Sunday, January 10, 2010

weekends and weekdays should tradesies.

how the eff do you spell that word? oh well.

i can't believe that this weekend is over! it went by too fast. it always does though, so i don't know why i act surprised every time. oh well, guess that is life right?

we had a good weekend. i am pretty sure sean enjoyed his birthday! we ate out a lot and went to 2 movies this weekend. we saw youth in revolt, which i thought was hilarious, but i really like michael cera, and pretty much anything he is in i love. even if he does play the same character, it is fine with me. why? because it is funny, so i am okay with him being his awkward self.

then saturday we were going to try and see avatar because i think we might just be the only 2 people left in the world who haven't seen it but we went to leap year instead. it was okay, pretty predictable, but still had some cute parts. i really want to go to ireland someday now.

also this weekend i found out some news. sean speaks spanish, for those of you who don't know. well sometimes he says words in spanish. and by sometimes i mean all the time. sometimes he uses english and spanish. like "estabien cold." i don't get why he can't just say, "it's very cold." seems like it doesn't save him much time. anyway, he has said a few words before, and for the last month i have just been combining them all together. repeating them. ALL THE TIME. i have no clue what they mean. and i always say them wrong. sean says i sound like a a chinese mexican. i think he called it chingxican but i can't confirm. anyway, today i asked him what one of the words i have been saying over and over was. turns out is like the worst of all swear words. i can't believe he let me keep saying this? all the time? i thought it meant like "hurry up" or "you are awesome" but nope. it doesn't. i am trying to count how many people i have offended and how many times i deserved to be shot this month. oops. it is totally his fault though right?

sean is lying next me right now snoring. i feel bad for typing and could just go in the other room but he is snoring so it must not be loud enough for me to wake him up. i wish i had more pictures from this weekend but i didn't take very many. sean never takes any and sometimes i get tired of being the designated picture taker. and not that i love having pictures taken of myself, but i hate when i have to ask him to take a picture of me so that when our kids look back on our life they will not be like,

"how come mom was never in any pictures? and why does dad always look like he has to go to the bathroom really bad?"

then i remember that i usually do the same thing as sean, and it is probably better left not caught on camera. anyway, point being, i wish sean would share more of the camera responsibility. i feel like the camera is our child (except for that i don't love it that much or treat it like one) and sean doesn't want anything to do with it. ever. this must be exactly what a single mother feels like. it's draining.


grant + brittany said...

no. we are right there with you with not seeing avatar yet. i can't believe there is so much talk about it....? did you expect this big of a reaction? not me! blue creature thingies? weird.

we got the boys are back.

i am also completely fine with michael cera playing the same character over and over. i love his awkwardness. which reminds me...

we also have paper heart.

just finished the last bottle of martinellis left over from new years. buying the package of four is the best idea ever. mmmmmmm

♥ Katinka said...

haha, you are too funny :) glad, you had a good weekend.

P.S. I should teach you some words in German so you can do the same to Sean :)

lydia. said...

i really want to see youth in revolt.
i think the girl in it seems super cute.
and i like cute people.
avatar is good. it's so crazy, but it's really neat.

josh is the same way with pictures.
drives me crazy!

kayla & tyler said...

Me and Ty haven't seen Avatar either. so you aren't the only ones. We think it looks really stupid, but everyone we talk to says it's amazing. So maybe we'll end up seeing it! I saw Leap Year too, it was pretty good! predictable like you said, but I liked it! i'm glad sean had a great birthday! you are such a nice wifey.

Krysten Hartenstein said...

Oh my gosh, the swearing in Spanish is way too funny. I remember when I took ASL we learned swear words and so of course you would see people around school signing those words. I kept thinking, "One of these teachers is going to know what that sign means and then there's going to be trouble." And yet... none of them ever did.

Elise Halladay said...

