her :).

yay for your new house! it's going to be super cute!

Maddie said...

HAHAHAHHAA, oh mosey. i want to know the thoughts that go through his head. i bet he has a great sense of humor. I'm so excited for you guys to move into your house!!! looks so good! :)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Oh wow. Chloe I'm sorry but I'm laughing so hard right now! I always have this fear that somehow I'll forget to put a shirt or pants on and just walk outside. Seriously one day... and then you can laugh at me, hehe.

But the house looks SO GOOD! So excited for you guys!

Selma said...

ok, seriously?! no way!!! :(((((
so sad no one had a camera handy. ;) sorry girl, but this got me laughing so hard. poor you and poor mosey. :( nice girl...shirtless...i'm sure your neighbors will miss ya. ;) haha.

on a more serious note, i love the house. without furniture. i just love any house that's empty. it's a brand new start, and it feels so fresh and clean and ready to be stuffed with well, furniture and such. i love walking through empty houses...just to imagine what i would put there and then there and then yes, there next to the window, etc. :)

i'm so excited for you!!!


Anonymous said...

it's situations like these that convince me i'm not nearly patient enough to have a pet. someday, maybe :)

excited for you two and your new house!

Rasha @ {andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

haha that is just so gross, lol

loveing the house, it looks great, cant wait for you guys!

The Boob Nazi said...

Were you just wearing a bra or garments? I don't know which would be worse....

Michele said...

You can be my neighbor any day sister!!! You make me laugh. Your house looks AWESOME!!! I am so laughing with you on the dog thing. Brooke is convinced that Bo has special needs. No need to say more:)

lydia. said...

Josh and I just got our place, too!
We didn't buy, but it's our first home.
It's such an exciting thing.
Congratulations! I'm sure you'll decorate really cute. :)

Josh and I have this puppy that we got about 3 weeks ago, named Oliver, that we are currently trying to get rid of. (He's the devil.)
And sometimes when we've caught him trying to go in the house, and grab him, he will run but just continue to poop mid-run.
It's annoying, but also really, really funny.

And I love the bra story.

carly said...

what a cute house, can't wait to see it decorated!

and harper has totally pooped on me before, i feel your pain.

samnhal said...

Being pooped on by a dog is pretty bad. Maybe you should warn your new neighbors. ah, it's better to let them find out on their own. haha, I kid...I totally do stuff like that too, wander around and forget that I took my pants off or something. I don't think I've gone outside though, that is awesome. Is it funny that I totally got rid of some old underwear from high school that I don't wear anymore yesterday also. Twinners.

Bri said...

Ahahaha gotta love crazy/funny stories like that.

& congrats on the house! My hubby & I will have to be choosing a house soon before I know it.

♥Aubrey said...

Ha ha...you streaked the neighbors :)) F.U.N.N.Y
That's definitely a story that won't get old sharing.

Congrats on the new home!

Michelle said...

ugggh picking up dog poop is the worst. I like, can't even do it. Makes me sick. Unless your using a pooper scooper and have more than a little paper towel between you and the excrement.

I'm going to go throw up now.

Anonymous said...

I seriously love that house. I'm so very jealous! :)

And that story made me cringe - I have a weak stomach when it comes to dog poop!!! You are certainly brave for trying to pick it up.

I dog sat once, and the dog wouldn't poop unless we went for a walk, and I just COULDN'T pick up his poop, so I left it in front of people's houses, in the middle of the sidewalk, etc. I am a terrible person! (or so said the look on the old ladies' face who drove past while these crimes were being committed!)

crissy said...

The house looks so wonderful, even though it's empty. And I love the kitchen pictures. I really like the sink that's in the island.
Can I just say, I never thought I would care much about kitchens, but getting married/having kids has got me all domesticated, and worried about kitchen size/storage space/functional counter space. That is cool. Oh, and are those shelves supposed to be your pantry..? I'm kinda jealous.
Oooh, I just so excited for you guys! Can't wait to see how it all looks once you've moved in and gotten settled :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I love the pictures of your house! It's going to be so great!

Michael, Mindy, and Dane said...

bahh! i love that you went outside without a shirt on and didn't even notice. huh-larious. so funny about mosey pooping everywhere. what a funny dog. and even funnier that you were carrying him all over the place. i don't know. this whole post is just hilarious. i'm picturing it all and just laughing. so glad you posted it!

♥ Katinka said...

what a great house! congratulations!!!! I'm super excited for you guys!!!!!

Sam said...

love the pics!! and the mosey story is funny, but not as funny as you going topless to the trash can to throw away old underwear.. haha! i've had nightmares where i forget to put on pants and i'm in a public place, but you actually lived something like that! great story.

kelly ann said...

SO excited for you guys and the new house! can't wait to see more pictures... congratulations, dear. :)

JMay said...

Ahhh! So glad I finally am able to catch up on your blog, LOVE the house :-) So excited for you two!

Can't wait to see more pics!