Wednesday, February 10, 2010

PMS i guess.

i don't have too many happy things to offer you in this post. except this picture, i currently still want one as we speak. i am determined to get one as soon as possible. i mean who wouldn't want a puppy that looks adorable all curled up inside a tire? if you don't, don't say it on this blog. :)

blah, blah, blah. i don't know what my deal is lately. i guess i am just not in the mood to be social. in person and on the internet. i have had the stomach flu this past weekend, and when that finally passed lovely mother nature decided to bring me a fabulous gift a little ahead of schedule and was even so kind enough to include a cold in there as well.

i can't blog when i don't feel like it. i am too spontaneous of a person. i have not even had a desire to check my email really. i am sorry that i haven't been commenting on many peoples blogs. after that whole blogging disaster, i thought if i had a week off i would be inspired again, and have so much to say. but i was wrong. don't get me wrong, i could find things to talk about. for sure. i mean i have done a lot of stupid/awesome things this past week and have no problem sharing them with the whole entire world. i guess i just don't feel like it.

there are a few people in my life right now that are making decisions that i don't fully support. i am trying to, but i can't stand watching them do this to themselves. i know i am not one to talk. i have made some pretty stupid decisions in my day. i hung around a lot of people who treated me like crap. and i tried to change for them. i tried to accomodate. and then one day i decided not to anymore. and i redeemed myself. it was not easy. it was the scariest, hardest thing that i ever did. and some of those people didn't want me to move on. they even tried to keep me hanging on, while they had given other people the impression that they were the ones who had moved on.

it got to the point where i had to move away. but that didn't work.  they still wouldn't leave me alone. i actually changed my phone number and email address just so that certain people would let me let go. it was one of the best decisions that i have ever made in my life. besides marrying sean. can i tell you how invigorating that was?

i guess my point is this. i didn't settle. i hate watching people settle. i hate supporting that and telling them that i think it's okay. i hated hearing that when i was going through what i went through. but when i finally stopped settling? it all made sense. i am grateful for those people who had the courage to tell me the truth to my face. i am grateful that i was open enough to finally hear it, believe it, and do something about it.

i know this post sounds depressing.. ha. i am sorry. but i have never been one to sugarcoat my feelings if you know what i mean. i guess all that i have to say today is don't settle. stay tuned eventually for a hopefully much more exciting, fun, interesting post....when i feel like it, that is.

P.S. i have PMS if you haven't noticed. the P stands for Present. although it is for sure a sucky present if you ask me. EFF YOU MOTHER NATURE.


Selma said...

yeah, mother nature isn't nice. and she sure wasn't nice to me either. knock on my door this morning and screwed some things up. :( don't want to drag her with me when there's carnival in town and lots going on. so unfair.

and don't worry girl. even such posts are good. writing helps. i keep telling myself and maybe it's true. i hope it is. even this is post it is nice to "read" you so don't worry about it.
nonetheless ya know we all love your funny posts, but it would be fake now if you chose to post a funny one without feeling it at all. :( so this, is just perfect. love it.

hope you're feeling better soon...with everything going. the good and the bad. and yes, scroll back up and look at that cute little puppy...such a cutie pie i want to eat him/her up. ok, that would be bad. but still you know what i mean. super cute...almost impossible not to like! :)

i need to find me a pet store now. :)


cerealjoe said...


Rasha said...

I hate pms....

and Im so sorry you're feeling this way. I hope that things look up. If you need to talk I am here :)

that puppy is SO cute.

Caroline said...

You know I think it is so important not to settle!! I had a person in my life at one time that was bringing me down, and I didn't like the person I was when I was around them... so I said it would be best if we weren't friends, and boy it was the hardest thing I have ever done. Sometimes I regret it only once in a blue moon but I know my instinct was right. I am a firm believer is surrounding yourself with people who inspire and help you flourish into the best person... any who.. glad you posted this!! Hope you are feeling better and gosh darn mother nature right. I always think those commercials are funny when the little fairy god mother comes and brings a dashing young lady a red present... I am like this monthly thing is not a present... well who knows maybe it is... we are gosh darn lucky to be women!!! Any who, sending you a blog hug lovely!!

