Wednesday, January 13, 2010

i look like a dog.

i don't know which is more ridiculous. being told that my hair
makes me look like this dog from lady and the tramp?...

{i am not going to name names but the person who told me may or may not be born on the same
 day as me. and be my sister. that's all i am giving away though. so good luck figuring that one out..}

or ....
telling sean about it, and having him agree with her.
{i can't deny that it is kinda true. but still}

and on top of all that, he wants to help recreate this picture.

and it takes us 5 minutes to do it because it has to be perfect, and he
 keeps telling me to look up at my unibrow. okay. wait what? i have a unibrow?
and i look like a dog that looks like goldie hawn?

and he said this one wasn't acceptable because
his arm was in it. so we had keep to taking it.

then after all of this. he decides to ruin the spirt of christmas
by taking down our tree. i refused to help him because i believe in
 celebrating christmas all year long. i will not have any of this nonsense.
also Home Alone 2 was on and i can't not watch that when it is on.
but mostly because of the other thing i said before.
{mostly not, i am just incredibly lazy}

i think most of all, the most ridiculous thing of all was that i
wasted my time creating this stupid picture. oh well, i never claimed
 to not be ridiculous. oh and he took the stockings down too.
i was planning to sparkly glue our names on this weekend.
thanks for ruining my plans.

i am watching HOME ALONE 2.
and he is taking the tree down.
it's a christmas movie. and it's on fox family.
if they can still play christmas shows,
then we can keep our tree up a little bit longer.
you are breaking my heart sean.
not really but our corner looks stupid now.


Sam said...

boo, but i like the pic you created!

Michelle said...

oh i hate when Christmas is over! And you are way WAY cuter than the goldie hawn dog. seriously, not even a competition

my name is lauren. said...

that dog seriously looks eerily like goldie hawn. so weird. you are way hotter though. your recreation is more like sexy bed that everyone dreams of having.

also...i took our tree down too on sunday night. biggest disaster ever. apparently you're supposed to water your tree.


i hadn't watered it since probably the 2nd week of december. so when we took off the ornaments and lights, we ended up with more pine needles on the floor than on the tree. seriously...there were places where you couldn't see the all. i filled up our mini-shop-vac THREE x's and the vacuum TWICE cleaning up all that mess....and i'm STILL finding random pine needles around the house. eff you christmas tree! ok...not really. craig told me to take it down 2 weeks ago, but i wanted to hold on to the spirit of christmas a little longer. so much for that plan....

i love that you made this picture though. so awesome. i think you should totally finish your stockings...and i'll finish my yarn wreath. who says january's too late? i prefer to think of it as us being ridiculously over prepared for next christmas? am i right?

love ya lady!

oh...and zumba was great. sweated my now slightly smaller booty off :).

oh...and you should try that ab workout tomorrow if you get time. i want to know if i'm just being a giant baby about it, or if it's really as intense as i think it is.

The Boob Nazi said...

hahahahaha the picture with your bangs in front of your face is cracking me up!

Anna said...

i hate taking down the tree. :( but i love your hair. & i love your post on elephants. i thought of this when i saw your post on elephants... it is my favorite! : )
how stinking cute is that?! oh silly elephants.

I am Stacey... said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has always thought that dog looks like Goldie Hawn!

Caitlin said...

New to your blog, love it! And yes, I took down the tree at my boyfriends house (dubbed our tree) and now the spot is terribly naked and sad!

crissy said...

I don't think you look like that dog. And I'm not surprised that Sean said you have a unibrow. Not because I think you have one, (because I don't,) but because I've learned that husbands (and sometimes dads) say mean things. Like the other day when Cori said he'd seen coyotes that look better than me. (Wha?!) Ha, and you should hear the things his brother says about my sister (they're married, btw,) then you'd never feel bad about what Sean says to you.

As for the Christmas tree, kudos for keeping it up so long! If mine had been up til now I would have had to deal with the daily whinings of my scrooge husband. Not pleasant.

(Taboo is kind of know that's why I would mention mine? Because they were funny... hope you don't think I'm some crazy weirdo for doing that. (Even though I am, but that's irrelevant.)

Rasha said...

Too freaking funny.

Allison said...

Haha, you look BEAUTIFUL! :D And I love "I won't name names... my sister". I also love your tree picture. AMAZING! :D

Lyss said...

haha you are so funny!

I think personally that the Christmas Tree/Decorations should be taken down the first week of January, but the Spirit of Christmas should be a whole year event. :)

you look way pretty! im happy i was able to discover your blog because you just make my day a little brighter! (i mean this in a totally not creepy way just fyi)

Maddie said...

HA! wasn't me ;) and that last picture of the tree of words is hilarious! OMG
mom and dad destroyed christmas on new year's day :(
oh well. the pain only lasts a few minutes.

Michelle said...

what was sean thinking??!! What a scrooge, man. And I really enjoy the picture you spent time on, and it will be on the internet for all to enjoy!

