Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a little about us.


i guess you could say that i have posted about babies a lot lately. and you would probably think that i am baby hungry. well who doesn't want a baby? they are like puppies. so cute. i wish i could just borrow one or something. my cousins next door brought their baby over the other night while we were watching the jazz game. little zack fell asleep on my lap and i felt so cool. we will forget about the fact that he cried for like 15 minute before that k?

i can't wait to be a mom someday. there i said it. however, that will definitely not be for a couple of years. i heard a lot of people say we wouldn't make it past a year. well guess what? its been 13 months so take that! i think we will get a dog first. and that probably won't be for a while too.

i have 2 dogs on nintendogs. that is a nintendo game where you take care of a dog. my mom got it for me not this christmas but the last. i told her all that i wanted was a puppy. so she got me one of those. she thinks she is funny :) i haven't checked on them in like 4 months.. do you think that is a sign that i shouldn't get a puppy? or a baby?

so it is raining/hailing here in utah right now. not sure what is going on with this weather. i actually like it though. it makes me want to go back to oregon. i love the rain.

what else is new with us? i mean like what is really going? i was reading back on my latest posts and with as much information that i share that is probably way too much, i don't talk much about what we are really generally up to in life. sure, you get all the embarrassing stories, and TMI posts, but i thought maybe i should fill you all in on a little bit more about sean and i. some times people will ask questions in the comments and i don't always get around to answering them. so here goes. and i am totally making this post up as i go because i am bored and sean is doing stupid homework and i should probably be cooking or cleaning or doing something productive but i think watching friends and blogging is more important than that. back me up.

lets see. well i'll just give you what i can think of off of the top of my head.

sean: 24 years old. mr. perfect. attractive. makes me laugh all the time. has 2 brothers and one sister. is obsessed with his barbecue. obsessed with golfing. currently attending UVU with a major in business finance. he sleeps on the right side of the bed. he snores. he likes to wake up super early and clean. he is weird. because he does that. i kind of like talking like this. with periods. not sure if it is a real way of writing but i don't even care. he is obsessed with big trucks and cars. he used to be a mechanic. he has brown eyes. sometimes with green in them. he is 5'11". has skinnier legs than me. no it's true. we measured. you know the part just above your ankle? yeah. mine is bigger. sean likes burgers. he loves a good steak. he hates tomatoes. the only vegetable i like. okay the only fresh vegetable i like. he doesn't care much for sweets. which leaves more for me. he is a terrible liar. but some how managed to surprise me on our anniversary when he flew me out to vegas to be with him. used to clog. don't tell him i told you. i am trying to track down some pictures. he speaks spanish. went on a mission for our church to Florida for 2 years. he thinks katie holmes is his favorite actress. notice i said he thinks. favorite tv show is the office. has never had braces. neither have i! very good with children. they melt his heart. you can see it in his face when he plays with them. loves camping. likes to do manly things. yet can't seem to stop wearing a moomoo. incredibly smart. almost died in a longboarding accident when he was 17. lived. met me. married me. probably wished that he wouldn't have lived.

chloe: this is weird. lets see. i am 23. twin. mom had two sets of twin 2 and under. i am obsessed with candy. and elephants. people would consider me very sensitive but i don't always love hearing that. i wanna be a tough girl. like if you mess with me i will mess you up. remember this story?  yeah, i am not good at acting tough. i have my associates degree, and a like to call it an almost bachelor degree in community health. you think employers will accept an almost degree? i have been to australia and fiji. i don't like fresh veggies except tomatoes. i absolutely hate cucumbers and sean loves them so we always trade when we go out to eat. waiters think it's cute. i call it convenient. i have dark brown hair. green brown eyes. 5'6". long feet. bigger legs than my husband. same size feet as him too. i love going to movies. love sleeping in. i hate cleaning. i hate doing chores. i love things to be clean though. i would probably hire a maid if i didn't spend all my money on candy and shiny things. i have had lots of surgeries on my feet. 3 on one foot and 1 on the other. broke the law when i was 5. have played softball since i was little. work at the same mortgage company as sean. i prepare loan documents. i am a terrible liar as well. this makes it interesting for sean and i. we are super, almost too honest with each other. i sleep on the left side of the bed. by the door. isn't it supposed to be the other way around? my favorite tv show is the office. and i have been loving HGTV lately. i like reading. currently reading "columbine". it is very interesting. i want a puppy. that is all.

and sean just came out asking if i should maybe cook dinner? i think i shouldn't. but i probably will.

i hope he likes chocolate chips cookies.


Brandon said...

Great post...

You guys don't realize this, but i read it every few days to keep up with you two.

I just read Columbine too, I thought it was amazing. Full of great perspective and insight. I love investigative reporting and non fiction in general.

Tell Sean he is stupid.


Kristen said...

I love this post, and I am glad to know more about you!

PS If Sean didn't like the cookies for dinner you better add "crazy" to the list of things about him.

The Boob Nazi said...

Nintendogs??? hahahaha wtf is that?

Michael & Mindy said...

:) That is my honest comment for this post. The last line is my very fave. This was fun to read. I liked hearing about you. I am excited for the day you have a baby. Seriously teh best thing ever. When you're ready. I have been craving cookies all day and now I want them even more. Sheesh. Thanks a lot.

Michelle said...

yay love this! And you should totally get a puppy!