Happy Late Birthday to Sean. That is so fun! It is Scott's birthday tomorrow and mine this Saturday. What a good month for birthdays! Oh and no rush to see Avatar. I think Scott and I might be the only 2 people that didn't think that movie was the BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME. It was ok. Worth a watch. But it was a very predictable typical movie.

Michele said...

I am glad Sean had a great b-day. There are 4 of us in the world that haven't seen Avatar:) Take care of your camera baby! You will be grateful someday.

I am Stacey... said...

That's awesome! I don't speak Spanish, but every once in a while I'll use the Spanish word for bathroom. I don't know why. It's just fun to say. "Banyo." Although I don't think it's really spelled that way.

olivia rae said...

aww glad sean had a good birthday!! tyler usually does pretty good with sharing the camera responsibility but sometimes i have to remind him. and i saw leap year too! cheesy but cute. xo

Ams said...

Oh lady... you kill me.
And I love it.
And you make me laugh!
Happy Monday my friend :)
Now poke Sean and wake his butt up!!

my name is lauren. said...

aaah! just saw this and now my break's over!

be back to read later!

love you!

have a wonderful day!

samnhal said...

My husband speaks spanish too, and I totally just throw in random spanish words into my vocabulary too. I get words mixed up a lot. I get the words for key and eggs, which I guess also means testicles mixed up a lot. So rest assured you're not the only one.

my name is lauren. said...

Glad you liked youth in revolt. When we were watching it I kept wondering if Sean was going to like it since he doesn't usually like things that are super funny (i.e. Anchorman and anything else with will ferrell in it. Ha ha! J/k.... Kinda but I really did stop and wonder what he thought about it.

That's so funny that you've been saying Spanish cuss words. I'm half Mexican and I know a bit of spanis but especially the bad words cause my grandparents used to cuss at each other in spanish. Kind of dysfunctional but seriously way more hillarious in Spanish than in English.

And I totally feel the same about picture taking. I barely ever have good facebook profile pictures because all of our pictures are taken by me. Whenever I ask Craig to picture take he gets all whiney. I bet this is exactly how a single mother feels...except probably a lot different.

Anyway...hope your Monday doesn't suck. I feel like Mondays mostly always suck :(. But I'm seriously excited about our fall plans! I'll tell you more once we get details ironed out. Love you chlo!

Jes said...

I freaking love your camera analogy. It is very true. I also have the same problem with my husband and camera. When will they get it?
Sorry you've been offending people with you chinexican. Lets hope you weren't pronouncing it right!!

Michael & Mindy said...

Oh man. I am so with you on the camera thing. The only time I"m in pictures? I take them of myself. Not that I'm so hott to trot I want to see myself, but I agree with the future thing. Flip.

We haven't seen Avatar either. So you're not alone.

I can't believe he didn't tell you about the Spanish. What a jerk. Rude.

The Boob Nazi said...

I've been to Ireland. It was beauuuuutiffuuullll. It's my next Europe trip though.

Rasha said...

I love avatar, haha go see it!

I agree.. weekends and weekdays should trade.

Bert said...

Chloe I love reading your blog! My favorite was the post about washing new clothes...Bret wants his washed and I'm with you! Maybe its a boy thing? We are doing really good! We would love to get together sometime soon. Its been forever

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

The chinese mexican was hilarious! You can't feel bad about saying dirty spanish words, I'm sure it was funny to him. When my mother-in-law was going to France and wanted to know a couple phrases, I just taught her how to say, "let's get naked." I should probably feel bad, but I don't because I bet it was hilarious if she actually said it! Sorry to write a book, but just one more thing... when I was young, my mom would set the timer and act surprised when it went off, that way it would look like one of us kids took it. When we laughed at her, she told us that if she wanted to be in any of the pictures for us to look back on, that's the way she'd have to do it!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Haha, it'll never cease to amaze me why guys find it so funny to tell people swear words in other languages but neglect to tell them what they are saying to others lol.

Caroline said...

I've heard about Leap Year and really want to see it. I also want to go to Ireland. Hope your Monday was great!!! xo