Suz said...

Love this and thanks for writing it because it is what I need knocked in to my head right about now. My friends are telling me. I am telling me. But giving up on something...anything for me is so hard. Anyway, thanks for writing this today.

Jenni said...

oh you poor dear! sorry you are feeling so down in the dumps, but that pup is ADORABLE! And all your prizes should be at your door any day now!!!

xoxoKrysten said...

Oh hon, I would give you a great big hug right now if I could.

It's so hard to let go of people that are important to you but that you know are dragging you down. I think that the fact that you are such an honest person will help you out in the end, though. Life is short and keeping yourself around people that drag you down is just wasting time, you know?

Hope things are better soon lady!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

PMS sucks!

Hope things get better for you!

Tennessee Sigmans said...

That puppy would be so cute to cuddle up to, wouldn't it? Hang in there. This will pass!

I am excited because I only have a few more weeks until vacation. We will be in Salt Lake Mar 17 - 20.

Take care of you!

samnhal said...

That is awful. I think your cold made it's way up north into my head. Bleh. I hope that you are on the mend soon. I am really glad that you did this post because I have gone through something so similar. I definitely wasn't where i should have been and when I finally stepped it up one certain person had a hard time letting go...for a long time. The greatest part I think of not settling is the lift that I felt, I just felt so much happier about everything, and that, I believe, is what led me to my hubby. I'm glad you didn't settle either. It's hard watching people make decisions you know they may regret, but sometimes you have to watch them get hurt just so they will learn and grow from it...and all you can do is be there for them when they finally realize their mistakes. Sigh, long comment. Hope you get your momentum back, maybe my valentine will help. :)

♥ Katinka said...

This post is great!!! I know exactly what you mean with not being in the mood to be social. I have the same thing going on right now. I enjoy having time for myself. You don't always have to communicate.

You are a great person and awesome friend if you feel that way !!!!!!

Nahl said...

I believe however harsh it may sound to your friend, you should always tell them how you feel about a cetain decision. I agree that it's really difficult at times, but atleast you know you've tried your level best to stop them.
Anddd...i usually am not an animal person but this dog looks too cute! Get one asap if he'll make you happy.
Have loads of bananas and warm water-apparently they help the pain.

lydia. said...

i want a tire puppy!
seriously. what a big ol' cutehead.

mother nature is such a selfish biatch sometimes.
it just has to be said.

i definitely feel you on the whole blogging issue.
i'm the exact same way.
and i just feel like when i post everyday, even if i don't have much to's boring and horrible.
it's has to be fueled by spontaneity, i guess!

feel better, lady.

Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

PMS is the worst! Just makes you feel like you want to crawl in a hole sometimes and never come out! uggh!!

I know how hard it is to watch people make bad, stupid choices, but sometimes they just have to figure it out themselves - and when they do, we can choose whether or not we want to say "Told you so."

That pic of the puppy can brighten any ones day . . . just keep looking at it! ;)

Michele said...

I hope you feel better soon. Maybe it's time Sean breaks down and gets you that cute puppy. That would cheer you up!

missy. said...

totally understand where you are coming from. on EVERYTHING you posted about.

i had to do the same thing. it was worth it.

i hope you get feeling better soon love!

Ams said...

Ohhhh I just went through a friend breakup... and just changed my cell phone number because I DESPERATELY needed to make the break.

I am not feeling a lot of things these days... sorry lady that you are in that same slump as me.

anna said...

that's the funny thing about going through tough learn so much. and you just wish you could HAND over the knowledge to keep those you love from going through the tough times themselves. i don't think any one of my friends has ever listened when i tried to tell them they were screwing it all up. they did it anyway. it still sucks to see them go through it.

p.s. just get a puppy and life will be puppies, unicorns, and icecream. wait, then you also need a unicorn and noah forgot those.

The Boob Nazi said...

I'm glad you didn't settle with a-holes. And I'm sorry you're down. Life sucks sometimes, but it always gets better!

Shane and Chelsea Elton said...