PS. You really do kind of look like the dog from Lady and the Tramp. But you have to add a ton more awesomeness for the dog to equal you.

lydia. said...

you're way cuter than that goldie hawn look-alike.
but i can't lie, it is preeetty funny that sean made you recreate it. ha.

i can't believe sean killed christmas.
if josh ever tries to kill christmas in our home, i don't even know what i'll do.

i love home alone 2.
my favorite part is when he is at the hotel.
and he puts on that movie when all the hotel staff comes in, and scares them.
i laugh so much.

♥ Katinka said...

that picture of the tree is awesome ... oh yea, and I like your hair :)

Nahl said...

hahahah..I love the picture you worked on for so long! What a work of art. ;)

Shannon Ashley said...

This is priceless, so funny!!!! and those elephant cookie cutters are adorable

Anonymous said...

haha im in desperate need for a hair cut too! its getting pretty nasty. my ends are split so bad its almost like i have double the hair. blech.

olivia rae said...

taking down the christmas tree is always soooo sad. and i don't know if i would have said you looked like the dog from lady and the tramp, but after looking at that recreation picture you DO look strikingly similar!! xoxo

Randi Lee said...

haha, that's a compliment!

If it makes you feel better, Alex told me yesterday, "maybe you should make an appointment to get your eyebrows waxed... today." Then he proceeded to say, "if you don't have time after work, maybe I can help you maintain them tonight..." bahahaha.

nicole addison said...

hahah ok, i only agree because that dog is freakin adorable!! at least she didnt tell you you looked like something worse :) you guys are too cute, i was so sad when we had to take down our tree, i say we push to keep christmas going all year, k? ;)

AubreyMo said...

I hate taking the tree down too, I had to rearrange my entire front room in hopes that I'd somehow cover up the gap that my tree always leaves behind!!

And you don't look like that dog. While you both have full thick hair - which I am entirely jealous of - you have a way better hair color, and no raccoon-looking eye makeup!

Elise Halladay said...

Ok- the lady and the tramp thing is crackin me up. NOT true... but it is still funny. I will trade you hair. Mine is short and disgusting. Hope you have a great day!! Love ya!

xoxoKrysten said...

Seriously, you are awesome. This post totally made me laugh out loud. And I don't think you look like that dog - because I know a person that TOTALLY makes me think of that dog whenever I see her. And she's not a very nice person. Unlike you. So there.

shona said...

i just stumbled across your blog :)
i've tried starting up my own, but it's feeling like a diary as i have nooo followers.

anyway! the picture about the christmas tree? totally relate.
i'll follow you :) love your blog.
shona :)xx

Kassi said...

you're cute.

you've been tagged
7 things about you...

Savvy Gal said...

You look cute! : )

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

um, you are so cute! loving the tree, darlin.

samnhal said...

My tree is still up, but it's kind of dying. Does that mean the spirit of Christmas is dying with my Christmas tree? P.S. I like that you made your hair big to look like the dog from lady and the tramp.

Jennifer said...

oh gosh!! Chloe, you don't look like a dog and you DEFINITELY don't have a uni-brow.

you are hilarious with your year long Christmas plans! Our outdoor Christmas lights and stuff are still up, I keep nagging (yes, I said nagging...I'm THAT wife haha) at Jake to take them down but he says it's too cold. We live in florida. :)

Michele said...

You don't look like a dog! Your bands are sexy. I think since Sean took down your tree you might need to make a trip to Taipan to make him "pay" for that decision and to fill your empty corner:)

Selma said...

Yay! I believe in celebrating Christmas all year long as well. I even sing Jingle Bells whenever I feel like it...even when it's 90 degrees outside. :) And the movies...I don't mind watching them after the holiday. Just watched Home Alone yesterday! :D Home alone 2 supposed to be on tomorrow. Yay! ;)
And on another note, I love your hair. Whether or not it looks like the dog. Who cares!!! I hope you don't. ;)
Have a fantastic day girl!!! :D

Michael & Mindy said...

He is such a punk. At least it was a fake tree, right? I hope so. How not cool if it was real and totally dead. Did you ever watch Felicity? Oh man. Me and my roommate were OBSESSED in college. Do you like how I say "in college" like it was more than just 3 years ago? So I started watching the episodes again. I'm obsessed again. Whatever. Anyway, one time a kid lets his tree die in his dorm room and it catches on fire. That's what I was thinking of when I was thinking of your tree and if it was real.

barb:) said...

taking down the decorations is the worst part of christmas! :( boo!

Nicole Jeannette said...

Haha I think your hair looks great. Oh people!

Love your blog!

Stephanie said...

sometimes i think we are the same person.

i wont let dan take down the tree either. i'm making him keep up our outside lights until our anniversary in march.

derek and kimber said...

So i have to tell you that I would much rather be told I look like the dog from lady and the tramp rather than a shih tzu..
that. is. right.
I got told my hair looked like a shih tzu.
boo. I think both of Our hair is great.. and un-dog-related. :-)

♥ Katinka said...

Chloe, I have an award for you on my blog :)