(Don't worry they won't let you forget about them... trust me.)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

You definitely need a puppy. Like... now. Right now. Puppies are pretty much the best EVER. Do it.

crissy said...

Chocolate chip cookies sounds like a great dinner! We had pancakes and sausage...but I think I prefer your dinner ;)

You keep saying you've got big feet, and your feet are the same size as Sean's, but have you considered that maybe he's the freaky one for having feet as small as a girls? Just sayin... ;)

Your mom is amazing for having 2 sets of twins within 2 years. Wow.

And that baby is cute as can be. Also, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret...babies are even cuter than puppies. :D

You are awesome!

Sarita said...

Hey! Don't remember how I came across your blog a bit ago ... but cute post! Love the train of thought writing. Wish I did more of it :-)

People thought I'd be pregnant months after we were married ... it will be 2 years this September. But he's been deployed since October ... so really we only made it 1.5 years before he left.

Anyhoo .... I'm with you on the baby thing, can't wait. But can.

Anonymous said...

You broke the law when you were 5?

Do tell...

I've got your back - watching Friends and blogging is more important than a lot of things. :)

And to add to the randomness - and because you love elephants - here is a story: a baby elephant was recently born in a zoo somewhere here in Australia (I should know where, but I don't) and everyone "knew" before he was born that he had already died in the womb, but when the mother gave birth he. was. alive! They called him Mr Shuffles!

:D Have a good week!

M said...

Great info about both of you!

Nahl said...

Aww you two are soo cute!

kelly ann said...

loved reading this. :)

Bree said...

it's always fun to learn more about people. and a dog? yes, dogs are great, but the whole puppy stage sucks! and the last 2 lines made me laugh lol

*Lesli* said...

Thanks for the update. I think I was wondering a lot of those things about you, in my head :)

Karen Anne said...

My husband and I were married for 2 months before we got a puppy. A yorkshire terrier named Fletcher. He's a wuss and loves my husband way more than he loves me. He also has an uncanny talent for wedging himself between my husband and I when we are cuddling. He gets jealous of our love.
A year later we got another yorkshire to be Fletcher's friend. His name is Kingsley and he is my baby.
And having live puppies is way different than nintendogs. I killed like five Giga Pets when I was in middle school, but my dogs are still alive (as far as I know).
We've been married 3 1/2 years now! Time for babies!!

*juli* said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. Turns out I literally laughed out loud 3-5 times. I just adore you Chole!!! I seriously do want to get together soon. Yeah? No? Maybe????

missy. said...

haha so cute. i am SO jealous you've been to fiji.. and cousin hates veggies.

lydia. said...

you guys are so cute.
i just love you! is that creepy? i don't care.

i also like how you write.
i think it reminds me of me a little sometimes.
that makes me sound conceited.

Anonymous said...

you are hysterical.. always :) i love reading your posts (and always do, no matter how long some are). i'm glad we're blog friends too!! your comment made me smile! :) have a wonderful day & weekend.

and about those people who said you wouldn't make it a year.. forget them! they don't know what they're talking about. people said the same thing about my grandparents. and they've been together 51 years in September. :) it reminds me of the song "Love Like Crazy" by Lee Brice.. even if you might not like country, its a good message. :)

samnhal said...

That sounds like a delicious dinner! It's true, someone told us that the guy should always be closer to the door and always be the one to walk closer to the street, so they get hurt and not us. I never really cared, but in this apartment Hal made us move our bed around so that he could sleep closer to the door because I refuse to sleep on the right. Pretty sure I don't want babies. I am happy playing with someone else's baby. That's much more fun than having my own. One day, and that will be a scary day I'll have one of my own. Maybe we will have kids the same age and they can be bestest friends. That may be looking a little too far into the future. Sigh.

Murdock's mama said...

I love this adorable! :)

Chloë said...

this was such a sweet post!

[i have an "almost bachelor's", too!]


Maddie said...

i will count the "almost bachelor's" degree as a legitimate degree. hey, i have one too! let's get raises.

Becca said...

Chloe, I really love this post.
No, I guess I really love all your posts. yess!

Anyay, yeah. It's so great to hear little things about you two and your life. And I feel encouraged that you are married and "up there in life" or whatever, and you're not unreal. Does that make sense?
It just feels good that you don't always get up early and clean and cook, and act like the perfect wife and couple that aren't real. Or don't have any fun.

Sounds like you have tons of fun!

I love it so much.

Anyway, thanks for this fun post. Have a great little weekend!

my name is lauren. said...

i wish i could get away with making chocolate chip cookies for dinner. craig would never go for it. oh... and i sleep on the left too....nearest the door. go figure.

love you lady and i hope you guys have a fun weekend!!!!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, I love your blog. You guys are too cute! What kind of dog are you thinking about getting?

Kiara said...

Chloe... You are so HILARIOUS! I hope you don't mind that I have been reading you blog for awhile... And I love it! You make me laugh so hard! The things you come up with... I freaking love it!

Rhianne said...

Thomas brought me nintendogs when I said I wanted a puppy too lol. love it!

Stephanie said...

haha! Chloe your blog is so funny! I was seriously laughing out loud. Cam thinks I am crazy. So, breaking the law when you were 5... was that the time we took everyone's mail out of their mailboxes and got in big trouble?!

stephanieee said...

so, weird. i was watching friends and avoiding my obligations while reading this. thought it was funny that you were doing the same thing when you were writing it! :)