Chloe, I totally get everything you're saying in this post. I too have had hardly any desire to blog or be social. I don't know why but I always just feel like a bum. You have a better excuse with being sick and stupid programs messing up and deleting your pictures! That really stinks! Hope mother nature isn't too terrible to you!

And I'm so glad you didn't settle. I can't tell you how much I fell into that trap before I finally realized how stupid I was being. I'm so lucky my man was still available when I found him!:) And I think you and Sean are so great together! Good work on doing the right thing (even though that usually is the hardest thing) and thank you for not sugar-coating your feelings! It's nice when people "keep-it-real." :)

sarah said...

i can totally relate to the whole not wanting to watch your friends settle thing. i am going through that now (and have been for the past four years) with my very best friend. she's engaged to someone who does nothing but hurt her and bring her down, and it's incredibly painful to watch. i wish i could just be honest with her and tell her how i feel, but a lot of our other friends have done that and she has cut off contact with them and i don't think i could ever handle not having her as the sister she's always been to me. anyways, i hope you feel better soon, love. big hugs.

Amy said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling blue (or red) ha ha get it? as in blood. ok that was kinda gross. sorry! I hope you get feeling better soon though! I think moving on from those "people" was one of the best things you did too! Those "people" didn't deserve you at all. That took a lot of courage on your part. Some people chose to settle for some reason, fear, I suppose. Fear of the unknown or being alone. I'm so glad you didn't settle Chloe! Feel better!

@manda said...

AMEN!!! Seriously the things woman have to worry about.......I am sorry all these things are happening to you at once! Cheer up, you are such an amazing person and you will get over this little "blah" moment. Hey might I ask, it is 5:16 and I am still at work! Thanks for the pep talk :)

JoJo and Ralph said...

You know what's worse than PMS??? PMS with baby blues. Hide the knives. But do you know what's even worse than that??? The stomach flu. My thoughts are with you. Bless your heart for having to go through such a rough week. It can only get better.

As for good decisions...marrying my husband was the best thing I have ever done. There is NOTHING in this world better than being married to someone that you actually love. It really does make all the crap feel so much better.

Have Sean give you a massage. You deserve it.

Sam said...

I'm sorry you aren't feeling well :( PMS and stomach flus suck. And even though you think your post was depressing, it's actually great for me to read. I constantly need that reminder not to settle because I made a huge change in my life letting someone go for that reason. I was settling. Even though I don't know what you're referring to, I'm happy you were able to change your life for the better :) love you chloe!

my name is lauren. said...

mother nature sucks.


sorry you're feeling not so social, but sometimes that just happens. i'm with you lady...well....not currently, but i've been there plenty of times.

and i'm sorry to hear about the situation you have going on. just stick to what you think and be honest. that's hard, but later on they'll appreciate it.

you are a good friend love.

anyway...i hope you get that puppy. puppies make even PMS more bearable :).

love you friend.


Crazy Shenanigans said...

I think one of the worst things in life people can do is settle.

I'm sorry that you haven't felt like blogging. I've had those weeks. Hang in there!

Elise Halladay said...

It is definitely difficult to watch the people you care about make bad choices. You know the hurt and pain they are going through- or will go through and it sucks. I had to do the same thing you did. And it took me 4 years to do so. And it took 3 times of changing my phone number, emails- deleting my facebook and myspace. Lol. Some people! Right??

Diana said...

Sorry you don't feel so great. I'm currently behind blogging on comments and I feel horrible that I keep blogging.

I know what you mean about being anti social. I always say if I'm being anti-social online and IRL, it's baad! I'm glad i'm not the only one ;)

your posts are never depressing, they are REAL! :)

brittany barney said...

it is so hard when people you love make bad decisions. and sooo hard to not settle when you are stuck in patterns or you really love someone or something that would require you to settle. but when you just step up a little and get yourself up above all the muck, you see. and in retrospect, i am so grateful i didnt settle. i was in a very simialar situation. and it wasnt until THEY changed their number that things got better. but it is hard. but so worth it. and marrying my husband was also, very invigoratong. sometimes writing when you feel like crap...{due to the PMS factor, i too had my period with a cold this week :) }is the best way to do it. so honest and sincere. even if its harsh and not sugar coated. straight to the goods. i love your blog.